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Every Tuesday–the day that new music comes out–we will be listing the hard-rock and metal releases that hit stores, and every Wednesday we will be offering you, the fans, the chance to pick the Album of the Week. Below, check out the albums, EPs, singles, and DVDs that came out this week; pick your favorite, and feel free to vote as many times as you want. Voting ends on Monday, September 24, at noon, when the results will be announced.

UPDATE: The poll is closed. Thanks for your vote. To view the results, click here.


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  • mojomojo

    Lots of great albums to choose from. The Down EP is outstanding (as always) and Rival Sons keep getting better and better. But hands down, PROJECTED gets my vote. Members of Sevendust and Alter Bridge in the same band? Thats just a stacked deck.

  • Jusu

    Fear and The Nervous System is beyond awesome!

  • Tracey Williams

    Projected rules! <3

    • Steve Carr


  • Anonymous Asshat

    Projected rules? You mean Projected LOSE! It rhymes, too!

    • Tracey Williams

      Sevendust is the best band ever and hella awesome guys. So piss off since you felt the need to reply on my comment. Asshat fits you so well

      • Steve Carr

        Damn straight! Sevendust is the greatest!

  • Koromon

    Fear and The Nervous System album it’s not perfect, but even so it still awesome

  • Donna Anast

    Projected all the WAY!!! Best Album!!!

  • svndstlsnr

    vote as many times as i want … lol i was just told i couldnt vote anymore i need a cooling off period

  • Steve Carr

    Projected all the way!

  • Poison Ivy


    • Polya Matveeva


  • ifimnotmewhodahellami

    Fear and the Nervous System for album of the year!

  • wacko

    JC, i love you bro. Your a beast on that 6!!!

  • JohnsonHayes2021


  • Slave2Nsanity

    Projected’s got this one! m/


    FATNS !

    • thankgodimnotyou

      pick one dumbass, I vote for Fear and the Projected Sevendust Bridge of Altar

  • Angie

    Can it get any closer holy @#@# …I have to go to work now:(… I tried ..lets keep voting PROJECTED FANS..

  • sheepy

    omg close fight for first today!!! FATNS!!!!!!

  • Polya Matveeva

    Fear and the Nervous System – Fear and the Nervous System

  • Dyzfunktion


  • Danilo Amato

    I’m going with SEVENDUST. These guys bring it every time, and they write great songs yet get no recognition.

  • Ari De Souza

    Projected Rules ….