Watch Behemoth’s Entire Hellfest 2014 Set

You know about Hellfest, right? The massive show was held this past weekend in Clisson, France, and featured a ton of epic performances from bands including Black Sabbath, Avenged Sevenfold, Carcass, Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, Trivium, Watain and many more.

For all you Behemoth fans that missed this gig, we got you covered. Here’s pro-shot footage of the Polish extreme metal giants’ entire hour-long set.


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  • Steve Williams


    • Aaron Boone

      Much like your attempt at a chin.

      • Steve Williams

        Nice uniform head

    • LionHeart

      Go listen to Drake

      • Steve Williams

        Listen to FUKOFF

    • heavymetalist

      yeah you do suck lol

      • Steve Williams

        Suck my behemoth LMFAO

      • Steve Williams

        Gray pimple head afraid to show your elephant man face

  • Policia_YMCA

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  • Clown_Outfits_Rule!

    This is silly. What the hell has metal come to that they all seem to think dressing like clowns makes you cool. They obviously have a following, but if this is what metal has become… I’m afraid I might have to jump off the bus…

    • Steve Williams

      Ronald McDonald has a following too

    • Wolfgang Faustus

      obviously you weren’t around in the KISS, Alice Cooper era. You’d think you grew up in a bubble or are just plain stupid.

  • haJl

    love it … this it traditional darkness … deep and consequent

    • Steve Williams

      NO TALENT- Listen to Priest
      as in Judas- I dare you to put down the forefathers of mighty metal

  • Steve Williams

    Judas Priest is real METAL – this is shit