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Every Tuesday–the day that albums come out–we will be listing the hard-rock and metal releases that hit stores, and every Wednesday we will be offering you, the fans, the chance to pick the Album of the Week. Below, check out the albums that came out this week; pick your favorite, and feel free to vote as many times as you want.

UPDATE: The poll is closed. Thanks for your vote. To view the results, click here.


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  • Andrew W.K. NJ party crew




  • MATTpartyWK


  • WeLoveAWK



    We’re loyal to Andrew W.K. and he’s loyal to us. No matter the outcome here, we gave it all we got and we know in our hearts, Andrew is number 1.

  • Gretchen Heckler-Proctor

    THE LAST VEGAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • CloseCallsWithBrickWalls


  • Andrew W.K. NJ party crew

    No one cares more about his fans than Andrew does, we’ve gotta win this one for him. No one is more deserving.

  • PartyLikeWK-Matt

    Andrew has always said, WE DON’T HAVE FANS, WE HAVE FRIENDS. He’s the most amazing guy or band on the list, because his band deserves credit too! They’re all amazing!!



  • Get Scared forever

    sorry, but get scared are WAY more deserving than AWK. GS has put everything on the line for us fans…

    • Tati Bell


    • ThirdLegObituary

      You’re talking out of your ass teeny bopper.

  • Skylynn Jae Shugart

    Get Scared!!!

  • Froz

    Get Scared for evarr! <3<3

    • Tati Bell


  • Riley Hayes

    Get Scared. They put out the best album and have done so much for the fans

    • E_PayneSnortsCheese

      Not as much as Andrew. Not even close.

      • Hayley

        Get Scared has saved many lives. They have done enough for us and still offers more.

  • Tati Bell

    Get scared loves there fans!!!!! GET SCARED<33333

  • DestinyBunny

    Get Scared <3 They've come so far from the time I first saw them.

  • Jeremy

    I’m here for the party and Andrew is bringing it!

  • Youareallgay

    Ok. Who ever like Get Scared over Andrew W.K. is a serious faggot. Like really, Scene is Dead, Shave Your Head.

    • Frailties

      1. get scared isnt “scene”
      2. get scared is one the most involved bands ive seen with their fans
      3. your insult is completely childish, grow up
      4. you dont have to part of any “click” or “group” to enjoy ANYONES music. i love get scared, but i look perfecly normal. get over yourself.

      • AndrewWKpartyHard

        You’re fine just the way you are.

  • Sean Kelly

    then when all of his songs are played, DO IT AGAIN!

  • who ah yew?

    Get Scared are amazing people. If I’m a “faggot” for liking a good band then so be it.

  • Toni Tonie Tonee


  • Toni Tonie Tonee

    I need some fucking help omfg


    Colonel Sean WK here! LET’S KEEP THE VOTING GOING! AWK JUST CRACKED THE 30% MARK BUT WE NEED TO KEEP VOTING. I just voted 50 times and so can you!!!

  • Toni Tonie Tonee

    Get Scared is fucking winning thanks to me<3

  • Toni Tonie Tonee

    i dont wanna quit but I’m alone :(


    KEEP GOING! KEEP PARTYING! There are enough of us to win this.

  • Corrina Corrupt

    Get Scared!!!!!! <3

  • a dalek

    Get Scared has come so far!

  • C.Nate

    “I Get Wet” limited edition comes with his hair and a piece of his pants?? SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!

  • MatttIsTHEpartyDUDE

    ANDREW W.K. will own all, no matter what. Trust me, I SOLD MY SOUL TO HIM.

    • whatulookinat

      Take a look at the poll percentages….Andrew is getting owned by Get Scared fans.

      • MatttIsTHEpartyDUDE

        HEY, Take a look at my I DONT GIVE A FUCK. PARTY HARD!!!!!

  • Vanessa Aguilar

    Why in the world are people fighting whether Get Scared is “scene” or sucks or doesn’t deserve this?? We all obviously love music and the fans are here supporting the musicians that they love. It doesn’t matter what the sound is. Get the fuck over it. I love Get Scared and I’m not scene. Music is music. Now support your fav band and support music

  • Joshua Ligairi

    Get Scared m/

  • Myrella

    Get Scared <3

  • white

    Pick new talent over shitty re-releases. That is all.

  • Mau villegas garcia

    Andrew WK FTW!

  • vanth86

    I’m going to vote get scared milion times

  • Phillip Warren


  • jeremiah herrman

    andrew wk..totally the best

  • AndrewWK98

    So have you ever been 2 years late to an amazing, scratch that, mind blowing album, only to find out the band who released the album has released another album since, and you will never be able to enjoy their tour promoting the aforementioned MIND BLOWING album? Well Andrew WK knew what that was like, so he re-toured I Get Wet, playing the ENTIRE album!! He is a man of the people, for the party, in turn benefiting all of us.

    I AM WET

    you should be too.

  • fifisexorama

    All Night Voting Party! Andrew WK! PARTY PARTY PARTY, VOTE PARTY VOTE PARTY!

  • fifisexorama

    36% We love Andrew and he loves us back! Vote til you puke! Party til you die!

  • Alyssa

    don’t care about andrew. just care about get scared, who was winning until you andrew people came along

  • melinaGS

    i have no idea who that andrew guy is or why people obsess over him so much, but i’m here to vote for get scared. these guys save lives and do their best to help their fans, they deserve this.

    • Gabriella

      Why can’t I ups this a million times.

    • harvesterofsoro

      How do they save lives?

      • Joshua Ligairi

        They are firefighters, okay?

      • herp derp

        Their message is a positive one and they can help you express feelings you normally can’t pretty obvious actually.

        • Nicole Geldart

          You realize Andrew WK has the exact same message right?

          • AngelVamp88

            Exactly! Andrew W.K. has in his time saved many lives, and inspires me to live a more active and fulfilling life all the time! He is all-positive. Some people think his music is just about partying. And it kind of is, if you count every moment you breathe as a moment of the party! Make the most of every minute! Be positive! Do things that make you happy! That’s what AWK is kinda all about, IMO.

          • Tori Zentkovich

            yeah ‘i get wet’ is such a positive message that saves lives…. hahaha

          • harvesterofsoro

            Tori you clearly don’t get it. Do you?

          • harvesterofsoro

            Which course is fine, each to their own! But we all need positive vibes in our life, and if the ones sent out by Mr WK strike our cord, who are you to judge?

          • Tori Zentkovich

            yeah i guess “getting wet” saves lives huh?

          • AngelVamp88

            In a way it does. Just because it doesn’t meet you where you are in your life, doesn’t mean it isn’t helpful to a lot of people. Andrew is a kind of enigma…a lot of people just don’t get him. And yeah, he is a little crazy. But that’s what’s so great about him! He’s obscenely positive about life, and encourages his fans to always “keep the party going!” in other words, constantly decide to make your life a party! Have fun and do what you love. So it’s poetic in a weird way, but he inspires me and SO MANY others to live better, fuller lives. Keep an open mind, friend :)

          • Tori Zentkovich

            it was just a joke……

  • Ash Andrew W.W. Party Crew

    Andrew W.K! Part Hard!

  • Cass

    Get scared <3

  • julietta



    Andrew has friends not fans/followers PARTY4EVA

  • avengedMaster

    Get scared all the way <3

  • Jea

    Get Scared is the besttt <3 And Logan is a god!

  • melanie

    get scared <3

  • xexhx

    Hey Get Scared fans, be the bigger fanbase. Don’t talk crap about or to Andrew WK fans just because they’re doing it first. Obviously the people commenting on here with insults are very immature. I doubt Get Scared would appreciate you talking crap on Andrew WK just because of what some of his fans say to other people on the internet… Just ignore it. With that said, I vote GET SCARED. Such incredible vocal work.

    • xexhx

      I think it’s really rude when fans of a band talk crap about another band. It gives your band and their fanbase a horrible reputation and it’s not cool. Just think about that before you go and rant about how your band is better and say rude things about another band.

      • SCream

        This is a competition, this is where there should be thrash talk if any… Not on the bands videos of pages

        • xexhx

          Coming from working for a well known band in the scene, the whole fans “trash talking” other band’s fans ends up making bands talk shit on each other because of their fans actions. So go ahead and trash talk other artists and give your favorite band a bad reputation. Fans represent the band more than you think, believe me. If you’re a smug asshole who sits online and shit talks about other artists all day, then the band you are supporting will probably be portrayed as smug assholes. (Clearly they are not.) So don’t give them that reputation.

    • Necromanced

      You are a genius for posting this and I applaud you. Seriously, all the hate between the two is idiotic. You said it all.

    • Brownd

      The same goes to AWK fans. Being one, I’m embarassed at how some people here talked to GS fans. We’re voting because we love our band, not because we hate the others. Such an un-party attitude…
      I personally haven’t heard of Get Scared before, but it seems they give a positive message to their fans too. So at least we all have something in common 😉

      Let’s just give the best of us, no hate required.

  • JSwizzie


  • Davy Jones. Δ

    All these band worked very hard and they all deserve it.

  • harvesterofsoro

    Can someone answer me two questions? When does this poll actually close? And why do people keep saying Get Scared save lives? I don’t get it! Are they firefighters?

    • Missy *.*

      Yes, that and hunks

  • NightDobber93

    Get Scared all the way! Everything else on the list is absolutely awful, including Andrew wk!!!! <3 Get Scared for life!

  • Curious Virgin

    I hear each member in Get Scared is hung well :)

  • Kiri

    I’m voting for Get Scared, they deserve it more than anything. I’ve literally voted hundreds of times.

  • Nicole Geldart

    I don’t know why anyone is bringing any negativity to this. Let’s keep positive and happy and PARTY! Vote for who you love and have fun!

  • Lindsayyyyyyy(: … :D

    Get Scared. <3

  • aase

    Get Scared is winning, Emo people really love their music.

  • Shay

    Go Get Scared! I love Joel <3

  • AngelVamp88

    Good points all!
    Guys, I don’t think Andrew would ever talk shit
    about anyone. WWAWKD? He’s just all about keeping the party going, and loving
    everyone! He’s just an awesome person and musician, I’ve never heard
    more triumphant and uplifting music than what he has written. He does a lot for his fans too, obvi, or we wouldn’t be here supporting him! In any case, this is all in good fun and congrats in advance to whichever band wins! (MY votes are for AWK, of course ;P)

  • Danielle Harlequin Valo Hart

    I’ve been voting for Get Scared for days! The Last Vegas was in the lead in the beginning but by me & some others voting many times, we helped them reach first. They really deserve it. They’ve helped so many people including myself. They really care about their fans. They say that we’re not their fans, we’re their friends. I obviously want them to win but I do not wish any hate on any other bands or their fans, so may the best band win.

  • Lyss

    I put my vote for Get Scared- but not because of personal connections to either Get Scared or Andrew. Rather because this is a vote for album of the week, and personally, I think Get Scared produced the better album here.
    With that said, I like them both.



  • MyrellaKifuri

    Get Scared! <3
    For you Joel, for youuu <3

  • soyboy

    ILU AWK!!! I voted for you thrice.