Watch Marilyn Manson and Johnny Depp Together at the Revolver Golden Gods Awards

In case you’ve been living under a rock this week, actor Johnny Depp joined Marilyn Manson onstage at the Revolver Golden Gods Awards on Wednesday to play “Sweet Dreams” and “The Beautiful People.” In a night full of surprises at every turn, this was the show stopper. Watch their performance below.

Photo: Robert Knight


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  • Josh_mccann

    as a huge manson fan this is dissapointing

  • Josh_McCann

    whats the problem manson, lay of the drugs and drinking and fucking practice your have played those 2 singles hundreds of times, how did you end up sounding like that… stop with the gay shit on stage, and get your voice back in check….. you were amazing and one of my all time favorite artists… this was embaressing to watch 

  • Dalenmel2001

    Wow what a disgrace of a voice! They sound like a horrible Marilyn Manson tribute band! & what the heck is Johnny Depp doing playing with Manson? Johnny Depp seems like a poser to me & likes the rock star attention obviously,but his guitar playing/style is odd,as a bassist/guitarist myself i found Johnny not even playing half the time,he looked like he was just enjoying being on stage & posing it up & picking up a few chords here & there & thinking LOOK AT ME I’M JOHNNY DEPP PLAYING GUITAR WITH THESE FREAKS!

  • Dalenmel2001

    I’ve been a fan of Alice Cooper’s music for years & years but Alice Cooper was the first one to have that awesome stage show with the make up & shock rock routine.& i think Marilyn Manson totally ripped off Alice Coopers stage antics! It’s one thing to take a few ideas here & there like every band does,every band has their influences & some times you can hear it in their music. But i just think Marilyn Manson took it too far with copying Alice Coopers on stage persona.