Trivium Premiere New Song, “Brave this Storm,” Offer Free Download

Trivium have posted a brand new track, “Brave this Storm,” for free download. The song is the first full piece of new music to be revealed from new Trivium album, Vengeance Falls, which was produced by Disturbed and Device frontman David Draiman and will be released this Autumn via Roadrunner.

Listen to the track below and let us know what you think in the comments. You can download the track right here.


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  • MindFury


  • Steven Bauer

    and yet again, the album artwork is better than the music…..

    • Allen Wilson

      your on drugs…..This is good.

      • Steven Bauer

        Actually it’s not good since I’ve been listening to them since their demo came out 😉 They’ve only become worse and worse after Ember to Inferno

        • Marcus

          Not right. Ascendency was awesome *.*

          • Marcus

            Sry, *Ascendancy -.-

          • Steven Bauer

            Ascendancy was good….barring a few songs, but Ember was a complete package. Crusades ws horrible, Shogun was alright, In Waves was horrible, and their next album Vengeance Falls will be the worst yet. If they go back to Lifeforce records or even Century, something tells me they would sound good again. A LOT of bands that go to Roadrunner Records end up sounding like a shell of their former selves and sound so commercial like.

          • Cory

            The Crusade was epic…

        • fred

          man, do you really think Ember is better than Ascendancy ? That is quite rare

          • Jamebro

            Not very, I’ve heard more people say Embe is better and quite frankly I too think Ember rolls all over Ascendancy. Shogun takes the belt in my opinion. It’s just so good.

        • Allen Wilson

          ALL bands get worse because they have that fire when they first comes out and that fire burns out. quicker for some than others. I’m a musician so I understand.

  • Allen Wilson

    There first album was so good that nobody can stop comparing their newer music. Its a shame when that happens. I like their new stuff too. Although I haven’t heard Shogun.

    • Matheus Sant’anna

      shogun is the best album man,you’re missing something epic…just saying,go there and listen now, please hahaha

      • Allen Wilson

        Okay. anyone wanna give me some itunes love? lol stay at home dads don’t get paid in money

        • Jason Karpiak

          Shogun is a monster of an album. Try listening to it on spotify?

        • Craig Sloan

          YouTube is free man.

    • Craig Sloan

      O god man listen to shogun it’s their best stuff in my opinion. It’s a master piece of music. This is average.

      • Allen Wilson

        I know I keep hearing that and I will trust me.

      • MikeyG422

        How Trivium followed up such a well written album like ‘Shogun’ with an album like ‘In Waves’ is beyond. me. Trivium should never have abandoned their progressive roots and screaming vocals. The guitar playing on ‘In Waves’ was just average compared with ‘Shogun’ which featured spectacular riffs and song writing.

        • Craig Sloan

          I think the more a band gets famous/Mainstream this tends to happen to most of them sadly. Now I’m not saying you will hear trivium being played in the shops or that they sold out just they went with a more pleasing sound to the general public than the long epic guitar solos and screaming..

    • Jamebro

      How…How can you have not heard Shogun? It’s definitely my favourite album by Trivium.

      • Allen Wilson

        I know, I know. I have been slacking on my music purchases. I only have ascendancy and the Crusade and the in Waves single.

    • Dan Downey

      Just out of curiosity, what do you think their first album is? Because I’d be comparing it to Ascendancy or Shogun

      • Allen Wilson

        Ascendancy. Even though that wasn’t their first album.

        • Dan Downey

          That makes no sense. This stuff is a step up from Ember to Inferno in some ways but I’m doubtful they can top Ascendancy.

  • Matheus Sant’anna

    okay,i listen just one time this track but my impression,is that this is gonna end up like in wavves again:very average
    that’s a shame cuz this band is fuckin epic,got the bests guitarrists i have seen in years since kirk and james, got the potencial to make history,and they’re not using this facts in the favor of the band…they’re simply not exploring the potential,well,that’s my first impression…

  • kratos666

    this sounds great, you are all way to fucking picky

  • Chad

    Sounds like a mix between their last album and the Crusade. I like it!!!

  • Giovanni Deldio

    I like it!! A LOT!!!!

  • Casey

    It’s music, either you like it or you don’t. I don’t listen to Justin Bieber because I think he sucks. Conversely, I enjoy listening to Trivium. It’s nothing ground-breaking, but it’s consistently enjoyable to me. You know what you like, now listen to it. Don’t worry about what anyone says.

  • Jimi

    Sounds great!!!! Cant wait to hear the rest.

  • Cody Helin

    It’s not too bad. A step in a better direction from the last album. Honestly I think they peaked with Shogun. It was a true masterpiece in my opinion, and everything that has come after has just been okay. I’m not gunna judge the entire album based on one song, but I still don’t think it’ll be nearly as good as Shogun or Ascendancy

  • Arielle Marshall

    highly impressed, looking forward to hearing the rest of the album…so impressed…

  • Ander Soto

    The musical base (awesome). I prefer Matt screaming all time (as Ascendancy) I think he has to find a better melodic line. The challenge ahead of Trivium is to improve the transition between hard parts-melodic parts. My humble impression.

  • Gary Olsen

    Nice I am not really a fan of trivium, besides select songs. this song is heavy though.

  • Eduardo Protest

    you cant overcome the ascendancy, that cd have exelent Metal Harmony!! Great Drums!!! Great vocals!! great intro and great riffs!!!

  • Alex

    The way I always see it with Trivium is the singles on the albums are never the best songs on the album. I’m a massive fan of Trivium but this song is very average. Lets just wait to hear the rest of the album, they will surprise us, I know they will!

    • shadowhog

      Ever heard Ascendancy, where the only good tracks were the many singles (and Suffocating Sight)?

  • Nik

    Holy. Balls. I want to go break things now D:

  • Sausages

    Honestly, this is amazing. I can’t stop headbanging.

  • meh

    not feelin it….too much going on all at once

  • David Dodd

    It’s got a great beat, & you can mosh to it! On a scale of 1-10, I’d give it an 11! Thanx for the freebie.