Video: Black Sabbath Perform New Song, “Loner,” in Australia

Black Sabbath unveiled another new song during a recent show in Australia. The song, “Loner,” can be heard — and seen (sort of) — below, courtesy of some fan-filled video.

“Methademic” is track 3 on the band’s upcoming new album, 13, which will be released June 11 via Vertigo/Universal Records.

Don’t forget to check out three more songs from 13:

“End of the Beginning,” which the band performed in Auckland, New Zealand, last week. The studio version of this song will be premiered May 15 on the season finale of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

“Methademic,” which the band has been performing in Australia.

• And, of course, the studio version of the album’s first single, “God Is Dead?,” which you can check out here.

Stay tuned for more Black Sabbath updates!


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  • Craig

    Ozzy is done. Man such a bummer.

    • Ajax Crimson

      He’s been done for awhile now, look at his last few albums…finally lost his touch it seems like

  • popbelly

    that was bad

  • Motorbreath

    those were not words…..

  • Matthew Harper

    Ozzy’s clearly incapable of performing live right now. As long as he sounds as good on the rest of the album as he does on “God is Dead?” the album should be fine, but this is just kind of sad to watch.

  • Christopher Moon

    Wow. Ozzy seems like he really isn’t there in this one.

  • Steve Carr

    I love Ozzy but that was hard to watch lol Maybe it’s cause the song is so new he’s not use to singing it live yet. I know other performances the past few years he’s had pitchy moments, but this was way off lol

  • Hugomarink

    Kind off reminds me of Van Halen touring last year with David Lee Roth. the band sounds great but the old singer just can’t cut it live any more. Well, I’m going to see them in August so I hope they can hold it together and put on a good show.

  • tommy culbertson

    This is why DIO replaced OZZY,aweful ! The band sounds good.

  • James

    All of you saying Ozzy no longer has it need to check out the other vids from this same show, such as Dirty Women, Paranoid, Iron Man. Ozzy hits everything pitch perfect. I agree he did not sound great on this song but don’t judge until you see the whole show. Maybe this was one of the last songs in the set, but watch the other vids Ozzy still has it.