Video: Steel Panther and 11-Year-Old Guitarist Perform Van Halen’s “Eruption” and “You Really Got Me”

Below, check out a video of 11-year-old guitarist Aidan Fisher performing “Eruption” while onstage with Steel Panther during their December 19 show at the Midland Theater in Kansas City, Missouri.

As expected, Fisher follows “Eruption” with “You Really Got Me,” and the whole band, minus Steel Panther guitarist Satchel, joins in.

Apparently, Fisher challenged Satchel to a guitar duel at some point before the show, which led to his being invited on stage with the band.

At the very end of the clip, you can read Satchel’s verdict on who won the shoot-out.

As always, since Steel Panther is involved, the top video is NSFW. It features foul language in the presence of an 11-year-old.

To watch the censored version of this clip, visit


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  • Plop

    Pretty douchey to say such dumb shit in front of the kid..

    • warnbb

      Pretty douchey to let your eleven year old kid attend a Steel Panther show. I’m only mildly aware of Steel Panther and even I know their material is not appropriate for children. Thumbs up to those parents.

  • Devin

    Amazing eleven year old that can shred like that!! And as far as language and parenting goes. I dont think language should be censored for children, especially if they are eleven or older, they are going to hear it later in life anyway, why should you keep profanity from kids?? Words don’t do anything. My first show was LA GUNS, I was eight. And I am just fine…..