Unearth’s Ken Susi Talks About Their New Album and Why Killswitch Should Break Up

RevolverTV recently caught up with Unearth’s Ken Susi, who are currently on the Mayhem Fest (win tickets here). Watch as he discusses the band’s new album, Darkness in the Light (Metal Blade), working with Adam Dutkiewicz, and why Killswitch Engage “should just break up.” For more, get the Revolver TV app for your smartphone here.

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  • Anonymous
  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6QO6BN4BFETQ5Q26AO6TNFKRUA Wifi

    Misleading title. KSE is a great band while unearth is a genre band with moderate success. Howard must step up and restablish KSE as a primer band with the potential to cross over into a more mainstream rock market. Adam is a talent but not a leader. I very much respect Adam however Howard should consider putting porn chicks aside, seek therapy, and once healthier make quality music with or without Adam.

    • BGN

      You totally have it backwards. Unearth are the KINGS of a generally watered down genre. KSE have made ONE good album, Alive Or Just Breathing, and have been putting out cookie cutter borderline emo radio freindly crappy rock ever since.

  • Sierrarob45

    Wow How arrogant can this guy be Good band but Hate his attitude