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Tool's Danny Carey to Drum with Primus

Tool's Danny Carey to Drum with Primus

Tool's Danny Carey  (pictured, far right) will be playing drums for Primus this fall.

Carey will be filling in for Primus' original drummer, Tim "Herb" Alexander, as he recovers from open heart surgery following a heart attack he had last month.

Primus frontman Les Claypool told Rolling Stone, "The mighty Tim 'Herb' Alexander is a polyrhythmic Viking of extreme and unique talent so the one person that we thought could step into his shoes and do it justice is the one and only Mr. Danny Carey. Whereas Herb is the stocky, Easter Island-faced, boulder of a drumming human, at nearer to seven feet, Danny Carey is the mighty redwood tree of percussion; towering over his kit like a golden-haired noble sequoia.

"I can't wait to see that menacing grin of Danny's shine out as we pound our way through 'Here Come the Bastards' and 'Those Damned Blue-Collar Tweekers.' He's a dear old friend and we are extremely excited to have him aboard, and I would wager we are equally if not more intrigued than most by what kind of sounds are going to come out of the three of us once we actually get in a room together and do more than just consume fancy booze."

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