Video: 11-Year-Old Girl Performs Black Sabbath’s “Heaven and Hell”

Below, check out this clip of an 11-year-old Ronnie James Dio fan named Sara performing Black Sabbath’s “Heaven and Hell” with her band, Motion Device.

Sara dedicates the performance to Black Sabbath “and the one and only Ronnie James Dio.”

Motion Device is rounded out by Sara’s 14-year-old brother, David, on drums; their 16-year-old sister, Andrea, on six-string bass and piano; their cousin, 19-year-old Josh on lead guitar; and 19-year-old Alex, a family friend, on rhythm guitar.

For more about Motion Device, visit them on Facebook.


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  • Frank N.

    Spectacular, all I can say! I was blessed to see Ronnie many times and watched him sing this for one of the first time in his career, and he would be so proud ! Good luck to you guys, you will be HUGE !!

  • Poofie

    They need a new drummer but this is pretty damn impressive….. LoOk OuT…eViL wOmAn m/

    • KIRK715


  • towmandave

    Job well done m/

  • Mark Conner

    AMAZING! Really Really Really GOOD!

  • Tony

    Wow very impressive and i must say when Andrea turns 18 she has my heart..she is very talented and beautiful. The rest are very talented also and i see them going very far in the industry. :)

  • Doug Masters

    Really good!! m/

  • Stephanie Costa

    Awesome! Nice to know there is a new generation of Metal Heads! m/

  • Crazy Steve

    What a super talented group of kids, that was simply amazing and I have no doubts the great RJD would be so proud to see his song honoured in such a great fashion. I wish you guys all the luck for a long and fruitful career. PS Hi from Australia!!

  • Del Parrish

    Wow!!! That’s a better cover than most I’ve heard by multimillionaire, ‘seasoned’ metal artists. I usually hate covers, but I would listen to this again, and will!

  • Johnny Empire

    Very VERY well done. m/

  • Mala Hauzel

    Dat’s a really good cover…great rock voice 4 an 11 yr old

  • LindaVeeSado

    They are all very good