Whores Pick the Top Five Noise-Rock Records

“These three bands are the holy trinity and lot of the bands we love can be traced back to these three in about two moves,” says the noise-rock merchants of Whores. And who are those three bands? Whores points to The Stooges, The Velvet Underground, and The Birthday Party.

Gearing up to release their latest offering, Clean, out October 29, Whores could be identified as part of a new wave of noise rock heavily influenced by the aforementioned “holy trinity.” “There are incredible noise-rock bands happening right now–like Fight Amp, Hawks, KENmode, Blacklisters, Metz, Pissed Jeans, Dope Body, Throat, Bardus, Ladder Devils, Black Congress, and probably a billion more that I haven’t heard yet.” Here, Whores list their Top Five Noise-Rock Records.

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1. Shellac, At Action Park “I loved Big Black and Rapeman as a kid, but I was absolutely floored by ‘Doris.’ And dude, come on–Albini. What more can be said? We both have journalism degrees. I guess that could be said.”

2. The Jesus Lizard, Head or Goat “I can’t pick one. The Jesus Lizard at the peak of their powers had everything. From the unbelievable musicianship to the interesting songwriting and rape-your-face-tone to Yow’s Bukowsi-by-way-of Coltrane phrasing, they cannot be topped.”

3. Melvins

4. Unsane, Blood Run or Visqueen “I know I’m going to get a ton of shit for not picking Total Destruction or Scattered Smothered & Covered, but much like our spirit animals in Harvey Milk, the second act of this band truly gives me hope. CT9, Celan and Pigs also rule. Fuck you, F. Scott Fitzgerald.”



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  • Christian Lembach

    Doris is the first Shallac 7″. I was misquoted.

    • Latest Disgrace

      I love all things Shellac, but the first two 7″s was them at their pinnacle, imo.

  • Christian Lembach

    Before you even.

  • CL Parton

    No Rusted Shut?
    Really diggin’ the new stuff, Christian.

  • marktwang

    gonna finally start listening to shellac. that was a great song. interesting pick for unsane i love pretty much every other record better than those two. even Wreck. Wreck is great. also mentioned cherubs in that long fake band name. theyre fantastic. had no idea they put out their record in 94 until i just looked it up. i cant tell whether some noise rock im listening to is new or old.

  • Christopher E. Trull

    i think you misspelled that last band name. it should have ‘DAZZLINGKILLMEN’ in the middle… 😀