Video: Lamb of God Singer Randy Blythe’s Alleged Crime

Update: It is now being reported that Blythe has yet to be released, as his bail money has not arrived yet. Management are working to transfer the funds, at which point the prosecutor will decide whether or not Blythe can leave jail.

According to reports, Lamb of God singer Randy Blythe won’t be released from jail until next week, even thought he has posted a bail of around four million Czech crowns (roughly $200,000 U.S.) after being arrested last week on manslaughter charges related to incident that took place in May 2010.

Alleged video of the incident in question has now surfaced, although we can’t say for certain that it features the incident in question. The video seems to back up a statement on Friday by the band’s publicist which said that no fight between the fan and Blythe ever occurred. Watch below, and let us know what you think in the comments.

The remainder of the band returned home without their singer over the weekend, with guitarist Mark Morton Tweeting: “Finally HOME! 4/5 of us anyway. I can’t wait to give Randy a big bear hug and kiss his pointy, stubbly face!”


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  • Zachezman

    did the guy die from that????

    • Junkie2009

       apparently he did. The guy did not got to get checked out so he is at fault for his death. He comited suicide by going on stage and not leaving when told!

  • George_huza_69

    the guard that was on stage pushed him harder than Blythe

  • Cjdaddy Cw

    Randy clearly did nothing, guy musta hit his head on ground in the pit, almost every venue has signs to mosh at ur own risk, if this guy landed on me could i file charges? No, free randy!

  • It Was an Accident

    Randy didn’t even throw him, he just grabbed him but the guard did the pushing.

  • Brandon

    Look closely, the guy was jumping back in to the crowd, they barely pushed him, he staged dived head first.

  • esigh

    No way was he at fault. The security guy pushed him and the guy jumped. It was the idiots own fault.

  • metalhead9831

    maybe if that dude didnt get up on stage he wouldtnve got hurt

  • Chris Nelson

    You’re NOT supposed to go on stage. Some bands are chill with it, which is FINE. But the video is so short you cannot tell if they were warning him to leave the stage prior to throwing him.

    • Brandon

      The guy was jumping back in the crowd, they barely pushed him. Mosh at your own risk

  • Nick Raymond

    there is just literally no way he did or had anything to do with it he actually didn’t touch the guy. the angle makes it seem that way but the guy actually tried to smash randy offstage.

  • Trbaker64

    he barelly touched the guy. it looks like security is the one who pushed him offstage. you get on stage like that you seffer the consequences for being a stupid ass. f the czechs.

    • me

       Yeah, it’s fault of Czechs, lol. What would happen if he did it in other countries, even in your motherfuckin America?

      • YOLO

        the person on stage would have been pushed off and nobody would make a big deal out of it and Randy wouldn’t be in prison

        • Tralalacek

           Yep, those Czechs are really retarded, some guy dies and they solve it, this should’t happen anywhere. LOL. I wonder what would you say if somebody else would be charged because of this issue…

          • Crackerkiller

            Fuck your mother Tralalacek!

      • M Shake

        The same “motherfuckin” thing…But we would be proud to die during a Lamb Of God show because that’s about the coolest way to die I can think of…And our people wouldn’t be whining about it.

  • Andrew Fogelsanger

    Are you serious, randy did not kill that moron. everyone knows when you go to concerts like this your taking a chance of getting hurt. but when you get up on that stage with the band it is security’s job to keep fans away from the band. The Darrell Dimebag incident in Ohio a few years ago and incidents like this is a prime example of why fans should stay off the fucking stage and let musicians do their jobs. If you so happen to get on stage with band to stage dive and crowd surf, just stay the fuck away from the musicians. i feel bad for what happened to the guy but that is just the chance you take when you get a room with thousands of metal fans who love Lamb Of God and other bands alike.

  • Tralalacek


  • YOLO

    first of all, the security guard behind him helped push him off. second of all, you don’t go on the stage, everyone knows that’s a no-no

    • Tralalacek

       First of all you are confused because that video above isn’t related to Randy’s arrest.

  • john

    Randy had only one hand on him with a light pull but the security guard pushed with both hands and all his might. This is bull shit

  • Joe

    The guard had a hold of the guy from behind before he even made it to the front. If this is the actual footage. Anyone can clearly see it was only a split second that Randy had ONE hand on the guy. I hope they put they Guard in jail and charged him as well.

  • Joe Sicari

    After being at many many shows I have seen this motion many times. This guy not only wasn’t pushed in this video he actually caught most of that air on his own momentum. It’s a shame that guy died but I’m sorry to say it’s no ones fault but his own.

    • mommymensa

       That’s my thought too, the guy would have dove off that stage head first whether he had a push or not. Besides , we could never know exactly how he sustained his injuries, hell, it could’ve been a audience member giving him a swift kick for being on stage like an idiot.. it’s just too ambiguous.

  • Dalenmel2001

    It looks like the security guard is the one who made the biggest push here,Randly barely even touched the guy,he kind of put his hand on him last second as he’s flying by him because of the kid stage diving & with the huge push of the security guard. Why the security guard is not mentioned in all of this is mind boggling? But I guess there going after Randy because he has the most money out of the two.& it’s a terrible shame this kid passed away because of this mishap!

  • purpleiam

    i see them pushing a concert goer off the stage, Mostly the bodyguard.  Some of Randys push was very light.   Noone should be on stage.  The concert goer did wrong and unfortunatly he was hurt.  I dont blame anyone but the concert goer. I he had stayed off the stage, he would still be with us.

  • Vixyn

    It looks like he, along with a guard, pushed an already jumping man from the stage.

    • SinnerStar6 The Congregation

      yes you can see that he was already on his own way to jumping off the stage !!!!!!!!!

  • Heathsimp86

    I’m blaming it all on the security guard… That’s bullshit considering he had one hand on him and surely couldn’t push the guy that hard with one hand…. But a full fledged two arm shove from the security guard

  • Steve Snyder

    Been the best band period all the way back to their Burn the Priest days!  I hate to see anyone get hurt or even killed at any METAL show…country on the other hand mmm. ya maybe. A shame to being present at an amazing live show that never fails you and then die from your own hyped up recklessness.  We’ve all had our moments of carelessness it’s metal.. shit gets crazy but you have to use your head as well.   As a musician, I can say Randy was on stage because we as fans paid him to do a job with the band.  Give them bad-asses the stage so we can hear that PURE AMERICAN METAL made just for our ears that make us tear them pits up!!  To the next reckless soul unintentionally keeping Lamb of god from what they love to do for us..stay off the stage and I’ll pick up to surf.  I’ve never missed these guys when near Iowa and my black metal heart goes out to you Randy hope they drop these bogus charges…Lamb of god.. (well and Prong and Dethklok) you have given me the only reason to attend the 1st annual Knot fest..the real American METAL!

    If you should need any letters of recommendations to get you outta your untimely and poorly judged situation.. I’m your man. :)  Don’t know what I can say really besides how you guys as a band saved my life years ago.  In a slump life-wise and struggling to be challenged musically (guitar) and bored with the run of the mill, most sound similar metal scene of mid-late90’s.. you as Burn the Priest landed in front of me as a gift from my close friend and ex band-mate White Moses who told me “this CD will change your life and how you view music”..and it did!  I played that CD non-stop for prob 3yrs…Thanks Lamb of god and thank you Randy for opening my eyes and for helping to pave a new road down metal lane that once was nearly empty and now nearly traffic-jammed with thousands of gifted bands!!

    Get home soon Randy we need in Iowa in about 48 days!!

  • Maggotbaby13

    I didn’t see any fight. It looks like Mr. Blythe and maybe a member of the road crew or venue security tossed the kid off of the stage, but doesn’t that happen at a lot of metal shows? (If moshing and stage diving is still allowed).

  • Robert

    The author of this article should have done a bit more research before inviting people to comment on this video. I’m Czech. This clip was aired on a Czech TV station and the commentator says this: “The band has had a number of incidents with fans before. Here you can see the singer and a member of security in action.” There is no indication whatsover that is the video of the incident for which the arrest was made.

  • M Shake

    Its a metal show,get real, rush the stage & you get what you deserve,PERIOD!

  • Metal Cougar

    All tickets to events have a disclaimer on them, clearly stating “the holder of this ticket voluntarily assumes all risks incidental to the event..” FREE RANDY!

  • Jkenedi5

    There is no way that randy could have hurt that guy..he just kinda pushed him off with the security guards help..and there is no malicious intent there..they need to let randy Blythe go..

  • Pfff…

    Frik.. Randy’s only using 1 hand, that security guard fully forced him off.

    • Colormyname

      If u blame Randy u should  blame the Security guard to.

  • Imlovn3

    In my opinion, THE DUMBASS shouldn’t have jumped on the stage in the first place. That’s common sense. And as far as security goes, they should have done a better job & the idiot wouldn’t of made it onto the stage in the first place. Poor ass security!!! Also, who’s to say that guy wasn’t jumping on stage to do bodily harm to any of the band mates. Anyways, Randy IS NOT & SHOULD NOT be blamed for ANY of this!!

  • Lisa Heath

    The guy in this video appears to come from behind them and like he is not jumping but RUNNING, bent slightly at the waist almost quarterback style and the pushes seem almost matter of fact or even staged? Like the other commenter said, how do we even know if this is the actual incident in question or just the Czech news providing an example of a performance? If this is the actual footage, dude was clearly just doing what people do, right? I mean who is actually pressing this guys death, the family looking for a payday from “rich heavymetal guys”?

  • jon

    The security guard is throwing that dude off!

  • metalzz1

    I saw lamb of god once live and it was a big let down ,very boring no energy there songs sound the same  slayer blows them away as for the incident you cant  touch the kids with  the laws nowdays very strict then everybody in the crowd  is videotaping it your screwed

  • Natedawg23

    I dont know… Was Randy in the moment? Absolutely! What are the odds of the dude severely hurting himself? I dont know… What I do know is when someone rushes the stage now a days.. only one vision sticks out in my head and thats someone did get to the stage and shouldnt have and we lost a man that we should not have in Dimebag Darell… so I guess if you have the fckin balls to rush on stage.. you better have the balls to deal with the fcking consequences…. The focus should be on before someone even getting to the fcking stage…. I dont know, you tell me?

  • Richard Jones

    the court needs to take a close look at that video……Randy barely touched the guy, the other guy gave it full force!  and even more in Randys defense, look what happened to Dime!  if a fan gets onstage, the performers should have all the rights to defend themselves!  FREE RANDY BLYTHE!

  • Craig Carey

    the damned security guard is the one who pushed the guy off the damn stage, NOT Randy, god damn people doing what ever they can to make metal look like the damned anti-christ of music and life, this is pretty much pegging Randy as a worthless person, but in all reality, he is not doing anything. Like one of the pervious commenters said, last time somebody got on stage we lost and AMAZING and VERY well respected/talanted/ and loyal people in Dimebag, so I personally think Randy did the right thing, how the hell did he know if this kid wasn’t trying to do harm to either himself, Randy or his band mates in LOG.