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Top Five Stagedive Tips from The Word Alive's Telle Smith

Top Five Stagedive Tips from The Word Alive's Telle Smith

Late last year at a show in California, The Word Alive frontman, Tyler "Telle" Smith, broke two vertebrae in his back after a stagediving accident. While a life-changing experience for the vocalist, he did finish up that tour in pain—and learned his lesson.

“It sent a shockwave through my whole body and I lost feeling in everything from my neck down,” Smith recently told Revolver. “I was lying there thinking to myself, ‘Are you fucking kidding me? Am I paralyzed? Is this how my life as I know it ends?’”

Regardless of the incident, the metalcore act's new album already had an aggressive tone. “It’s called 'Dark Matter' for a reason,” Smith said. “There are enough albums out there that show you the light at the end of the tunnel. Sometimes people just need songs they can relate to when they’re just sitting in their car and feeling like the world is fucking ending.”

Now, the frontman is sharing some knowledge with you—check out his Top Five Tips for First-Time Stagedivers.


1. "For your first time, you should make sure the show is packed. Always practice in a small venue where you're almost falling into people's arms, rather than just jumping and hoping someone catches you. Don't do it at an empty show."

2. "Don't jump into a crowd throwing elbows or knees first. People will move out of the way."

3. "Give people a warning, letting them know you're going to jump. If you don't, then you're for sure going to hit the ground."

4. "If a venue is not well lit, and people are watching the band and can't see you coming, you're going to hurt yourself."

5. "Lastly, don't try to be Superman like I did because you not only run the risk of breaking your back like I did, but possibly hurting someone else seriously. Stagediving can be a lot of fun if done right, or painful if not."

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