Video: Axl Rose Takes Tumble at Hellfest

Once you get past all the glitz and glamour, rock stars are just like us. They eat, breathe, sleep — and sometimes fall head-first on stage during music festivals.

While Guns N’ Roses launched into “Sweet Child O Mine” this past weekend at Frace’s Hellfest, frontman Axl Rose took a bit of a tumble trying to climb onto an elevated portion of the stage. But like the professional he is, Axl never missed a lyric, proving once again that nothing falls forever, even cold November rain.

Watch the fall at :26 into the video below.


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  • ginai

    lol I love you Axl! rock on, and get rid of the shithead guitar player you have and BEG SLASH back!!

  • Southernbelle816

    Slash forever <3

  • Dave

    HAHAHAHA Serves him right to bad he didnt get hurt at least he would have a reason then to cancel a show Axl your a LOSER!!!!

    • sam

      you are much a loser than him… at least though he became fat and old he was able to share his talents which was and is still enjoyed by lots of people who appreciates the true talent.. how about you? you’ll become old and dirty and what>/ur nothin

  • Wikkedkornman

    He totally fucked up the first verses. He sounds like Mickey Mouse too….

  • Badcompany2005

    Oh damn. I thought he fell of the stage. Too bad. I wanted him to snap his neck. Twat.

  • Dokn8

    Idiot dont even remember how the song starts.

  • x

    Karma is a bitch.

  • Owen Lipuma

    his voice sounds like poop

  • Duncan

    Thought axl would be used to falling on his face by now :)


    Axel is GOD!

  • Tonya

    Myles Kennedy sounds tons better singing this. LOL!!
    So does Fergie. He sounds like crap.