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Top 5 Craziest Facts About Iron Maiden Vocalist Bruce Dickinson

Top 5 Craziest Facts About Iron Maiden Vocalist Bruce Dickinson

Today, August 7, marks the 56th birthday of Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson. To celebrate, we've compiled the following list of the Top 5 Craziest Facts about the vocalist. Up the Irons!

1) Dickinson Is a Military Veteran
Dickinson spent a short amount of time serving in the Territorial Army, a part-time voluntary force in the British Army. But the budding rocker soon opted to transfer to London's Queen Mary College to study history, and, more importantly, play in rock bands.

2) Dickinson Peed In His Headmaster's Meal
At age 13, young Bruce enrolled in the Oundle boarding school in England, but was later expelled after he participated in a prank of peeing in the headmaster's dinner.

3) Dickinson Is a World-Class Fencer
Dickinson was an avid fencer since his youth, and in 1989 was ranked seventh-best fencer in the U.K. It's rumored that he was even invited to join the Olympic team, but declined because of Iron Maiden touring commitments.

"It's been one of my main passions since I was 14," Dickinson revealed to the Daily Mail. "At boarding school my metalwork teacher happened to be an amateur fencing coach, and he started teaching me. I soon realised that I had the determination to be pretty good at it. In competitions I used to be down 9–2 and end up winning 12–11.

"It was like tapping into a form of controlled road rage. I found it particularly useful when touring with Maiden. I'd set up targets in the dressing room before a show and fence to key myself up."

4) Dickinson Is a Licensed Commercial Pilot

Dickinson is a licensed commercial pilot, a skill he put to good use when he piloted his band around the world during their 2008 Somewhere Back in Time tour. "I loved the idea of being a fighter pilot, but I didn't quite fancy doing all the math and physics that went with it," he told Revolver in 2008. "Luckily I found out a few years ago that that's all not true. If you got the right stuff, they'll teach you all the stuff you need."

Watch Bruce participate in a mock dogfight in the following video:

Sonisphere Dogfight 2014 from Iron Maiden on Vimeo.

5) Dickinson Crossed Sharon Osbourne...and Got Egg on His Face
"I once made some disparaging remarks about reality-TV shows that she took personally," Dickinson told the Daily Mail. "When we played Ozzfest in 2005, she organised a group of people near the stage who pelted us with bottle tops, lighters and eggs. Our revenge was to simply carry on regardless and play the best show of the day. So her plan badly misfired. I haven't changed my views about reality TV either. I think it's a complete disgrace – freak-show television, the lowest of the low."

Watch fan-filmed footage of the incident below (Bruce addresses the egg throwing around the one minute mark.):

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