Watch Animals As Leaders’ Face-Melting Performance of New Song “Kascade”


Have you had your face melted yet today? No? Well, it’s time that you watch this video of Animals as Leaders performing their new song, “Kascade,” the opening track from AAL’s latest album, The Joy of Motion.

The band–guitarists Tosin Abasi and Javier Reyes, and drummer Matt Garstka–taped this performance during their recent appearance on “At Guitar Center with Nic Harcourt” podcast.

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So click play and prepare thyself for an onslaught of notes!


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  • JT

    My face is still intact. My ears hurt, though. Horrible song…solo was okay. Not diggin’ the bass.

    • JT

      Okay so maybe that isn’t a bass guitar, but unfortunately it sounded like one.

      • swoog

        No, they run a bass track as well. Javi’s Carvin happened to have a lot of bass frequencies coming through, which muddied things up mixwise, but the bass is on a track usually.

    • rockawsom

      Yeah… not really great. Technically impressive but doesn’t sound great in full

      • Cpayne

        I think their technicality is what sets them apart, it’s not something recycled. It’s something not made to be loved by everyone, it’s for people who are exhausted from hearing the same concepts in music used over and over with slight changes. At least that’s my own opinion.

        • josh

          I agree with this on so many levels dude

  • Negativemrb

    I like them but I think they should get some vocal melodys on there as well, kindve boring just guitars and drums for. Five minutes, technically proficient though.

    • Shitbeatz McStankerson

      Fuck that. Last thing AAL needs is to be some stupid ass Dream Theater bullshit.

    • Djames Schreiber

      fucking ‘tard.

      • Negativemrb

        That’s fucktard to you

    • ben

      i agree

    • Sepulphagist

      everyone what wants vocals seems like they just have the attention span of a 2 year old

      • Negativemrb

        Obviously I don’t have attention of a 2 year old I’m 33 duh,, I just think riffing for 60 to 80 mins. On an album doesn’t say that much besides I’m a technically gifted guitarist

  • Dylan Cunliffe

    I guess everyone has their own tastes…personally I love this song. I have to admit that despite the fact that I rarely put a solo as being the highlight of a song, it just is. That solo is boss.

  • AA

    This is a live performance. Listen to their fully mixed and mastered cd if that’s what youre going to judge.

    Srsly tho? No vocals.

    • Sepulphagist

      Wheres the room for vocals? I don’t see any room. Vocals here would be contrived and detract from the music more than anything. Vocals don’t make music.

      • Lalala

        For a good example, see Intervals, since they got vocals in their music the whole thing lost so much…

  • El-Cyanide

    Who the hell mixed this, can barely hear Javier’s guitar, no wonder it sounds so weird, there is bloody second guitar for a reason… Makes a great performance disappointing.

  • Joe Tatum

    Love it. Wish Javier were a bit more “up” in the mix with better bass from his Carvin, but it sounds quite awesome. I love the “no vocal” approach of AAL & have from day 1. The style is totally their own & Tosin’s desire is to *not* follow the mold set by everyone else. The album ‘the joy of motion’ is a total monster recording with great writing. Intense playing…intense listening. Have no preconceived ideas: just listen. Thank you AAL for being *YOU*!!!

  • please

    they should REALLY re-mix these videos

  • Zack Deal

    Jesus, DSLR video is obnoxious. Also, whoever cut this needs punched.

  • ner

    sounds exactly like everything else they’ve ever done. they’re very stuck in their ways. so much for being a ‘prog’ band.

    • JoRy

      Joy of Motion is actually pretty different, but the genre as a whole is a bit saturated anyways. AAL knows how to do what they do very well, and it does feel a bit cookie cutter after a while.