Winner of “Hottest Dude in Hard Rock or Metal” Poll to be Announced on Friday

The identity of the single Hottest Dude in Hard Rock or Metal, as voted on by you, the fans, will be revealed this Friday. Leading up to that, the results in the poll will be hidden to create maximum suspense (sorry, we’re assholes). So keep voting right here, and may the hottest dude win!


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  • Santa Galimgereyeva

    isn’t it……………pretty clear who’s going to win/is the winner anyway?

    Mayn, just give us an interview with Ville. Please stop this nonsense traffic attraction to your website…

    P.S. If you don’t know who Ville Valo is…chances are, you are missing out on the most genuine band out there *sigh*

  • Himmy

    Guess that it was hell as difficult to interview Ville…so they gave up and deided to fake the results…If so…I don’t have any words for Revolver!

    • Guest

      I also think that Ville won’t say anything…

    • MiinaNiemi

      Yep, that’s what I’ve been thinking. We shall see…

  • Bloodyrose2892

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the agony 

    Ville better have won i voted till my computer protested :(      xD

  • MiinaNiemi07

    Uhh well we all know who won. He has a substantial lead against everyone else. That is as long as Revolver doesn’t tamper with the true results. 

  • Asphyxiaj

    I’m gonna be pissed if Bill Kaulitz wins. He looks like a girl! HIM FAN POWERS, ACTIVATE!

  • AngelOfMusic

    Ville IS the hottest :) By far :)

  • Esa_nini

    Ville hermani Valo!!!

  • They See Me Trollin'


  • Arife VenusDoom Rehimova

    All im gonna say is Ville must won not Bill…Bill is not hot,he looks like girl…so it will be kidding and hilarious if he will win…HIMsters voteeee till your last breath 😀

    • MiinaNiemi

      Yeah I agree. That’s cool if people don’t find Ville hot, but the fact that Bill is runner up in highest votes is beyond me. 

  • Amber

    Since this all on opinion, I am going to share mine. Ville is creepy looking. M Shadows looks like a real man.

    • MiinaNiemi

      Hmm, that’s sort of what makes Ville sexy lol

  • nobody

    ok, it’s not a bad idea. Ville – be ready to win this!!!

  • Maria Sol Sciascia

    I love you DJ Ashba! What a hottest man you are, baby! keep on rockin’! Kisses from Argentina. Te amamos!!!

  • MiinaNiemi

    A little off topic here but the picture of the “rocker crotch” at the top of this page is a little distracting. There’s no bulge through his tight pants. I digress…

  • Laisa

    I love Ville Valo

  • Rina

    Its obvious Ville will win.. i mean sure we might not get an interview with him but what the heck, so? .. as long as the true results are shown..

  • Anonymous

    Not that I’m saying Bill Kaulitz has any right to be in this poll (Tokio Hotel is rock/pop/some sort of alternative), but to anyone who says he doesn’t deserve to win because he looks like a girl, I’m sorry but you’re really ignorant. Just because he doesn’t look like every other guy out there, we have to attack him? How mature. He doesn’t do his makeup to look feminine or for any reason except that he likes how it looks. He’s the kind of guy who really doesn’t care what people think about him, and I think that makes him sexier than ANY of the other guys on the list. He doesn’t have to be super masculine in order to win people over. He has charm, sass, one hell of a body, a beautiful voice, and so much talent that I can’t even begin to understand. And a heart of gold. And look at how much success his band has achieved, and he’s only 22. You can’t get much better than that.

    • Rina

      Sure, I feel the same way. But I still think Ville is more talented somehow.. just because Bill has gotten successfull in such a young age doesnt mean he is more talented. Though, he sure has an advantage as he always has more to learn and will always be more experienced when comparing to other people his age. Still… Ville ftw.. Dont mind bill being second after him^^

      • Anonymous

        Thank you for your respectful opinion. I only wish more people were more level-headed.
        And again, Bill doesn’t really belong in this poll, but since he’s in it, I’m voting for him haha. I hope one day TH will be more respected in the rock scene and can be in more polls without being harassed. Until then, I’ll keep fighting for them. :)

        • Rina

          Hes still a bit too young for my taste… I like Ville since his looks just tells people how much hes been through. 😛 Its hot somehow xD But still.. Bill is hot too, but nothing goes before Ville!  In otherw words.. If Ville wasnt in this poll I would probably vote for Bill… But for now.. (sorry) Ill rape the vote button for Ville.. ._.

  • Emily

    I love HIM, and specialy Ville Valo

  • Katherine Screamworks PL

    POLAND can’t wait to see final results of voting. For us VILLE VALO is final winner of “Hottest Dude in Hard Rock or Metal” Poll  :)

  • Jessica

    And the winner is……oh I hope it’s Ville!

  • Hartagrm

    Keep voting for Ville till they announce!

  • jess

    Oliver Sykes all the fucking way.

  • ann

    Chris Cornell

  • Ashley Scott

    Davey Havok. No question about it!

  • Jade W

    No doubt HIM !!!

  • DropDEadA7x

    Synyster. Fucking. Gates.

  • Nikki

    Oliver Sykes! All the way!!:DD

  • Mary

    Synyster Gates=) Синистер Гейтс, черт его побери)