Win a Dimebag Pantera Dean Guitar and Pantera’s ‘Far Beyond Driven’ 20th Anniversary Prize Pack!

Dime guitar

Pantera Prize PackIn commemoration of a legendary artist, legendary band, and 20th Anniversary of a legendary album, Dean Guitars has created the ultimate collector’s piece–The Dimebag Pantera ‘Far Beyond Driven’ ML. This Dean Guitar ML is equipped with a bolt-on maple neck, basswood body, DMT® Design bridge pickup, and a Floyd Rose Special. The Dean ML body shape was the guitar of choice for Dimebag Darrell, and pays homage to the man and his music.

Enter below for a chance to win that ‘Far Beyond Driven’ ML Guitar, Pantera’s 20th Anniversary CD, and ‘The Best of Pantera’ CD.

NOTE: The contest is limited to U.S. entrants only.

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  • hester kukk

    Anything to make a buck.

    • Steve Williams

      Kool tribute – is it supposed to be free??

      • Scott p

        I cannot play but if I got this I would learn in honor of the late Darrel

  • Guest

    Tried to tweet it says -45

  • robert koch

    tried to tweet it says -85

  • Steve Williams

    NICE !!

  • Horrorfilmguy


  • Josh Rowe

    Very cool.

  • John

    I would love to win this!!!

  • proximity89

    i would love to win this it would make a nice present for my friend he is trying to become a professional musician

  • Fabian

    Hey let me enter even though I live in Australia

  • Jrojas

    Please please… the only thing I have is Pantera. Im dying . Please . party everyone!

  • Marie Frederick

    My husband idles Darrel. He has had a rough couple years and he is helping me with raising my neice and nephew and help taking care of my farther who has gone through cancer treatments I would love to give him this as a thank you and so how much I appreciate everything he doesfor me and my family

    • Steve Lariz

      That’s Really Awesome of you!
      Hope you win!

  • Кирилл Давыдов

    this is only for the U.S.?

  • Rob Greco

    What a freakin’ guitar!!!!!

  • Carl

    Love D.B.D.

  • R.k. Mulligan

    Can’t wait for delivery lol

  • caz

    No fair us uk fans love dimebag more!!!! He is our u like pantera your my friend starter!

  • Jon Roberts

    I shall rock…once it is delivered…..

  • Mortah

    This would be an awesome thing to win. I grew up idolizing Dimebag and started playing guitar because of him and him only. PanterA fuckin rules!!!!!

  • Jason

    I love dime. I have dean razor v that I bought on my 30th two years ago today. I even have it tattooed on my arm please pick me

  • Pantalligod

    Saw Pantera in Denver with Prong and Crowbar! Awesome show! At the end, when the band members were throwing out drumsticks and picks, everybody hit the floor to get them. I looked up and there was Dimebag, looking at me. He nodded at me and threw me his pick. Best day of my life! Kept that pick under lock and key till my ex decided to take it and run. I would LOVE to have that something that kept him close to the heart…

  • justagoodoleboy

    I saw them EVERY TIME they came to Nashville,REX handed me his pick during the show on the great southern trendkill tour,sadly my gf stole it!She didn’t even like them!

  • Kaleb Tweet

    I’ve never seen Pantera live in concert, but I was also born in the wrong generation. Dimebag’s always been my idol guitarist, and I’d give my left nut to see him in concert one last time.

  • Shaun clark

    My wife bought me all the newspaper articles and every magazine he was ever in. I named my rottweiler dime so I remember everyday how much his guitar riffs and panteras music made a huge impact on me as a teenager and how I live my life to this day.

  • Francie Griffith

    I lost a very close friend three years ago. She was front-row-center when Dime was shot in Columbus, Ohio. She had a memorial tattoo piece done for him when he died. When she passed, her father and I got her a rose bed dedicated in a local park with yellow roses like the ones she had tattooed on her back for Dime. She loved his music so much, and she even had a life size standup poster of him with this very guitar design. I hope she is in heaven now, listening to Dime play all her favorite Pantera tunes. He would surely be in wonderful company. </3

  • Adam

    My ex-wife stole my Dimeslime Razorback and my Dime from Hell Tribute guitars and sold them so winning this would awesome….. And I hope my ex gets fucking HERPES!!! Anyways at least I got custody of my 3 babies!! Long live Dimebag!!!

  • walter

    I play in a metal band love to rock this of stage. Far beyond driven always one of my favorite but all dime is the best. I picture if i won playing floods on it. It would be a dream. Hellya

  • Gerald Haubert

    Ah Cowboys from hell is the all time best cd by far but yes it would be bad ass to play some far beyond driven on it as well.

  • Nolan Richardson

    I would cut off my own nut and go to every single one of the seven wonders of the world play any song from FBD to my decapitated nut. And in the wake of my shreding, each of the wonders of the world would congregate to the northpole, and there, I would meet Santa and ride atop his sleigh, bringing Metal to all the good/bad boys and girls. Of course, in doing this, I would tear a rift so deep into space-time that Heaven and Hell would bleed into our reality and cause Armageddon BUT BY THE POWER OF DIMEBAG I WOULD PLAY A RIFF SO INTENSE THAT I WOULD HAVE MY OWN GRAVITATIONAL PULL AND SUCK EVERYTHING INTO OBLIVION.

    And live happily ever after the end.

  • Ani Briones

    I bought my baby( Milez Long from FUNGONEWRONG) the Dean Lighting bolt Razorback for Christmas 2 years ago so winning this one would be great to add to his collection!

  • Jeremy

    I’ve always wanted a Dime guitar. He is the greatest guitar player that ever lived. There’s noone better than Dimebag Darrell. GETCHA PULL!

  • Jodie

    I would so love these Guitar!!! OMG..IT WOULD BE FREAKING FANTASTIC! !!!

  • kara

    I wish to have this so badly he was awesome

  • Nate

    Miss you DBD

  • Jennifer Neal

    Beautiful guitar!!!! LOVE PANTERA!!!!!

  • Maggie Cravens-Taylor

    My boyfriend gave me a Dean as a gift a few years ago. Love it! His Dime Dean stays under lock and key, since it is autographed by Pantera including Dimebag.

  • 4free

    back in 1991, my brother put a tape in my cassette player and said YOU HAVE TO HERE THIS. He played cemetery gates and it just blew me away! We were lucky enough to see them the four times they played Albuquerque and I even got a pick. I still have my tickets, the pick and the shirt I was wearing at the first show. (torn up a little from the pits!) If I win this I will definitely give it to my brother for turning me on to the GREATEST band of all time!!

  • Victor Valencia

    This would be fucking Great for my Next Pantera Cover !..!, R.i.p Dimebag Darrell aug, 20 1966 – Dec 08 2004.

  • rockosocko

    I went to every concert Pantara when they came to maine but the very first one that i went to was in mass back in the 90′s they was with Megadeath and i had a kick ass time.

  • filthygoat

    So proud of being from texas, i used to skatboard n pop in a casette on my walkman n just didnt want anything but to meet pantera n so, i would daydream about this band n could only imagine how bad ass it would be to play along side these texas heroes. I am a very big fan n still listen to pantera everyday cause it kept me alive n knowing i could play guitar n just stay out of trouble practicing any song off the cowboys from hell? Its been still to this day just so awesome! thank you guys for being my heroes in what i call metal! love you guys n will always miss you Dimebag for you brought that sound that drove me to be who i am today, thank you so much! dime lives in our music.

  • Jim Morrison


  • Brenda Cushman

    Rocking and entered shared with my friends wicked cool!!!

  • Maryg

    This is way too cool! First concert I ever took my son and his friends to was Pantera at Nautica in Cleveland Ohio! I was in the center of a mosh pit of all males and fighting for my life! It was FR**** awesome! We made one of the best memories of our life together and still talk about it today! Everyone there thought I was Moshing, but I was actually fighting for my life! lol..Best adrenalin rush I ever had, in fact will ever have! thanks Pantera for the memories!
    Mary G-Litchfield OH

  • James DePaolo

    This would be a dream come true..thank you either way

  • Jared

    Hope i win this. I’m in need of a new guitar and this looks sick! floyd rose and all. Getcha’ Pull

  • pritam ghale

    would be awesome if i could win this ….

  • Myk UL Cirabisi

    Would love to win a quality guitar. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Steven Tierney

    Dime is still the greatest there was and non even pale in comparison. Rip Dime and Get cha Pull!

  • Marco Darrell

    Please oh please I need a guitar like this in order to proceed as a musician , all I have is a fake sd Wana be dean but I appreciate what I have , I even customized it myself :) . With pantera all over it!!! m/

  • metalman

    Just had my rig stollen this would be a heaven sent. Plus I been a dime fan ever since I was 10!

  • Polishredder


  • Christian alanis

    I’ll “Walk” “25 Years” through “Cemetery Gates” to “Rock out” on that guitar….

  • jj

    Get cha pull

  • big t

    I met Pantera in Detroit 1994 release of far beyond driven top 5 moment of my life

  • Garvit Bhomia

    Man why just for US entrants only… there are great no.s of fan around the world and india who would also like to win this guitar… cmon dean.. plz.. :)

  • Mysti

    Hope I win this for my bf, we are huge Pantera fans and even bigger Dimebag Darrell fans. And my bf also plays guitar…. he used to have a Dimebag Darrell guitar too…

  • vinz darrell

    come on,why in us only?!people around the world love and admire PanterA and Dime,come on dean,.why u du dis,,makes me wanna cry!!!!i want a guitar like that,but i can’t afford it, please make it world wide,or at least in Asia to so i can join

  • six shooter(six kids)

    When Pantara would play Oklahoma City they jammed at Forte’s house…yeah, it was a party.

  • laurasue

    I hope I can win this for the sake of my murdered brother Rick who could rock like no other, I don’t know who was more sick at rockin out!!!! I would love this MORE than anything!!!!!!

  • Chris c.

    I had my dime flame guitar stolen over over a year ago. This would be awesome to have another guitar to rip on again.

  • Tyler D

    I wish this was a guitar playing comp so I could have a chance to win one like dime did back in the day haha he they stopped letting him compete because he just kept on winning guitars like that! A true legend.. I wish he was here today.

  • ken bellinger

    Dime you will missed 4 eternity! CFH 4 life!

  • Dan”getsome”farrell

    Great Darrell Abbott is forever inscribed in metal music for up comers to learn from.