Video: TV News Covers Death of Suicide Silence Frontman Mitch Lucker

As previously reported right here, Suicide Silence vocalist Mitch Lucker died yesterday as a result of injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident. You can watch news reports about the tragedy below.


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  • Burzum

    Lol so many emos


      Dude, your such a big troll. I f***ing loved this guy. Be quiet. RIP MITCH LUCKER. I’ll miss you man

  • oneeyeddoll

    :( so very sad.. may this young father rest in peace.

  • X-Fyka The Fallen

    RIP mitch lucker

  • Dale Sutherland

    @Burzum:That was so inappropriate to say! Dam some people have no conscience or brains what so ever; Anyways sorry to hear about the Death of Mitch Lucker.Suicide Silence was a cool band,I was suppose to see them with As I lay Dying in about a month or so in London,Ontario.I remember when my musical hero Peter Ratajzyk Steele passed away of Heart failure on April 14th-2010,I was devastated & still can’t believe he’s gone! Type O Negative & Carnivore are my favorite bands & Peter Steele was the reason why I picked up a bass guitar & stuck with it.