Vinnie Paul Comments on Possiblity of Pantera Reunion with Zakk Wylde

Vinnie PaulWith Phil Anselmo regularly joining Black Label Society to perform Pantera’s song “I’m Broken” during Down’s recent stint on the Revolver Golden Gods Tour, there has been a lot of renewed talk about a possible Pantera reunion with BLS main man Zakk Wylde on guitar. That buzz only intensified when former Pantera bassist Rex Brown joined the jam on May 23 when the tour swung through Texas–watch video right here.

In an interview at Rock on the Range with Matt Pinfield of Fanpass, Anselmo said of a potential Pantera re-formation with Wylde, “I think the situation would have to be correct.” When Pinfield interjected that Wylde would be the ideal guitarist to step in for Dimebag, Anselmo continued, “Yeah, yeah, yeah. No doubt. We [Down] are on tour with fucking Black Label Society right now, and don’t ever underestimate the power of conversation between Zakk and I… If there was ever a proper presentation, like, OK, Pantera is back together, Zakk’s on guitar, that would be a massive feeling. That would be outrageous. And I would go to war. I would be in the best shape possible.”

Now Vinnie Paul has weighed in–a lot less enthusiastically–on the subject. In a recent interview with Revolver‘s Jon Wiederhorn for a forthcoming story on Paul’s current band, Hellyeah, the drummer had the following to say:

“If you had an ex-wife, and it was a pretty bitter split, you might not ever want to talk to her again. Who cares if everybody in the family and your friends want you to say hello again? It’s your choice whether you want to do it or not. And I think a lot of people are selfish. They say, ‘Oh, he oughtta just kiss and make up with Phil and everything will be cool. And then they can go get Zakk Wylde and everything’s gonna be great.’ No, everything’s not gonna be great.”


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  • Josh Rowe

    Get over yourself, Vinnie… The only person in the world that doesn’t want a Pantera reunion is YOU. Sad that you can’t make amends with Phil and do something cool.

    • Red VonMunster

      Dude has a right to feel how he feels and if you can’t respect that, fuck off.

    • Scott Hobbs

      he watched his bro get murdered man… maybe he doesn’t want to do Pantera without him.

  • MJS

    I can appreciate the feeling of there can never be Pantera without Dime, but even if it never goes public, forgiveness and accepting Phil’s apology will give Vinnie some closure.

  • Chad Spiegel

    Vinnie, let go of the hate brother.

    • Fester Adams


      • Chad Spiegel

        That’s not fucking Phil’s fault, as much as Vinnie likes to claim that it is. It’s Nathan Gale’s fault.

      • Eugene Bakman

        Is your Shift key stuck? Or did you hit CapsLock on purpose?

      • Palexk

        Fix your keyboard. And what the hell does that tragedy have to do with Phil?

  • Jeff Spike Wong

    No Dime No Pantera…Ever

  • Palexk

    I don’t think people would expect a new album or even a reunited band called “Pantera”. They just want the guys to get together with Zakk, and do a tour playing Pantera songs. Also, I never understood why Vinnie is still mad. Had Dime not been killed, Vinnie and Dime might’ve forgiven Phil. After Dime was killed, Vinnie decided that Phil was still his enemy. It’s not like Phil had ANYTHING to do with the tragedy. There’s no logical reason why Vinnie can’t at least shake hands with Phil, and say “We’re cool.” Hell, Phil even had a nice impromptu run-in with Rita Haney.

  • DG

    I RESPECT ur comment…No one can tell u how to feel about ur life..More time may be needed.

  • Eugene Bakman

    Vinnie Paul is a bitch. It’s official now. Let him continue with the embarrassment that is Hellyeah.

    • james daniel


  • Jesse Sikora

    It’s not healthy to hold a grudge the way he is.

    • james daniel


  • F.D. Mayhem

    I’ve met Vinnie Paul n just asked for a HELLYEAH / Down tour- he wouldn’t even do that. He cannot n will not forgive Phil Anselmo for what he said. I say they do a tour of Pantera without him.

    • Darrell Farmer

      no fucking way if they do hope Vinnie sue the fuck out of them pantera was Vinnie and Darell Phil sux he nothing without them. phil lost his voice and it sound like shit he shouldn’t even be doing pantera songs walk is the song darrell was killed over .

      • Eugene Bakman

        Walk on home, boy. You dumb.

        • Red


      • Kenny Roberts

        How in the world was Dime killed over Walk?

        • Yeah, i thought he was killed playing with damageplan?

    • Guest

      I thought an earlier comment was the dumbest of this thread, but I was wrong. And you never asked Vinnie shit. Pantera without the founding brothers? Let that sink in…

  • Kaydan Howison

    If Vinnie chooses to not reform Pantera well that’s his decision. Self entitled fans have no right to comment or even demand there be a reunion. You don’t know what the guy has been through, you don’t know how he feels and he doesn’t owe any of you anything.

    • volumedealer

      So dumb.

      • Guest

        Your comment? I agree.

    • james daniel


  • Another School Bus Driver

    Vinnie has every right to not want to be in the same presents as Phil. Because of Phil’s drug use and how he mistreated the band Vinnie and Dimebag had no choice but to move on for the best interest, and for that a crazy fan who did not get the facts correct blamed Vinnie and Dimebag and now Vinnie will never again have his brother. I support Vinnie and hope that he stands his ground.

  • Darrell Farmer

    no fucking way if they do hope Vinnie should sue the fuck out of them pantera was Vinnie and Darell…Phil sux he nothing without them. phil lost his voice and it sound like shit ..he shouldn’t even be doing pantera songs,,, walk is the song darrell was killed over .

  • JLDeBeaux

    Phil said some horrible shit and I would be pissed if I was Vinnie, but since Dime’s death Phil has shown nothing but regret and remorse. Would I love to see a tour with Zakk yeah I fucking would, but would I have rather seen a world without Superjoint, Down, Damageplan, and Hellyeah…probably not. A “Pantera” reunion would be awesome I would buy my tickets…no doubt. Do we need one? Especially if it could blow up any second because Phil and Vinnie can’t come to terms? No. I think the saddest thing here is that two rock legends can’t be the men that Dime would have wanted them to be. I think Dime would have eventually forgiven Phil after Phil cleaned up. I think they both owe it to Dime to sit down and work shit out on a personal level for his sake, and if we get a tour and possibly some new tunes out of it great. The fact remains without Dime Pantera will never be the same and I love Zakk but what if the magic wasn’t there and we got a shitty Dime’less Pantera album? However it turns out I am on board.

  • james daniel

    Whatever and whoever is just a cover band without the peoples man VINNIE PAUL and the man said HELL NO SO FUCK ALL YALL

  • ynot madden

    Respect Dime, no one could replace that man, i don’t care about the feud, its about the respect, R. I .P Dime you were one of a kind. m/

  • james daniel


  • Donald Dc Crump

    This isn’t about Dime…it’s about Phil and he doesn’t deserve the pleasure of reuniting. Fuck Him!

  • Chris Penoyer

    Say what you want about Phil (and deservedly so) but Vinnie Paul isn’t exactly Mr Congeniality either.

    • Guest

      Do you personally know Vince?

  • james daniel


    • Eugene Bakman

      Or better yet ,he could put a boombox with a Pantera cassette in the middle of the stage, go drink some beer, come back in 20-30 mins to flip the tape. Sell tickets for $102 a piece and throw in a t-shirt for just $100 more. Set up a Dean guitars booth next to the venue bar. And milk some more money out of Dime’s name.

      • James daniel


  • Chris Penoyer

    Vinnie’s beef with Phil is just an excuse.. he doesn’t want to do pantera again cause he doesn’t want to open up the door of having to face Dime’s death.

    • Guest

      What? Nominated for dumbest comment of this thread.

  • John Wayne

    Then you shouldve learned a little forgiveness and compassion from your brother. Stop thinkin about yourself and honor your brother. You cant divorce a band of brothers, they got your back, eventhough thats all they see from you. Dont bur youre brother in the pst, Pantera is all of you and for you too selfishly never let anyone relive or expeience what is pantera is just a crime.

    • Guest

      What? How do you know what Vinnie feels? Maybe he has forgiven Phil, but doesn’t want to disrespect his brother. Ever think of that? Stop thinking you know how people should handle their business. Only selfish person here is you I think. How can you even call it Pantera without Dimebag?

  • tasky

    He won’t even read your posts,so won’t change his mind…Anyway noone will ever replace Dime.Perhaps Phil,Rex and Zakk revive Pantera without Vinnie Pau and get a new drummerl,but it will not be the same at all.

  • Sean Daniels

    fuck all you talking shit about vinnie !! His right to not want to do it !! ZACH is an overrated douchebag !! and phil is a fucking weirdo , i dont blame vinnie at all !!

    • Red


      • Sean Daniels

        WOW-A GRAMMAR NAZI !!!!!! zach, zakk, zak -who fucking cares !!

        • Green

          I do

        • Guest

          It isn’t grammar that he was correcting, it is spelling. And Zakk is pretty famous so there really isn’t an excuse. At least spell the “overrated douchebag’s” name right!

          • sean

            Why dont you go fuck off arrogant dickhead !!!

          • sean

            Cause spelling doesnt fall under the Grammar category !! Does it ?? inbred fucktard !!

  • Robert Denner

    I really wish people would stop calling it a “Pantera Reunion.” Without Dime, its a tribute at best.

  • Rhonda C Gunn

    This isn’t just about a long discussed fantasy reunion, it’s about someone brother’s murder and how it was handled by those who were there.
    We can all wish and want and have feelings about it but it’s never gonna happen and vinnie
    has made that clear many times over the years. Why can’t we just respect what was and move on. Support Hellyeah and Kill DEVIL Hill and Down and whoever else has spun out of that band???

    • james daniel


  • Lucas Gianoli

    Well fuck you vinnie, keep sucking with hellyeah…

    • james daniel


  • Doug Masters

    Vinnie has said it will NEVER happen let it go

  • Andrew Antonucci


  • Gledaj svoja posla

    Debelo govno isfrustrirano

    • pffff

      ahahhahahahahahhaha evalata

  • Dave Furbush

    I should just learn to not click these vague “See What Vinnie Said” links.. I fucking know better…

  • Matt

    At least Vinnie Paul stays real – not like most of the bands/members that would do a goddamn backflip to earn some cash on old fame. RESPECT

  • James Whitehead

    Shit happens. You either move past it or let it eat you up forever. Vinnie, your still awesome, but you are letting us all down. We need some Pantera to correct the metal world. I miss Dime, and I miss you too. I miss meeting up with you all in Vegas for some black jack. But no matter what, I respect your feelings on the situation. But I have to speak the truth now. Most people dont know you like I have had the pleasure to know you all. Most people think you blame Phil for Dimes death. (I DO NOT) You showing the world that the fans mean more to you than some falling out with Phil would generate millions. Just saying bro. Much respect, much love, and no matter what, I understand.

  • Jp White

    Pantera is gone, it has gone with Dime. I feel privileged to have seen them so many times. I do think Dime would not want it to be this way between his family of so many years. I hope they do come to terms one day, and do go on tour and bring a new guitarist, but they should definitely call the band “Dimebag”!

  • Das Crasher

    Phil didn’t kill Dime. Time for Vinnie to stop acting like he did. They don’t have to get together and play but fans would love to see that. Pantera wasn’t the first band with internal problems. Those 4 made millions happy and even with just 3 can praise the memory of Dime’s life. Pink Floyd, Beatles, KISS, Aerosmith and Led Zeppelin all much bigger acts than Pantera could ever hope to be, have put away differences at least once to rejoin and play. Some of those reunions have been magical.

  • Mark Schlager

    Unite in the name of metal! Stop all the childish crap!

  • John Shufu-bater

    Stick to your guns Vin… Pantera was great and I loved you guys more than any band that I ever heard. Not for the bad vibes between you guys but more for the fact of Pantera being a huge part that Dime can’t be there for. Don’t tarnish the gold brother

  • John Shufu-bater

    A true Pantera fan knows there is no Pantera without Dime… all bullshit aside… no Dime No Pantera

    • Guest


  • BigRod

    Too bad Vinnie wants to stay in his shitty HellYeah band. I would like to see Pantera tunes being played live again. They should just grab Mike Portnoy on drums and slay the Pantera tunes to pure awesomeness.

  • InvitadeitorFromHell

    Toda la razón del mundo…

  • Negativemrb

    No Dime no Pantera. Wylde is a great guitarist but has no Dimebag feel to his playing, plus your asking a Vinnie to play these songs that his brother, his perfect match, his whole life with someone else. I can’t imagine the the emotional weight that would be on the dude. I like Anselmo but dude lost his chance to Play as Pantera again as soon as we lost the great Dimebag Darrell,….they all did Rex, Vinnie, and Phil. If you want to relive Pantera buy the albums and crank them up!

  • michael dude

    i could care less if they bring Pantera back,, I just wish Vinnie would quit acting like a bitch!! everybody has moved on but you pal. Vin is just mad cause Hellyeah sucks ass

    • Terry Moore

      are you stupid? Hell Yeah sounds great. no it’s not Pantera, but it is good. Plus a lot of people go to see their shows. I’m pretty sure people would not go see them if they sucked. lol just saying.

      • DevilsAdvocate>

        Please rethink your logic, millions of people regularly attend performances by horribly talentless hacks (in fact, you could say that is “pop music”). Sales & popularity do not automatically mean quality & worthiness is present. It could be argued that the reverse is actually true. I’m not suggesting that this applies to the artists being discussed here.
        Just sayin’.

        • Terry Moore


      • Matty1977

        Hellyeah has a couple songs that sound great. But they a re huge disappointment and I would much rather have a Pantera reunion with Zak Wilde and I would also rather have Chad Gray back with Mudvayne.

    • DevilsAdvocate>

      Please tell me, just how much less could you care?
      He saw his brother shot & killed in front of him on stage, narrowly escaping the same fate, and now he’s “acting like a bitch”?!?
      Yes, you are stupid.

      • michael dude

        yeah cause thats what the disscusion is about, Dimes horrible death… and yeah he is acting like a bitch, everybody is over it but him, and no your stupid.

        • Guest

          You should probably refrain from calling anyone stupid when you don’t know the proper use of the word “your” – And it’s couldn’t care less, idiot. Please don’t reproduce.

          • michael dude

            Go fuck yourself. What are you? the grammer police.
            Sent from my BlackBerry® by Boost Mobile

          • Guest

            You’re the one calling people stupid, yet you can’t spell or use proper grammar. See the problem, retard?

          • michael dude

            People like you need to suck on the end of a shotgun walking around correcting people, you probably don’t even listen to metal you fuckin poser Sent from my BlackBerry® by Boost Mobile

          • Guest

            Awww…that hurts my feelings. I’m not walking around though. You can think I am a poser or think I don’t listen to metal, but I know for sure that you are an imbecile. You should be pissed at your parents, not me. You were cheated!

          • michael dude

            I would love to run into someone like you in the pit, you would get destroyed. I bet you wear penny loafers and izod shirts and you were told metal was cool Sent from my BlackBerry® by Boost Mobile

          • Guest

            Destroyed? In the pit? Do you stop and ask people in the pit what type of people they are? So you like to intentionally hurt people? Dumb and violent. Thanks for perpetuating the stereotype. The only poser here is you, keyboard warrior. Don’t forget to wear a sign on your head that says “This Space For Rent”

          • michael dude

            Dude you come on here attacking me you cocksmoker!! Lol you call me violent, have you ever been in a pit?, you are the one that sounds like a dumbass.Space for rent? How original. Keyboard warrior? Im at work on my phone fuckin idiot.

          • Guest

            “How about reading my post again you brainless twit, on here trying to correct people, my shit is dead on accurate.”

            Which part is dead on accurate? Where you used “your” instead of “you’re” and then proceeded to call someone else stupid? This is the crux, really.

            And it’s grammar, not grammer. Again, you called someone else stupid then did that. I mean, really…

            “Keyboard warrior? Im at work on my phone fuckin idiot.”

            What does being at work on your phone have to do with being a keyboard warrior? Does your phone not have a keyboard?

            I must really be under your skin to get a double post. It’s funny how you tried to interject how metal I am, mosh pits, Izod and penny loafers into this. As if… Whatever makes you feel all warm and squishy inside. Is that your “go to” when dealing with people? “I am more metal than you” – “rarr, I am michael dude and I will destroy you in the pit” – “michael dude smash” Grrrr….

            Based on the small sample size here the subjects appears to be a mouth breathing, knuckle dragger that quickly changes the subject because he has no real argument. The subject quickly resorts to insults and violence in order to mask the obvious shortcomings.

            Read a book, go back to school, whatever it takes, but please stop this internet tough guy act you have. Learn to deal with opinions that differ from yours and last of all: DO NOT call someone else stupid when you can’t spell or use proper GRAMMAR. It is poor form. See you in the circle!

          • michael dude

            Ok, you come on a metal web site and start correcting me on proper grammer and spelling,and on a post that Is over a month old mind you, as if you proper this and proper that is gonna save humanity. Im also simply trying to point out that no one here gives a rats hairy ass about spelling and grammer, here in metal world that is. You sound out of place, the classical, and big band sites would love your wine sippin, i love my art collection ass.And no my phone doesn’t have a key board, only PC have keyboards smart guy.

          • WVUmadness

            Wow… LMMFAO at this thread

          • michael dude

            How about reading my post again you brainless twit, on here trying to correct people, my shit is dead on accurate.

          • Marcus Tanner

            This discussion went to crap lol. Does anyone think that dime wants his fans fighting or calling his brother a pussy. I sure as hell know if that was my brother I’d probably lost it. This crap is not going to help reform pantera and squandering over phil right no vinnie is right won’t change shit. It is a complicated story and it was over before dime got murdered. Yes I agree that pantera should give their fans one more go. But at the same time if it does not happen I would never down vinnie for it. Fk sakes yall say you love pantera but if you truly do you would not be able to down any member it took all these geniuses to make the music they made. Just saying.

          • cajunmusicman

            I think however you look at it or however much you love metal
            You love metal this has to be an outstanding possibility with Zakk.

            I, myself would love to hear the guys with Zakk.

            No doubt Zakk is different than Dime in playing style which I love both.
            I loved Dime in the early years. He still kicking butt. I believe Zakk can get it done.
            The guy was right about Vinnie not handling Dimes death very well. What Vinnie witnessed
            that fatal night is something Vinnie will ever be able to overcome.
            I love metal and Pantera kicked ass but so did Zakk. Should be a great show

            Long live metal

          • Matty1977

            It is a comment board, relax. Proper grammar is not a requirement on a comment board about heavy metal music.

        • WVUmadness

          fuckin A right, man… Obviously Vinnie has never had anyone close to him get hooked on drugs. Of course the one’s hooked are gonna be douchebags. Phil was acting like a Prima Donna dick back then. But pretty much since Dime died, he’s been apologizing to anyone and everyone he comes in contact with, including Vinnie, for the stuff he did back in the day. Down is awesome and Hellyeah is cool, but nothing compared to Panfuckintera! Vinnie, find it in your heart to forgive Phil for being an overbearing asshole 11-14 years ago. Zakk playing lead for Pantera would ignite the heavy metal crowd around the world!!!

          • Matty1977

            Down is cool but Hellyeah is not. I wish Hellyeah would go away especially if we would get a Pantera and Mudvayne Reunion.

  • Shane

    The ONly reason Dime was Killed is cuz Pantera wasnt back together and the guy didnt like hellyeah and of course was a psychopath crazy ex military piece of shit with nothing but rage in his fucked up head it sux but true that crazy bastard blamed Dime for the break up of Pantera now what Vin. They can alway form a new tribute with Phil,Rex,Zakk,and a drummer Screw Vin

    • Guest

      Hell Yeah wasn’t even formed back then. He was crazy though, but people around him said he was pissed at Pantera as a group for breaking up and stealing songs from him, not just Dimebag.

      • John Kennedy Jr

        U need to watch behind the music the ex marine shot dime because he believed that dime was reading his mind and stealing his thought not because Pantera broke up and it was damage plan that was the supposed stolen songs epic fail on u

  • Shane

    didnt like Damage Plan I meant see how bad those 2 band were cant even remember their names ooooh oh well fuck it

  • panterajohn

    Stop crying and grow up Vinnie!!!! Time to move on from the past!!! You made incredible music and we want you to jam them again!!! Dime would be proud!! A tribute to his Life!!! PanterA is #1 and always will be!!!!! Hail Dime!!!

    • TrollStomperBoots

      Stop crying and grow up Vinnie!!!! Time to move on from the past!!!
      Ummm. He did see his brother shot dead in front of him by a gun nut who may have been inspired by Phil’s smack addled comments…..

    • Guest

      Who the fuck are you to tell anyone else what to do or how to live their life? I think YOU need to grow up. There is NO Pantera without Dime. Vinnie was dead set against continuing Pantera without Phil back in the day. He sure as hell isn’t going to do anything of the sort without his brother.

      • Matty1977

        Vinnie is acting like a little girl and it is a shame because he was the drummer for one of the most testosterone producing band there ever was! Now he drums for that crappy band Hellyeah. Bring back Pantera and Mudvayne.

  • Guest

    Stick to your guns, Vinnie. You said it yourself that Pantera is not Pantera without Dimebag. I agree 100%. It’s pretty sad that some people are actually requesting Phil and Rex tour under the Pantera name.

    • WVUmadness

      It’s not sad. It’s logical. People want to see Pantera. And they definitely wouldn’t mind seeing Zakk take over for Dime. If anyone sould fill in for Dime, it should be his best buddy Zakk! Zakk, Vinnie, Rex, and Phil! At least give us ONE album that way!

      • Matty1977

        I don’t know about a new album but I would love to see Pantera live again.

  • WVUmadness

    Fuckin Vinnie… Do you ever feel guilty that YOU are the only one in the world still holding a grudge? Even Rita has forgiven Phil. Phil’s only apologized about his drug days in EVERY single interview he done in the last 8 years. A man is nothing without the redeeming power of forgiveness. Has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with the human code. I mean you do what you feel is right and I’m not judging. Just some words of encouragement. Not only would Zakk be the perfect choice; he’s THE ONLY choice. But anyhow, peace and love to everyone

    • Matty1977

      Vinnie is acting like a little girl with a skinned knee. Get over it Vinnie and man up.

  • FoulFreddy

    Pantera is one of my fave bands but I agree with Vinnie. People are being selfish and need to stfu. This is more about Dime, HIS FUCKING BLOOD BROTHER, not being there. How hard is that to understand?? I don’t know how Phil can even entertain the idea of Pantera without Dime. He must need money. Hell, Rex himself said a year or two ago it wasn’t happening and that he wasn’t interested!

  • Jose Miguel Hernandez Concha

    people shouldn’t want to see Pantera, because Pantera DIED with Dimebag, only memories and fucking awesome records left

  • Daniel Letizia

    I would be happy with them making mends and accepting forgiveness and maybe doing something different then pantera. just making music again in a new material. I think at some point dimebag would want that.

  • charlie leblanc

    I can’t fucking stand Philip with that tough guy look all the the fucking time. Philip says that dime fucked up the band cause he drank too much while Philip his whacked on heroin fuck him listen too Lemmy (don’t do heroine ,instant band split so Vinnie stay cool Rex also zakk keep rocking and Philip do what ever the fuck you want piece of shit

    • Matty1977

      I can’t stand Vinnie with his grudge! In a crappy band called Hellyeah! Reconcile with Phil so we can have a Pantera reunion and let Chad Gray go back to Mudvayne. Now that would be a great tour! Pantera and Mudvayne!

  • Ian Hunter

    I can see where Vinnie’s coming from, but this is more than about a Pantera reunion. It’s a shame that they can’t at least make piece with each other. Or, at the very least, they could meet up and hash it out and get it over with.

  • Matty1977

    Vinnie needs to get over it! Hellyeah sucks compared to Pantera and Mudvayne! Kiss and make up with Phil. Your grudge against Phil is not good. Pantera reunion with Zak Wilde is a great idea! Pantera was Phil and Dimebag!

  • Doc Holliday

    Most of you don’t seem to have read anything Vince has said. He doesn’t blame Phil and longer. That being said, he still is not going to bring back the band he and his brother created, without his brother. That’s fucked up to even think about. As for him not wanting to even see Phil, well, Dime himself said, “I never want to see that dude again”. What most of you fail to recall is, Dime’s final years were not good ones. The dude was fucking miserable and sad, 24/7. This is al because of what Phil did to him and Vinnie. Then he got murdered, onstage, in a tiny shit club on a cold December night, far away from home and uh, right before Vinnie’s eyes. So why in the FUCK would Vinnie want to talk to Phil? Why would any of you want to talk to the person who set all of that in motion?? You wouldn’t. So get over it.

    • John Kennedy Jr

      OK I agree and discuss agree with ur statement yes they should never go and bring back Pantera with that said Phil didn’t set anything in motion it was a un for seen tragic event in the metal world really sad I can still remember waking up to see one of my favorite guitars dead and ya I cried so fucking what that was the best metal band around at the time and damage plan was more than likely going to be epic but the way ended ur comment it sounds like u blame Phil and it’s like Phil said he was a junkie all any one can ever do when the fuck up is apologize and he did even to dimes wife even though a fuck tard like u still hating on Phil how about this fuck off hater and how original “doc holiday” do u always rip off band song so that u can look cool give us a break

  • Dale Holmgren

    I’ve never heard of Pantera before. It’s funny how you can think you’re a music fan, then you discover you’ve never heard of a band everyone is crazy about.

    I suppose if it were me, I would try to play some songs in rehearsal with Phil. If I didn’t have a terrible feeling, then I would try and play 3 gigs. If that worked out ok, then I would plan a tour. Just take baby steps. You don’t want grudges to consume your life. While heroin is never good to take for back pain, as a back pain sufferer, I can understand Anselmo’s desire to do anything he could to get rid of the pain so he could perform.