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Wolves at the Gate's Nick Detty Picks the Top Five Most Important Hardcore Bands

Wolves at the Gate's Nick Detty Picks the Top Five Most Important Hardcore Bands

Ohio post-hardcore band Wolves at the Gate are displaying their sense of hardcore history on a digital EP, Back to School, which is set for release on September 30. That EP features covers of songs by post-hardcore giants such as Thrice, Thursday, Blindside, and The Receiving End of Sirens. Currently the band is on tour with A Skylight Drive, I The Mighty, and For All Those Sleeping. Revolver caught up with vocalist Nick Detty to talk about which bands have influenced him personally throughout his career.


1. Close Your Eyes "Not only are they my favorite band, they put a new modern day meaning to spirit-filled melodic/hardcore. As a whole, they are solid in performance and in individual personality, but what makes them so intense and emotional is the way they describe the emptiness of a life without Christ. Even being a huge fan of their first record, We Will Overcome, what really caught my attention and hooked me for good was their second album Empty Hands and Heavy Hearts. With the continuance of their fast, thrashy punk feel and catchy melodies and choruses, this album sought out to connect with kids on a whole other level, helping them find the light in the darkness, point them in the direction of the answers they search for in life."

2. Call to Preserve "What brought me to these dudes wasn’t their bone-crushing sound, it was the ability to speak about hope and give the hardcore scene a reason to support bands who still press on in a dying scene. Call to Preserve hails from a tiny town by the name of Rockledge, Florida, and have put a dynamic spin to the straightedge/hardcore genre. Their belief in straightedge was a icon for many hardcore kids as the idea of straightedge was still being accepted as a lifestyle and not just a joke or a fad. Being one of those kids growing up who lived the lifestyle, this was a huge influence to me seeing they held true to the way they lived and what they claimed. Although the band never really boldy proclaimed to be believers of Jesus Christ, their lyrics were a bold representation who they were in Him. Just five dudes who love the Lord, trying to follow His will, spread hope, infect people with love, and find answers in this dark world."

3. Take It Back! "On the other hand, while still being mixed into the same genre, here is a band that was very bold about their faith in Jesus. The legends known as Take It Back!, come from a movement of fired-up melodic hardcore bands that were all about sharing the gospel through what they did. They strongly believed that there is a heaven and hell and that the only way to experience salvation was through a relationship with Jesus. With that in mind, these dudes still had a love for their scene, which drove them to create such a unique sound from influences such as Set Your Goals, MxPx, No Innocent Victim, Comeback Kid, xLooking Forwardx, Dogwood and many others. To say the least, this band made quite an impact on the hardcore scene."

4. Have Heart "Setting the bar in 2005 for straight-edge hardcore alike, this band hails from Boston, Massachusetts, creating a new wave of emotionally driving hardcore. With their lyrics being driven from real life experiences and personal anguish, they combined it with a thrashing, face-smashing brutal sound, their most profound and critical album of 2008 allowing their sound to stir their influences into an intense, ultimately finding themselves as a band. The band was also well known for the life-changing last show they had in the downtown Revere area estimating about 2,000 people, with the band sharing their experiences in the band and how the industry has affected their lives and careers."

5. Guns Up! "Quickly becoming a favorite in their scene and genre, Guns Up! came from the typical east coast hardcore scene that any lover for the music is familiar with. Straight out of Haverhill, Massachusetts, these dudes knew how to keep it raw and heavy. This unrivaled passion and fury for their sound combined their influences in the old-school New York-style hardcore with a relentless floor-stomping sound that emerged from hard riffs, grueling two-steps, and abusive vocals. Guns Up! had their work cut out for them only to, unfortunately, make a very short run that was prematurely cut short."

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