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Venom Issue New Album Update

Venom Issue New Album Update

Seminal black/speed metal band Venom is currently in the studio mixing their upcoming album. The full-length effort, the follow-up to 2008's Hell, is being produced by Tom Belton in his London studio. Frontman Cronos comments:

"The new tracks are tremendous. Basically, if you think of the way [former Venom drummer, and brother of Cronos] Antton was playing, especially on the last album Hell, he is a nu-metal drummer and comes from that kind of background. He's hung 'round Venom most of his life and it was just good to introduce him to the whole Venom concept of playing like the way [original Venom drummer] Abaddon used to play. Basically Abaddon came from a rock background and then basically developed a black metal, speed metal, thrash metal style.

"The nu-metal drumming is very different and it was a steep learning curve for him. At the end of the day he's got his own style and he wants to be known for what he's done and not be in my shadow, which is totally understandable. Some of the guys we had coming to the rehearsals were not ex-Cradle Of Filth but they were still, 'I've been in this band, I've been in that band,' but they were all far too young, you know. We were looking for someone in their thirties upwards who understood rock music.

"I would say [the tracks are] more like those off Metal Black. More like our earlier stuff. Hell was getting a bit too much like session tracks. Too...polished. And polish isn't a good word for Venom songs. Venom songs need to be off the cuff, loose, a little bit thrash. Once you start polishing songs up a bit much you end up going in the wrong direction. There's a spontaneity about Venom songs that I've always loved. When we're coming up with new Venom songs there's one thing that I always try and keep in mind: 'Is that kid in his bedroom on his knees playing air guitar and going 'Yeah! Get in!' You know? I'm not interested in Joe Satriani sitting there and discussing whether it's technically correct or not! That's the last thing on my mind."

No word has been given on when the record will be released.

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