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Update: Gary Holt Will Join Slayer For Big Four Show

Update: Gary Holt Will Join Slayer For Big Four Show

Amidst swirling rumors of Jeff Hanneman making a triumphant return just in time for this weekend Big Four show in Indio, California, it has been announced that Exodus guitarist Gary Holt will once again step in for Hanneman for the festival date.

Gary Holt stepped in last month when Hanneman fell ill, but his touring commitments with Exodus cut his time with Slayer short. More recently, Pat O'Brien of Cannibal Corpse has filled in for Hanneman on Slayer's current tour.

Jeff Hanneman is still recovering from necrotizing fasciitis, a flesh-eating disease that he likely contracted from a spider bite. Speaking to recently, Slayer lead singer/bassist Tom Araya was optimistic about Hanneman's return in time for the long-awaited American debut of the Big Four, saying:

"From what I'm being told, (Jeff) wants to do the show, but we don't really know what condition he's in. He's obviously doing well enough to play his guitar, so that says a lot that he's determined to want to play the show. Apparently he's healing well. He has two tender areas on his arm that cause him pain when he plays the guitar, but he's eager to play, he's eager to get back out on the road with us. I know that he's healing well enough to want to play the show. We'll see."

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