HD Video: Marilyn Manson and Taylor Momsen Perform “The Dope Show” at the Revolver Golden Gods Awards

Marilyn Manson opened up his Revolver Golden Gods Awards headlining performance with a stunning rendition of “The Dope Show,” featuring special guest Taylor Momsen of the Pretty Reckless. Check it out below!


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  • Franktheapachetank

    Wtf why does it say “this video is private?”If the videos private, why the hell is it on this website for viewing

  • Rango

    Stunningly bad? What’s happened to his voice?

  • Colin

    The acoustics were just fine – the live stream sucks balls because they just took the direct feed. Watch any of the videos recorded by people there, and not the camera crews, and you’ll recognize that. And he’s been drinking, screaming, and doing coke for two decades…you try that and see if your singing voice stays the same.

  • Matttravis08

    Oh Mr Manson you sound like your off your tits. The sound is soooo bad… 

  • Indie Skrillhouse

    ill kill taylor that whore face gay shit vagina stupid bitch cunt fake goth little ass whole faggot face POOP HEAD FUCKING STRIPEY PENGUIN ASS HOLE NERGRO WANNA BE >:00000

    i love manson -.-

  • PhoenixSong17

    Really? We’re still taking Taylor Momsen seriously?

  • Melody Turk

    I just saw both these bands in concert. The pretty Reckless end of march and Manson at ROTR and they both were awesome live and I go to a lot of shows.

  • mustdisquss

    Im sure someone mentioned that manson as a band were similar to
    metallica (regarding how good they are now compared to their past)
    except their fanbase is much smaller and not one fan is in denial. lol. but this video.. wow, this is BAD. I heard the new album, not awful but a disappointment-some tracks just plain average, or ruined slightly as they just could have been sung better in certain areas.. even for manson! he has never had the best voice live though, even back around 1996-1998, many bootlegs were proof, and nothing to do with the quality of the recording.

    Perhaps being great live one night and atrocious the next might have something to to with his regular nights in or out (*snort*). Watching alot of his more recent performances on youtube, I think they are proof that the coke has now finally caught up with him. If he has a good ear, he must surely realize how bad he sounds lately. So in relation to the coke, no idea if its still a habit, but he deserves what he has become-just another druggie celeb with too much money, but hopefully he can wisen up one day and take a hint from some of his old songs (that he DOESNT like the drugs).. unless he wants to kick the bucket before he hits his late 40s.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1590676587 Franny Glass

    I dont like her, dont give a fuck about her, but THIS is just extremely bad. she looks like possessed or what, but nobodys interested..well, NO. no no no