Watch the ‘Revolver’ Golden Gods Awards Live!!

The 2012 Revolver Golden Gods Awards take place April 11, and you can watch it live! The night kicks off with our Black Carpet special, beginning at 6 PM PST, as some of the biggest names in hard rock and heavy metal make their entrance for the evening. Then the big show commences at 8 PM PST, featuring performances by Marilyn Manson, Slash, Evanescence, Korn, Sixx:A.M., Black Veil Brides, Trivium, and more, as well as the unveiling of the night’s big winners.

To watch it as it happens, just click here!


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  • Caitlin Wicks

    Weh, Hate living in Australia.D:

  • Gaby

     I cannot wait see Dj Ashba playing with Sixx: A.m. !! ;o)

  • Kiana

    hope u win bvb love u andy ,jinxx,cc,jake,and ashley good luck .

  • tay_salmon

    Does anyone know how to stream it onto your Xbox? I’ve been trying for like two hours

    • Don_reay

       there is a video player xbox requires u to download to watch the show.  its all on the xbox live dashboard

      • Taylor Hardiman

        What’s it called? Can’t find this anywhere!

  • Jgary

    Marilyn manson for the win bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-)

  • Billie

    I cannot see it on face book, it keeps on saying ” Sorry, you arenot advalible to acess this page at this time” and its bugging me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really wanna c it an root for BVB!!!!!

    • Blaine

      you have to like Revolver Magazine and Xbox to view the page. Hope this helps! m/

  • CiCi L.

    BVB! Imma try an watch it. If my stupid comp. lets me….

  • MiiCho Misaael

    i not seee… ¬¬

  • Kelseyrazo

    can see it on facebook

  • Awkward.

    er, how can we watch it if it says not working?

    • Christy Biersack

      I cant find it either

  • Billtomlover89

    The show doesn’t start till 9 in Florida, right. Because its only 430 there right now.

  • Myvanity_sixx

    what time does it start in NM? 😮

  • backspace

    BVB Army <3

  • Whitepolly73

    BVB Army XD……………….. How can i watch it online my computer wont let me

  • Smartass…

    you guys can’t see it because it doesn’t start for another half hour…………

  • mathew

    can you watch it on facebook for 24 hours after it happens…i think on xbox you can

  • Msgill1232

    Won’t let me put in my birthday on facebook

  • Bob

    It’s already 8 here in Ohio…ugh. so its not on?

    • Blaine

      I think it will be on at 9. I live in  Minnesota; all we can do is hope and wait!

  • Mandmonthego

    There is no app on xbox for the awards.. any ideas?

  • Xxshaysuicidexx

    It’s not working!!!!!

  • Miss_chatty11

    not working on facebook!!!!1

  • Karin Millard


  • Vampirehart17

    its not working on face book !!!!!!!!!

  • M12Domino

    I can get sound only on xbox and nothing on facebook works for me. 

    • Redshirtensign69

      Watching on Xbox Live just fine.

      • Whateveryousaytjhooker

        How?! Please state clearly and plainly how this is happening. I can’t get a straight answer from anyone! I see absolutely nothing about Golden Gods on my Xbox Live dashboard and I’m online and everything is functioning normally.

  • M12Domino

    Now the video keeps cutting in and out on Xbox, facebook still not working though

  • ImInLoveWithAStripper

    I tried putting my birthday in on facebook countless times and it would just bring me back to enter my birthday again…gunna try my xbox, if i cant find it…i mught die :O

  • Karin Millard


  • Gemsmrt

     Anyone with a computer right now is freaking out! Please fix the facebook version soon!!!!

  • Samikate

    oh dear lord. why isn’t it working for facebook? k cool. no it’s not cool. i don’t want to live on this planet anymore. me no gusta.

  • Karin Millard

    i hate this…

  • Alissa Steelman Doyle

    I’m watching it on my computer right now just having a hard time hearing it.

    • Karin Millard


    • Rockity96

      please share ! 
      how did you get it !

    • Samikate

      WTF, how?!

      • Joseph Cox


  • Egarcia31

    try now everyone its fixed

    • Samikate

      uh not for me bro.

  • Lgotshall

    It’s April 11tg, right? After 6pm PST? Link to watch isn’t working… Hoping for wins for FDDP and A7X!

  • Bianca D:<

    Ughhh… Why doesnt it let me watch it on facebook wtffff??? D:< Its not fair it keeps saying 'sorry your not availble to access this page at his time' Wtfff when can I watch it then :/

  • Karin Millard

    well my life is over

  • Stardustclouds

    so pissed why isnt it working

  • kenberryfan83

    watching it on the xbox 360. i think they are having trouble with the video. i can hear it but can’t see it sometimes.

  • Ciara Gothika Black Lowry

    Still saying it doesn’t work! :(

    • Priscilla Maria Lemon

      Right it’s not working for me either … : /

  • Streetfight9090

    I have sound but no freaking picture on my xbox..

    • Sequoiadecker

      I have the same problem.

    • Tyler19797

      How do you get it on Xbox

      • Jr

        let me know if you figure out -.-

    • M12Domino

      Mine was working for a few mintues now its just the sound again

    • Jr

      where is it on xbox?!

    • Streetfight9090

      I’ll get picture for a few seconds and then it’s gone and then it’s back to the golden gods logo

  • Shit Fag You

    still doesn’t work.  cool network.

  • Jr

    how do you get it on xbox?

    • M12Domino

      you have to download the Xbox live event player, its free but the video isnt working right now for the most part

      • Jr

        where’s the event player?

        • M12Domino

          I found it right on the home menu in one of the panels, it should say watch the golden gods live right here or something like that

          • Jr

            can you see what the apparently called please?

          • Jr


  • Keithsa41

    Dumbass technical issues. nothing works… bad marketing!!!!

  • DDDD


  • M12Domino

    Im missing Avenged Sevenfold play Pantera right now. Not impressed

  • Lgotshall

    Obviously they aren’t listening. Just click here to watch? Yeah. Great job. Hope the bands will be pissed at how no one is getting to watch.

  • Shieldmaidenbls

    Anyone else, not able to see this? I’ve liked, put in my bday, and it just flashes me back to the bday… so peeved.

  • Dean J. P. Kehoe

    What’s up with the audio quality for the music videos and pre recorded acts on Xbox Live? Seriously, tinny as hell can someone sort it out? Please? 

    • Jr

      what’s the APP called on xbox?

      • Saragrantham20

        live event player is the app ur looking for but it prob wont matter cuz the tec crew on this is failing

  • Leadmetal

    Alright, this is horse shit :{

  • Brennalove42

    Anybody know holw to watch online? The link above just keeps saying “Sorry, You are not able to access thiseat this time.”

    • Brennalove42

      *not able to access the page at this time.”

  • Deathair666


  • Jr

    anyone know what the Apps called on xbox?

  • Splinteredorganics

    How can i watch this online? I have cable… :/

  • greg

    Watching it on Xbox (Live Event Player). Audio is all over the place. And it’s hysterical to listen to them try to bleep all the f-bombs. Haven’t caught one yet.

  • satan

    thats stupid you have to watch it on xbox , i could of watched it to on xbox i had the app but stupid retarded parents have to take shit away cuz bad grades fuck school music is more inportant

  • Saragrantham20

    bout time its finally kinda working

  • InfestedVirgin

    Ive noticed the f bomb fails as well. Pretty funny. Still pissed black black cock sucking brides won anything, that theyre even on thevawards show is a disgrace.

  • SynShadows

    I love Myles Kennedy’s voice….. BUT….. Shadows kicks “Nothing to Say”s ass.  

  • Saragrantham20

    WTF is with this fuckin tec. dificulties screen??? let me watch the fucking show and why the fuck is this not on tv if all the press is there?????

    • Rko666_natayah

      that fuckin screen is pissing me off im watching it right now and its making me just wana turn off the xbox .. fucking eiwugfybadgsndbgs -_-

  • Claudthefrog

    Wow this is shitty. What a joke … way to fail revolver. Fucking posers.

  • Dumbo_ink

    Who’s the group at the very beginning? Right before the Pantera Video and after the Alice Cooper set?

  • Icanales0120

    can i view the show online

    • Dumbo_ink

       I know you can re-watch it on Xbox for the next 24 hrs.

  • lxllmlxlmllxl

    Korn made the best metal album of 2011  :)))) what a joke

    • Gibson1959

      yeah they did,didnt they,cuzz they RULE.oh i forgot u guys want everything to sound the same,and oh yeah i used to like korn,but i dont now.all u korn haters,u no what im talkin about,u guys bitch ,and bitch,but still go to the shows,and u no u like it-KORNS HERE TO STAY FACE IT.

      • lxllmlxlmllxl

        dont jugde people, you dont know shit about me so keep your mouth shut

      • Buttsauce

        Hey, if that shit ass band was “here to stay” they wouldn’t have to make a shit ass Dub step album. That shows they fell off and need some sort of attention after being gone for so long. They died when they fell off with follow the leader and died with the rest of the albums to follow. I really thought they were better then that. You, Korn, Dub Step and all the shitty bands out just to make a buck can eat my asshole with a spoon. BTW Skrillex  is a retard and should beat himself in the face with his MacBook.

  • Cavalier0414

    Worst show I have ever seen in my life. If you are in the mood for a comedy grab some popcorn and pop a squat. Every few minutes you will find yourself saying, “What the f?” Host awful. Audio awful. Production work awful. 9 out of 10 bands awful. NOTHING MADE F****** SENSE. still laughing what a joke and how embarassing for you Revovler. Better luck next year. And oh maybe make it relevant? You don’t see the Grammy’s grouping together current artists with bands like Rush why because it doesn’t work. FAIL!

  • Diemydarling101

    When will it be on tv, and if it was already on, when is the repeat?

  • Maddym

    I was there at the Golden God’s Award and it was the best time of my life I met ANDY 6 , SLASH ,MARILYN MANSON ,TWISTED SISTER AND SO MUCH MORE 😛 <3