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Preview Revolver's Big Four Trading Cards!

Preview Revolver's Big Four Trading Cards!

Unless you’ve been living under a boulder, you know that the Big Four of thrash—Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, and Anthrax—are playing Yankee Stadium in New York City on Wednesday, September 14. It’s only the second time these four metal colossuses have shared a stage in the United States.

Since nobody knows whether we’ll get another chance to see them onstage again, Revolver and Guitar World are celebrating the event with the Big Four Weeks. For the next month or so, leading up to the show, our websites will be giving fans eye-popping exclusives, previously unseen backstage video, excerpts from our interviews with the bands—including those in Revolver’s special issue devoted to the Big Four, which you can buy right here—and much, much more.

To kick things off, Revolver is presenting a first look at the Big Four trading cards we’re including in newsstand editions of our September/October issue, which you can buy right here right now and will be available everywhere else on Tuesday, August 16. We’ve modeled the cards after the Topps baseball cards in 1986—the year that three of the bands released their masterpieces—and the backs feature vital stats, selected discographies, and fun facts sponsored by our friends at Samson, Zoom, and Hartke.

We hope you enjoy them and check back regularly for more cool Big Four–related coverage!

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