Viral Video: 12-Year-Old Girl and Band Cover Judas Priest’s “You’ve Got Another Thing Comin'”

motion device

Young rock band Motion Device covered Judas Priest’s “You’ve Got Another Thing Comin.'” Watch 12-year-old singer Sara Menoudakis and the group take on the Priest classic below, and let us know what you think in the comments.

You might remember Motion Device from their cover of Black Sabbath’s “Heaven and Hell,” when Sara was only 11–you can watch here.


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  • Steve Rayne


  • rikosen

    has potential but the video seemed a bit boring like no flair or anything but they have great potential i look forward to seeing how they evolve

  • Bob Halfurd

    The band’s not bad. But the song sounds like an American Idol version or Miss America trying to be metal. She needs more time.

    • Aramaic

      well…she IS twelve. BTW…can’t wait to hear your masterpiece

      • Steve Williams

        Exactly. I don’t understand people knocking a very talented band. I have heard a lot of older seasoned bands that can’t play this good.

        • Jason Hunt

          The band was very good…vocals sucked.

          • Jeremy Harris

            If the vocals suck so bad that you feel it necessary to comment on the quality of them, how about you show us how to do better?

            Or, y’know, you could just go on bad mouthing 12 year olds, whatever fills yer Twinkie.

          • Jason Hunt

            Doesn’t fucking matter if I can sing better (I can)…her vocals suck for this type of music. Anyone who thinks she’s good can suck it.

          • Jeremy Harris

            I never said that her vocals fit this type of music. at all. in fact, her vocals aren’t my cup of tea (never liked Janis Joplin).
            That being said “anyone who thinks she’s good can suck it.” demonstrates that you believe that your opinion has primacy in this matter, but it doesn’t.
            The kids in this video are doing something that they enjoy, they’re getting noticed for it, maybe the shortsightedness of your opinion has something to do with a bit of jealousy centered around that fact.
            At the end of the day, this vocalist is 12.
            She’s got a long way to go, both in terms of technique and theory, as well as physical maturation of the vocal apparatus; unnecessarily negative commentary spewed forth simply to make yourself feel better about your small sphere of existence is just sad and silly.

  • Al Reese

    she has more of a voice for bluesy stuff but with time i think this girl will kick ass! the band is kind of boring but hey they’re young and still learning so kudo’s to them!

    • Beerhead

      She has the voice of someone taking a painful shit …

  • Earle

    They have many videos on their You Tube channel.

  • TimWolf2

    I just learned about this band recently when I followed a link to a Rush cover they did. I think the band is great. I got their EP and they seem most at home doing their own songs. The EP is definitely worth the download BTW. It makes me think of early Rush with Working Man, etc. I think like Rush they will continue to grow and evolve with their own style.

  • Martin Van der Meer

    It is not often that you find a cover band that does GOOD renditions of the covers, and even more unusual to find a good cover band fronted by a young girl. Motion Device is breaking all the rules with incredible talent and amazing covers. Sara’s voice is maturing into true rock vocals and will only get better. They are already a band to reckon with…

    • Jason Hunt

      You should probably turn up your hearing aid. Vocals were horrible.

      • Martin Van der Meer

        How well can YOU sing?

        And by the way, I do not wear, nor do I need a hearing aid. Thanks for the ignorant comment.

        • Jason Hunt

          LOL…and I can sure sing better than she can.

          • Noodnutt

            How awesome are you ya flog, must be a real ego boost for a self-important person such as yourself to criticize someone, or in this case a group of young people trying to make something of themselves other than your typical run-of-the-mill teens of today, time to build a bridge and get over yourself champ.

          • Jason Hunt

            OMG…I’m a flog. Why didn’t anyone tell me? lol
            If you could read, asshat, I like the band. It’s not their
            fault she sucks.

  • Mike England

    You’ve Got A Rock Revolution Coming!

    • Beerhead

      They got shit coming ..

      • Mike England

        you are so cute…

  • Steve Williams

    They are very good and talented for a young band. In a few more years they will kicking some major AZZ !! For 12 years old that is some Bad AZZ vocals. She can remember lyrics way better than that Taylor Momsen wanna be. Go check Taylor Momsen trying to sing ‘I hate myself for loving you” with Joan Jett on Youtube if you want a good laugh. her vocals suck and she totally forgets the lyrics !! LMAO

  • Metal Vic


  • Ron Luckenbach

    Looks like her sis is playing bass…?

  • pat

    have seen them live.They are very good.Their original stuff is very good.Yes,they do need to grow into themselves but that will come with time.Have you ever seen the very early priest videos from ‘the old whistle stop'(i think it was called?Give them time.

  • Ron Busby

    i like them sound really good for a young band i

  • Josh Rowe

    As long as their are kids like this in the world? There is hope for the future! LONG LIVE METAL!! m/

  • Scott T Yerex

    Good for them, they look great, too bad she’s flat…

    • Phil Lee

      How come Sara is the only one of them who’s been offered a contract with a record company then? She turned it down to stay with the band, of course.



  • isabelaprz

    they are awesome! I hope nothing but great things for them :)

  • Lucas Gianoli

    Bleh… Too early to aim for gigs, if they keep it up for a couple months or 1 more years they’ll rock for sure.

    • Phil Lee

      OK, it’s now two years on and Motion Device have gigs, (which they’ve actually been dong for years before this article was published – their first gig was when Sara was 8) a 5 track EP and a full length album of original material out, and are working on a concept album.
      Time to go back and check on them.

  • Mark Clemens

    I guess there is hope for the younger generation. these kids rock!
    You’ve Got A Rock Revolution Coming!

  • Amin

    I saw a video from this band
    that they cover dio’s song”heaven and hell”
    and I wondered that how can she have that much power of voice in this age
    well,just think if she improves it…

  • Mark Conner

    I got the pleasure of seeing Motion Device in Concert in Ontario and have been a big fan ever since! I like this band so much I helped crowd fund their first EP! Motion Device is the rock revolution.

  • Beerhead

    Fuck this shit, This is what happens when you dont tell your damn kids to get a job … Makes me sick that they are canadian, Its reasons like this I hate being a canadian .. Quit ripping classics and put down the damn mic …

  • Carlos

    Dafuck! You want metal to prevail, but you don’t like kids making classic covers? Pf…

  • Zcruzer

    Love it. This band kills, their tributes are great and their originals are badazz. Their ‘Thick Skin’ new one sounds freakin killer reminds me of 70 – 80’s doom era and they are a talented group of young musicians. Keep it up!!! Horns Up!