Top 6 Most Outrageous Facts About Glenn Danzig


Let’s start with two indisputable facts: 1) Today is Glenn Danzig’s Birthday. 2) Glenn Danzig is a fucking legend.

Love him or hate him, Danzig is a fascinating, irascible character whose output with the Misfits, Samhain and Danzig contains some of the best punk and hard rock in the past three decades.

In celebration of Danzig’s 59th birthday, here are six outrageous facts about Evil Elvis himself.

One look at Danzig and you know this dude loves to read. But what are his favorite books? The legend obliges curious fans in the following video, in which he gives a tour of his personal library and reads lost Bible passages about Jesus killing bratty kids.

He’s an animal lover. And he will not hide it. Glenn doesn’t give a shit if you see him buying kitty litter for his felines. But he’ll probably punch you in the face for taking a photo of him in the act.


Were you a punk rocker who grew up in New Jersey in the Seventies? Well Glenn Danzig was…and he punched his way out. Watch Danzig scrap with unruly Circle Jerks fans in this clip from 1983:

By now you’ve all witnessed the 2004 incident (if not, see below) where North Side Kings’ Danny Marianino clocks Danzig. But did you know the singer allowed this to happen because of his razor-sharp business acumen? “I allowed it to happen,” Danzig told Metal Hammer at the time. “Why? Because there are always those looking to goad you into hitting them so they can sue you. It happens to public figures all the time. It’s a way of life.”

Who says Danzig doesn’t have a sense of humor? To those people we say, Do you even lift, bro?

The Man in Black, Johnny Cash, was one of country music’s biggest bad-asses. It’s only fitting that his path would eventually cross with Evil Elvis. In the clip below, Cash describes their meeting and performs the Danzig-penned, “13.”

Check out Glenn’s version here:


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  • kburd

    Danzig didn’t allow that to happen – he pushed and then got clocked. A little re-imagining of history.

    • Reverend Jesse Jackson

      yeeeeeeeaaaahhh… but that fat fuck never wrote songs for Johnny Cash or Roy Orbison. He never created and produced classic albums that influenced generations and generations of musicians. And he hasn’t been seen on beloved cartoons, either.

      All he did was write a book about punching Danzig. AND some ten years later, he STILL can’t stop talking about the incident.

      • Punching Glens puncher

        That fat douche was a signing his “I sucker punched Glen Danzig” book at a local record store. Now he’s crying about how he’s being “internet bullied” because of it. I was thinking of going to the record store and punching him in the face so I could write a book titled “I’m the guy who punched the guy who punched Glen Danzig”… but I don’t think anyone would read it…

  • Voiceofreason

    Yeah, about that “allowing it to happen” business…. He shoved the guy, saying “fuck you motherfucker,” and the guy came back with a swing and Glen dropped. I like the Misfits, and some of Glen’s solo work and all, but he got hit by a big guy and went down. Saying he let the guy knock him out to avoid a lawsuit just makes him look like a chump. He should’ve just owned it, the guy from Northside Kings is a big guy, you can’t win ’em all. But no, had to try and play it off…

    • fiend138

      Actually for everyones information, Danzig did not get nocked out or down. There was a room off to the right side that was out of range for anyone to see. As soon as that fat looser hit him, he took it and before anything could he done, his security through him in that side room and would not let him out. Glenn is a master of several different types of martial arts and is no slouch. The man can take a sucker punch. And if u noticed the fat boy from Northside chumps or whats ever that crappy band was called bolted! I never seen a fat man run so fast. What was he scared of? Danzig getting free… how do i know all this u ask. Lets say its obvious how little people know about who Danzig really is and are jealous so they make stories like this one to try to make Glenn look bad. If u dont like the man no reason to make up lies.

      • jefferson

        haha. talk about revisionist history…

  • SweetDaddyPatty

    Thanks for clearing that up, geniuses

  • Andrew Hall

    Danzig is 5’4 that is probably more interesting than any fact in here.

  • Rob

    Let it happen my @&&. He pushed the guy actuating the fight then gets dropped like a bad transmission.

  • Zoltan Horvath Dr.

    fat joe had his moment of his life, congratulations. Probably dead already. heart attack is more dangerous than Danzig. :)))))))))

    • Tiana Boos

      Danny is alive and well, and is actually a great guy. Clearly he was provoked. Most people who have met Danzig, cool as he is, will agree he is an asshole.

  • noel

    That dude was a lard ass and his band sucked they blame their band not going nowhere on the fact that he punched Danzig the band did not go anywhere because they sucked balls nobody wants to listen to a faggot band called the north side kings

  • Gasoline

    Sounds like a bunch of cats mouthing off who have never been hit before.
    Anyone 200+ lbs hits you when you aren’t expecting it and you are going down.
    Doesn’t mean a thing. The list of fighters who have been down from Bruce Lee
    to Sugar Ray Robinson to Iron Mike goes on and on. So the fat man hit him and
    ran, nothing more nothing less. Danzig is still touring.

  • John Nakashima

    None of these “outrageous facts” are as good as Glen Danzig being considered, however briefly, for the role of Wolverine in the X-men movies. I still think he’d be great in the role. He’s got the height, the hair, the build, and attitude. I don’t think he’d look great next to the Hollywood pretty people, but in a stand alone movie with unknowns and indie budget it could still be magic.