Poll: What’s the Best Album from 1994?

RVT2014.04Pantera_grandeIn the April/May 2014 issue of Revolver, we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the heaviest album to debut at No. 1, Pantera’s Far Beyond Driven. But many other landmark hard-rock and metal releases have turned or are turning 20 this year, including albums from Soundgarden, Slayer, Korn, Marilyn Manson, Megadeth, Machine Head, Cannibal Corpse, So we’re asking you, the fans: What do you think is the best album from 1994? Let us know.

Voting is open until June 3 when the April/May issue comes off newsstands.

UPDATE: The poll is now closed. To view the results, click here.




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  • Dennis Mølgaard

    Best metal year ever…..though missing None by Meshuggah!

  • Fernando Serrano

    does anyone voting for this actually listen to metal?……..no problem with Pantera but seariously …. marylin manson and korn 2nd and 3rd…come on now people

    • YOURNA

      I know MM’s first album was metal, I’ve never listened to any of Korn’s albums so I wouldn’t know about them.

      • raulfro

        No Manson’s Portrait album is not metal.

        • YOURNA

          Yes it is.

          • raulfro

            No it’s not. :) It’s hard rock. Hard hitting music with keyboards and samples. Always confused for Industrial rock or alternative metal. Which is hilarious. It’s hilarious even that people think alternative metal is metal to begin with. It’s rock with elements of metal in it.

          • Jesus Christ Superstar


          • YOURNA

            Do you take medication for your autism?

          • Jesus Christ Superstar

            Did you take medication for butthurt because you kind of need it. :_) *hugs* that’ll hold you over.

          • YOURNA

            You’re assuming I’m the one butthurt, yet you were the one who was previously typing in all caps indicating you were mad.

    • Guest

      The contest is heaviest album. Not most metal album. Do you actually read?
      This is for Hard Rock and Metal. Marilyn Manson is in fact Hard Rock music and fits perfectly with this.

    • rxdrone

      The poll says “Best album from 1994”, being metal or not has nothing to do with it. I like metal, but it isn’t my favorite genre. I like music for music, not because it follows certain blue prints just to be heavy or fast, it ends up sounding forced and by the numbers to me with very little depth to it.

  • Dom

    Incantation – Mortal Throne of Nazarene


    The Bleeding ,The Principle of Evil Made Flesh, Transilvanian Hunger, For All Tid,
    In the Nightside Eclipse, Pentagram, Portrait of An American Family and
    The Downward Spiral are all on this list. It’s impossible to choose!

  • Josh Teeter

    Why is Danzig 4 not on the list?

    • Lance Dillon Lyon

      Why you no read?

      • Josh Teeter

        It was not there yesterday when I made the comment. I checked 2 or 3 times.

    • hostileoneSD

      because glenn is a faggot ass pussy poser

  • Fuckboywonderdick

    Faggots,the majority of you are.

  • Michael Aranguren

    marylin gay manson first album was not metal hard rock somewhat but not metal korn first album the beggining of the end shoot me in the face if anyone thinks thats metal lol where are the slayer fans or even the alice in chains fans lol

    • Charlie Cheesman

      Did not realise it specifically stated metal exclusive nominations, you petulant fool.

    • rxdrone

      The poll says “Best album from 1994”, being metal or not has nothing to do with it.

  • Derek D. Buck

    I would add Pentagram’s Be Forewarned and Queensrÿche’s Promised Land to the nominees. Certainly over all the non-metal albums listed there. Nonetheless, there’s some great stuff there.

    • hostileoneSD

      promise land? really …….? definitely the Ryches most forgettable album

  • Brett Hurley

    Weezer – Blue Album and The Offspring – Smash. How are neither of those on this list!? They were both huge in 1994!

  • Mark

    What a shock, the highest votes are overrated albums.

  • topps

    I’ve gone back and done a top 10 all the way back to 1975 (when I was born) for shits and grins… here’s my top 10 for 1994:

    1 Rollins Band – Weight
    2 Machine Head – burn My Eyes
    3 Nine Inch Nails – The Downward Spiral
    4 Megadeth – Youthanasia
    5 Pantera – Far beyond Driven
    6 Queensrÿche – Promised Land
    7 Alice Cooper – The Last Temptation
    8 Black Sabbath – Cross Purposes
    9 Danzig – Danzig 4p
    10 DIO -Strange Highways

  • rxdrone

    Manson all the way.

  • Jesus Christ Superstar

    Manson all the way! I’m his biggest fan!!!! More metal than Pantera or Black Sabbath! METAL YEAAAAHHH!!!!

  • Abducted

    Hypocrisy The Fourth Dimension

  • Jesus Christ Superstar

    Manson is so much better than Pantera. Especially Portrait of an American Family. That album is truly a masterpiece. It makes me horny too.

  • yuri

    Alice in Chains, Dimmu Borgir, Cradle of Filth, The Offspring, Weezer, In Flames and Dream Theater in no particular order.

  • Jesus Christ Superstar

    Marilyn Manson!!!!! super uber hard core music for the cool kids. Better than Sabbath or Pantera.

    • YOURNA

      Sorry, but you’re too autistic to be sarcastic.

      No one here is being a cool kid emo and using “super uber hard core music” as an excuse to vote for Marilyn Manson. It’s all in your mind.

      • Jesus Christ Superstar

        I’m sorry but you’re too stupid to understand sarcasm and what good music is. I apologize but you’re a tool.

        • YOURNA

          Yes, I was aware you were being sarcastic and I was also aware you were only being sarcastic in a snide way.

          There is no true definition of what “good” music is, it’s all in our subjective taste. Clearly you don’t understand this.

    • hostileoneSD

      quit smoking crack you Fucking douche-canoe!

  • Pidios


  • Truth

    Green Day – Dookie (hate the style/scene/Billie Joe/whatever – it’s a killer album).

  • wmd

    Pantera, Manson, In Flames, ohhh yes!

  • http://mrda.wordpress.com MRDA

    Either Pantera or NIN. Honourable mention to Korn and Machine Head.

  • Jesus Christ Superstar

    Manson moshpits are more hard core than grindcore bands. I’ve seen people get their guts ripped out in a Manson pit.

    • musichopper

      Yeah.. that means it was the best album.. for reasons.

      • Izzi Max

        Ever think they wanted their guts ripped out cause they couldn’t stand the music?

        • Jesus Christ Superstar

          You must be deaf to think this music sucks.

          • Izzi Max

            … Notice, I didn’t say my personal opinion, I said ” they “. Stupid nonse…

          • raulfro

            Don’t worry izzy there is no need to be ashamed for being deaf. That’s just how you were born.

  • Negativemrb

    Downward Spirial one the best albums ever made. Viceral , demanding of the listener still holds up to day. Portrait was a good album but Antichrist was better. Far beyond driven was my second favorite, but it diddnt knock any creative doors down like Downward Spirial, plus the Pantera dudes loved it as well.

  • undertaker8

    SLAYER wins this hands down! Does everyone not know how sick of an album Divine Intervention is!?!?!? Probably my favorite SLAYER album.

    • Knox Harrington

      it’s one of their worst albums

      • undertaker8

        How so? I strongly disagree….. killing fields,fictional reality,dittohead,divine intervention,circle of beliefs,serenity in murder,213, all awesome songs. Heavy as shit!

        • Knox Harrington

          Dittohead is the worst choice for a single they could have made into a video. One of the worst recorded albums they did besides the first. Just because it’s heavy doesn’t mean it’s ain’t shit. I’ve enjoyed painted blood because I can actually hear the instruments and vocals.

  • Luis

    Korn, and green day’s Dookie

  • KyussC.O.C.ABathCCorpsePantera

    It does read, “But many other landmark hard-rock and metal releases have turned or are turning 20 this year…”. To which I would have to say, where is Carcass / Heartwork in the list that includes some seriously questionable choices among most of the obvious (& not so obvious)?
    That being said, in an all inclusive list, I would also have to add Supersuckers / La Mano Cornuda, Ween / Chocolate & Cheese and the overall #1 album of 1994: The Black Crowes / Amorica.
    P.S.- Please take both Weezer’s album & Dookie, light them on fire and turn them sideways before shoving them all the way up your ass. Thank you.

  • Brooke


  • MM is good but don’t be stupid

    So pure, so cold… TRANSILVANIAN HUNGER!!! <3

  • Fucktards

    Fucktards?! I vote that as the funniest word in twenty years! There are far too many good releases from this list and some that are unfortunately missing to actually choose just one release. However Manson, Green Day, Weezer etc were not groundbreaking releases. Record breaking in terms of sales maybe but hardly groundbreaking.

  • Jesus Christ Superstar

    Portrait of an American Family will melt your face and skull. Just listen to those sick rifts!

    • Knox Harrington

      “riffs” dude

  • Patrick Damon

    Those of you who’ve never heard anything from Acid Bath should do so now.

  • Spike_Zombie

    ” Burn My Eyes ” by MACHINE F*cking HEAD !!! 😀

  • Becoming

    Fuck your dumb poll. Far Beyond Driven from Pantera is thee only real Extreme metal band to land number one one THEE FUCKING BILLBOARD CHARTS, selling platinum. Let me know if a quarter of these other albums even went platinum.

    • Daniel Jackson

      If selling copies is what makes an album good, Michael Jackson would be better than Pantera by a mile. Your point is invalid.

      • Knox Harrington

        we’re talking metal here… not twink

    • primordial

      NIN – Downward Spiral
      #2 Billboard Charts
      Quadruple Platinum
      But the important is that it’s one of the best albums of all time and is still influencing a fuckload of bands and composers.
      Honestly, MM blowing everyone else out the water just goes to show who’s the average reader of this site.

      • Izzi Max

        Alice in Chains, Jar of Flies, Triple Platinum: It is the first EP in music history to debut at number one on the Billboard 200 Chart with the first week of sales. Hows that?

    • Jesus Christ Superstar

      Extreme metal? yeah right. Keep telling yourself that.

  • MarylinMansonBlowsDick12

    Honestly, if Megadeth, Pantera, AND Alice In Chains loses to the king of the losers, I’ll eat my own hat.

  • _Tyr_

    I seriously miss Annihilators “King of the Kill” in there…

  • Ledouchee

    The Downward Spiral was the best album that year and also one of the top 10 albums of the 90s

  • Necrory1-

    Suicidal tendencies -suicidal for life should be WAY up that poll because it’s a fucking awesome album and the anthem of my 90’s!

  • CLJenda

    So many great albums, Machine Head, Pantera, Alice in Chains, Dream Theater, Acid Bath, Suicidal Tendencies… But Soundgarden’s Superunknown was best then and is still the best today.

  • maiden4life

    None ….the greatest metal album period is “powerslave” nd “number of the beast” by IRON MAIDEN. ..the only ones the real legends …they can outsell any of the bands that are on to this poll without mainstream help .

  • maiden4life

    Check out “mother russia” by iron maiden ….you’ll hear what a real metal band is all about nobody can come close to mr bruce dickinsons voice theres a reason why he has always been the top 5 best metal/rock singers of all time… straight up underground metal not that americanized commercial crap like metallica they sold out…just to get bigger when metal was never supposed to b mainstream. ..maiden doesnt need to come out on radio every 10 minutes to sell music they sell over 100 m. Records worldwide without radio support …get the difference!

  • ///

    sky valley ?!?!?!?!?!?

  • Betty

    Helmet – Betty

  • Diego Pais de Lima

    Bitch please…Awake is by far the greatest album in this poll and one of the greatest in metal overall. Dream Theater all the way.

  • NeilFallonsBeard

    where the hell is Clutch’s self titled album????

  • Knox Harrington

    Manson can suck it… i’ll leave it to the real musicians on this one

  • Eric Feldman

    I chose Pantera but gotta give it up to Cannibal Corpse landing on the silver screen in Ace Ventura Pet Detective this year

  • Khris Dies

    Pantera hands down.

  • Brandon Baugh

    Voted Pantera but Chains and Soundgarden were clooose.

    • Jared B

      I voted Soundgarden.

  • ¡David Oakes! 

    It’s not on this list. It’s Troublegum by Therapy?

  • Jessie Alvarez

    Ozzy No More Tears!

  • jack black

    Voted Pantera just for the lifetime influence, but acid bath’s when the kite string pops is one of the best metal albums of all time

  • Jake

    Voted Pantera, but 94 was a good year for music and several of those albums are in my collection.

  • hybrid from hell

    Always Pantera

  • Kayleigh Triquetra

    I would have said testaments low album

  • J.Spagnola

    Mayhem’s De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas was fucking LIGHTYEARS beyond most of the other garbage on this list, especially fucking Marilyn Manson…

    • Jared B

      Agree that Manson is dog shit.

  • kevin mendez

    Portrait of an american family has been one of my favourite albums since I started listening to music. the antichrist’s best; next motherfucker’s gonna get my metal.

  • ????

    if either Portrait Of An American Family or Downward Spiral win this, I’ll be happy

  • Jared B

    Marilyn Manson is winning? Really. That band has never made a decent album.

    • Sayam

      Antichrist Superstar is a masterpiece and you already know.

    • No one

      You have literally no idea what you’re blathering about.

  • Martin Ken Guymer

    Korn all day

  • MM_NIN

    Marilyn Manson – Portrait of an American Family is an underrated album and I’m glad to see that it’s winning. The Downward Spiral would be my next choice. A lot of good albums on this list!

  • Hand Solo

    I respect Marilyn Manson, but seriously??? His album is winning? I’m not saying his music is bad but in my opinion there’s just so many better albums on this list…

    • No one

      Uh, no. Everything else on this list is either shit or cannot compare with the ineffable qualities that make POAAF such a great album. And if you can’t see that, then I feel sorry for you.

  • GREG

    Pink Floys “The Division Bell” 😀

  • @itsjustalicat

    Hands down Portrait Of An American Family, that album is golden & reaks of perfection. Glad to see it’s ahead & winning.

  • Jesus Christ Superstar


  • Guest

    Dude, no way Black Veil Brides is so much better than all of these bands.

  • raulfro

    Marilyn Manson makes the other bands cowar in fear. Including the pussy fans of the other bands. They will never live up to the Mansonites. We are forever and you are only temporary. After all your music sounds like shit.

  • FelineCool

    Hey Revolver! Next time try not to put a recurring ad w/ a photo of a contest option popping up every 3 minutes. Hmm, was Manson’s win enabled by the ad w/ Manson’s photo that kept popping up? A subliminal message in the minds of voters? Corruption! Voting irregularities! Not a free & fair election! LOL

  • GZA

    If you’re gonna make Marilyn Manson win you should rename this shit “What’s the worst album from 1994?”