Video: Geoff Tate of Queensrÿche and James Durbin Perform “Take Hold of the Flame” at Durbin’s Wedding Reception

Former American Idol finalist and heavy-metal recording artist James Durbin got married earlier this month, and one of his idols, Geoff Tate of Queensrÿche, made a surprise appearance at the wedding reception, where the two ended up singing an impromptu duet on the Queensrÿche song “Take Hold of the Flame” together. A big fan of Revolver‘s who was recently spotted wearing a Revolver T-shirt on the set of Conan, Durbin has kindly shared video of the performance exclusively with us. Check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments. Durbin’s new album, Memories of a Beautiful Disaster, is out now; his next music video, “Stand Up,” premieres next week.


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  • Krisann Robles

    How awesome is this?!?!?!  LOVE it!!

  • Boardley

    I can’t see the video. Please fix. I soo want to watch this.

  • Family_chatterbox

    this is an awesome. Been wanting to hear this thank you revolver.

    • Anne Madden

      My Sentiments exactly!  THANK YOU REVOLVER MAG!  LONG MAY YOU REIGN!!

  • Cookiez1964

    James you were my favorite from beginning to end. So glad to see your dreams coming true. I wish nothing but the best for you and your beautiful little family. Love your voice, and your obvious sincerity.

  • Malduuke

    Shows the Class of Geoff Tate ………… who without a doubt has one of the most dynamic voices ever in rock history !

  • punkinn

    Holy crap that was AWESOME!  Fabulous on both of their parts!  Thanks for making this available!

  • Alexandre Canes

    Geoff Tate is a walking singing class. He uses everything a singer can use and do with the voice. Reallu amazing to see!

  • Todd Coughlin

    Hmmm… let me see if I can put this succinctly…???  Holy shit!

  • :)

    PHENOMENAL!!!! James and Geoff…Freakin’ KICK ASS!!! 

  • Scott Paterson

    Kick ass.

  • TR Austin

    How lucky…

  • Smileyzzz70

    AWESOME James you are one lucky SOB I LOVE LOVE LOVE this man he has got me through some tough times in my life what a man what a legand:)  YOU ROCK

  • Dianehesteves

    loved it

  • Amy

    Im soooo jealous!

  • Redhot670

    one of the best voices in rock hands down.. fuckin awesome

  • Erica

    Awesome! Looks like such a fun wedding! Congrats James and Heidi!

  • Anne Madden

    HOLY Sh**!  Geoff was Brilliant and James was Stellar!  Damn!  I want more…I want to see these two perform in front of thousands….full blown…guitars screaming, heads banging, the works!  OMG!  James has proven once again the unbelievable range of his Golden Metal Pipes!  We saw him Metal, head butt with Legendary Rob Halford, of Judas Priest and now Metal King, Geoff Tate of Queensryche….OMG!  I want more…..Bring on the Metal Gods…it is time for a Showdown!! 

  • Oskyeugenio

    i hOpe geOff wOuld dO unplugged or music videOs of their album PROMISED LAND…

  • maria darling

    james congrats on wedding, nice nice nice u and jeff jeffs my boy live in seattle home of the queensryche rock on brother ur voice is as high as heaven

  • Davefeuer

    no fuking comparison  this kid is not even close  not even in the same class what a  butcher

    • Gia1

      all of you rock purest out there better wake up. The whole rock community is supporting James, because they know that Rock is being killed by country and R&B. They support new artist like James because they see the handwriting on the wall. you all are still living in the 80′ w/all of the legends that are out there. Well, those legends are in their 60’s and the genre needs new blood. You all better start supporting the new ones before there are no new ones to support. If purest like yourself do not support them, they will give up and in 20 yrs you will still be listening to music from the 80’s. Revolver, Guitar and several of the rock legends support him. They see him as someone who is trying to keep Rock alive. It’s all about the music. James will make it even with out people like you, it will just be a lot harder. When you turn on the radio and the only thing that comes up is country, you only have yourselves to blame. I see this year as a battle between Rock and Country, so pick a side, and forever hold your peace.

    • Donna Richardson

      Well from all the comments on here I guess you stand a lone on your comment .. Everyone else LOVED IT !!!!

  • guest

    As much as I like Durbin, his voice lacks the slightest bit of the lyricism Tate has. He’s good for some classic hard rock/heavy metal but on this style of singing, hell no. Geoff, on the other hand, was really good compared to some of his latest performances.

  • Missie3051

    I think this is just awesome! Queensryche was one of my favorite bands in the 80’s…still listen to them regularly. james was my favorite on Idol. Fabulous wedding present!

  • M1ndr1ot1971

    wow some idiot comments here…the kid did well and pulled off shit you would never do…and compare it to the tokyo tour in 1985 or so and you will see especially at the end the kid hitting the notes dead on..Geoff seemed to like it and give his blessing..

  • Anne Madden

    SIDE NOTE:  James thanks for giving REVOLVER MAG the right to air this!!  Class Act!!

  • Michelle Desdanny

    Thank you SO MUCH for this!! Geoff us my favorite singer EVER and I LOVE James!! 
    A dream duet. 

  • Rsnbaseball

    Seeing someone so young bust out Take Hold WITH Geoff Tate restores my faith in humanity.  WHOO HOO

  • Singa!

    I thought it was really good. The kid has range for sure.

  • Blonz13

    Queensryche has been a  fave of mine since their EP.Seen em in Washington before they were big.How kick ass is that ,that James got a idol of his to show up at his wedding.WTF on.Nice duet too.Good luck James….

  • Guest

    So great of Geoff to do this.Nice to see established rock community supporting the newcomer. Seems like the rock community as a whole is a big family (with the exception of a few who can’t embrace anything new)

  • MicMex72

    Queensryche has been my favorite band since ’86, got to see them 4 times this year, Seattle, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. After all this time of being a loyal fan, I also got to meet them all on several occasions. They are all gentlemen, the very best and they did not disappoint! I watched Idol for the first time last season, I really enjoyed all of James’s performances, he is definitely one to keep track of. As for having Geoff sing not only with you, but at your wedding…what can I say, how freakin’ awesome is that!! You both sounded great and you’re wife’s reactions was adorable!! Best of luck, keep on rockin’ James!!

  • Sarah Huck

    I thought that was totally awesome. Especially sense they didn’t even get to rehearse the song together.  Congratulations James and to your new wife. Be happy and keep ROCKIN!!!!

  • Me

    keep dreamin bud

  • Wendy Liu

    This is frigging awesome! James gives a different flavor to the song that they complement each other. Totally rad!

  • CAROLYN Brown

    love it your so lucky James , Geoff Tate is the best he is the VOICE!!!!

  • Angel17462

    James you rock………. so talented:) Congrats!

  • Mary?

    This James guy sings better then Geoff here, but it’s not anywhere near as good as Geoff was in his prime 1982-1989…

  • Goodcoffee2

    I’m surprised at the attention this guys gets.  You can find a singer just as good in any cover band, in any town.

    • MusicScout

      Really? Can you show me one Youtube video? Would really want to find another singer who has that type of range. 


    There is NO WAY that this guy can even come close in comparison to Geoff Tate. In or out of his prime, Geoff is still one of the most classic voices in Heavy Metal History!

  • Family_chatterbox

    I dont normally comment more then once. But I have seen some disturbing comments. What has happened to the rock fans yes we all have our favorite rock singer but we used to give new comers a chance. Lets start realizing that no one is going to take place of our favorite rock singer but they sure and hell can sound as good. If we dont rock will die an ugly death we need to realize there is a place for the new singer just as our favorite sang their butt off so do the new rock singers and they all have one thing in common with us rock fans they love rock music. So its time to start supporting the new singers and give me them a chance.

    • Family_chatterbox

      thats them not me I cant sing lol

  • Denizkasap1990

    tate blows away durbin

    • Cmkmkrkj

      Another little troll raises his/her tiny little head to comment. Isn’t that adorable?

  • monica

    James is amazing, thank for video. Pure rock.

  • Tamarahndrsn

    Great job James.  You should have won Idol.  Def. out sung Geoff Tate, but then again you are alot younger.  When you get his age, well the high chords only last so long, ask Mark Slaughter.

  • Wang Newton

    I asked Tate to sing at my wedding but he was a little intimidated….well, plus he probly’ didn’t get my handwritten letter made from human skin and hair….call me Geoff….I LOVE YOU!!!

  • Cindip13

    OH YEAH!!!!  James Durbin has so much more control over his voice these days!!  And Geoff Tate–what can I say–he’s as masterful as ever!!  (I’d like to “take hold his flame”)  I used to be totally obsessed with him!~!   I played Queensryche music constantly at work!

  • Zenólia Maria de Oliveira Ruth

    Super duo! Geoff Tate is one of my fav rock singers of all times and James one of the newest rock singers nowadays. PRESENT altogether (with a touch of past and future). Luck people at this wedding! YOU GO JAMES! RESPECT 4 EVER GEOFF!
    (And there are still haters that say James Durbin sings nothing… the day you pull of a duo with Rob Halford and Geoff Tate neck to neck I will agree with you, otherwise s*** up!)

  • Mooteahgirl

    That was awesome! Geoff Tate is my hero…James did an excellent job….did Geoff stay to party? Can’t wait to see Queensryche live again!  I’ll see James live too!

  • Donna Richardson

    Well from the comments I have read “woohoo” a huge hit!!!  .. Geoff what a wonderful thing you have done.. Hearing the two of you was just awesome!!.. Congrats on your wedding James & Heidi.. how exciting was that :).. The Rock world needs James to perform with more of our legends .. Thank you Geoff, James & Revolver for sharing this made my day !!!

  • Ty_harden

    Breathtaking. How absolutely awesome of a moment. I don’t know you, but what  great music you make. Geoff’s not bad either. Have a very blessed life with your bride! Ryche on! Thanks for sharing!

  • Eve

    ok I kinda got a little nervous at sec 4:25 when he twirled my mic. but then I thought What the hell am I thinking he’s a pro, twirl on man, twirl on…..

  • Vichomer1313

    James has no business sharing the stage much less singing with Geoff. This kid is awful and needs to go away. If this kid is the future of metal we are in trouble. 

    • Eva

      Such a hater!! James is far from awful…on the IDOL tour he killed it,you may want to take  clean your ears out!!

    • Karen Green

      I think you need to go away.

  • Eva

    What a killer surprise!!! too cool!!!

  • Jshiva66

    Geoff Tate rocks and needs to reunite with Chris DeGarmo. Ever since DeGarmo left, the sound and style of the band just isn’t the same. Tate’s voice still sounds darn good and he can still hit most of the high notes. ‘Ryche needs to go back to to it’s roots and start rockin’ again.

  • Costas

    Man, I need to get married fast..

  • Whatever

    Why can’t an impromptu video be easily accessible?  Just post the stinking video instead of having everyone sign up for the next round of stinking spamail from the paying sponsor.  I would have been interested in checking out this dude’s music, but forget it now.

  • Tami Holman

    omg!!!! 2 of my FAVORITE singers ever!!!!! Geoff has the voice of an Angel!!! and James I voted for you every time Idol was on!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!!! great combo of voices!!!