Video: Justin Bieber “Covers” Metallica’s “Fade To Black”

Although we wouldn’t exactly call it a cover version, Justin Bieber recently used his voice to recreate Kirk Hammett’s guitar solo from Metallica’s “Fade to Black.”

The 15-second clip shows the pop singer playing air guitar while singing the solo from the 1984 tune. Bieber is accompanied by his musical director, Dan Kanter.

Bieber is allegedly a big Metallica fan. He has named “Fade To Black” and “One” as his favorite tracks. “Those are my jams,” he told GQ last year.

Anyway, enjoy! (Can you sense the sarcasm?)


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  • Anthony Joseph Hanna


  • Igor


  • Johnathan Fletcher

    Revolver you fucking sell outs! totally fucking ridiculous!

  • Adrian


  • Guest

    Anything to have the rapid teenagers flock to your website huh? smdh

  • NoLongerASubscriber

    What…. The…. Fuck….

    I’m not renewing my subscription now

  • pixxie

    Anything to get those rabid teenagers to your website huh? smdh

  • uridiots4that

    are you fucking kidding me? who the fuck put that shit on here? you are fucking lame!

  • Luke Weber not Webier

    I hope Metallica sue him.

    • crazy betty

      metallica just admitted they are beliebers and they weren’t kidding. because people who know, know that the biebs is cool. Luke Weiner.

  • JVG

    You guys are a bunch of fucking dorks if you think the people who give a fuck about Revolver want to see this shit.

  • BieberHole69

    omg this is too funny. #biebs

  • Timmy Spillane

    Stupidest piece of shit I’ve ever laid eyes on…fuck Beiber, he’s a worthless no talent shitbag, and fuck Revolver for putting this waste of time and space up…there goes fifteen seconds of my life that I’ll NEVER GET BACK! Can somebody PLEASE SHOOT THIS MOTHERFUCKER???

    • crazy betty

      you sound like a repressed gay.

      • Timmy Spillane

        Really? You care to share how you came to that ridiculous narrow minded conclusion? How would my sexual orientation come into play with my opinion on the astounding stupidity that is shown in this moronic video clip? Also, what is wrong with being gay, repressed or not? Sounds like some little ignorant nazi turdlicker is more than a little homophobic! That’s strange, seeing as Das Beiber’s auto tuned, canned rhythm tracks that he calls “songs” cater to prepubescent zit-faced girls who are doomed to be hags anyway, and the homosexual/transsexual community at large…so, which one are you?

  • crazy betty

    love beiber!