Video: Iron Maiden Singer Calls Fan “Wanker” for Texting During Show

Whether it’s over-zealous fans holding up their camera phones for entire songs or that one guy who’s got his head down texting the whole show, cell phones have become the bane of both performers and concert-goers alike.

And while most bands do their best to just ignore rude fans, Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson had enough during the band’s concert in Indianapolis, Indiana last week. In the video below, you can hear Dickinson call out a fan during the opening notes of “Wasted Years,” proclaiming, “You’ve been texting for the last three fucking songs! You’re a wanker!”

Check out the video below.


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  • Knuckles_Grymm

    Good for you Bruce! See you in 10 days…and I’m leaving my phone @ home.

  • Dalenmel2001

    I’m kinda split on this? I was at a SlipKnot concert about 5 or so years ago in London,Ontario & my son was babysitting our younger daughter & it was somewhat of an emergency for him to text us so I was texting him back & forth for awhile & deciding whether we needed to come home or not. So we don’t know if this guy had a similar thing going on,he could have been on call as a plumber,doctor,mechanic & giving instructions as to what to do,we don’t know? But if he was texting just for the sake of texting then good for Bruce Dickenson because this does happen quite often at concerts. But on the other hand,was it right for Bruce to say anything? He payed for his ticket,maybe he was dragged to the show by a friend lol who knows & didn’t care for maiden. But dammit UP THE IRONS!!

  • Mdjrsmalley

    I saw them in june and maybe if they got the sound right people would be more into the show .
    Great band bad sound guy    

  • maidensux

    Bruce must have a fantasy that people give a shit about his fantasy metal. Sorry Bruce

  • Resse Witherspoons Jawline

    Technology is ruining everything, mostly shows, Who wants to see 1500 jerkoffs holding their phone up? it ruins the experience. Phones should be banned, you have an emergency you fucking go use a pay phone, old school style. 

    • Christopher Piercey

      And there are pay phones, where?

  • Danny Holmes

    maiden go through a lot to set up concerts if the guy texted once then fine but three songs may as well stayed home he was properly using facebook and was more interested texting to his friends instead of watching the concert which took a great deal of time and effort good on ya Bruce m/