tweaker—Featuring Former Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson Drummer Chris Vrenna—Premiere New Album, call the time eternity

Former Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson drummer Chris Vrenna has resurfaced with the third album from his project tweaker. Titled call the time eternity, the record hits stores on October 23. “I have gone through several serious losses or ‘goodbyes’ over the last several years–the passing of my father, a bitter divorce, leaving Manson. And my close friends have all had similar experiences. Whether positive or negative, good or bad, happy or sad, final ‘goodbyes’ are always difficult and bring up many conflicting emotions. call the time eternity explores all of those things.” Check out the album below, and let us know what you think in the comments. You can pre-order call the time eternity right here.


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  • Egoist

    This is awesome! Reminds me of NIN ‘Further Down The Spiral’ or ‘Fixed’ the more electronic creepy side of NIN.

  • Jerrion

    Sounds amazing! Going to order a copy as soon as I get home! Anyone know if you get access to the digital copy if you order the physical one?

  • Mike

    This is actually his third album. (1.) Attraction to all things Uncertain (2) 2 AM Wakeup Call… If you count the score to American McGee’s Alice, this technically would be his 4th album.

    • Paul Edwards

      Don’t forget Doom 3

      • Kyle Clements

        Vrenna only did the main theme for Doom 3, not the entire score.

  • Jeff Churchill

    This is excellent!

  • WarOtter

    Love it. Gonna order as soon as it is available.

  • likeables

    me likey

  • Dave Buzard

    I will get this, no doubt!

  • Jose Suarez

    so full of goodness

  • Jenni

    <3 LOVE IT <3

  • freshoil

    I’ve had a plethra of final goodbyes myself these last couple years. This album is awesome. Quite possibly my favorite of the year. I’m glad there’s another Tweaker album about to hit. Makes me a little sad as its the last. Tweaker music has certainly helped me out a lot throughout the years in many ways. Thanks a bunch Chris!!! -freshoil