Wovenwar — Featuring Current and Former Members of As I Lay Dying and Oh, Sleeper — Premiere New Song, “Profane”


Wovenwar–featuring former members of As I Lay Dying and current Oh, Sleeper vocalist Shane Blay–will release their new self-titled album on August 5 via Metal Blade Records. In anticipation, the band has teamed up with Revolver to premiere a new song, “Profane.” Check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

The group is currently out on the road with Black Label Society.

To pre-order ‘Wovenwar,’ head to the Metal Blade webstore. For more information on Wovenwar, follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


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  • Mr. Bojangles

    Good for them for moving on from AILD.
    Boring and generic.
    Not buying this album.

    -Mr. Bojangles

  • Christoffer

    sounds good

  • Hagareno

    Love the full album. This particular song I’m not a huge fan of the chorus, but the guitarwork is great!

  • Mike Boardley

    I like it. I do miss some of the intense screaming for AILD but it’s still great overall. Thanks guys. I look forward to seeing you when you come to Minneapolis

  • Henning B. Thorsen

    I really love your style, and every shred of music i hear is really well woven together (pun intended), but it makes me mad seeing so many people whining over how it’s not AILD. It would be one thing if you had kept the name AILD, but since you started a new band with a new name, the comparison is invalid imo

  • Jappara

    There’s something awesome in this, just like in the song “The Mason”. Vocals are soaring very gently. I love the melodies, strong drumming and clean vocals. Wovenwar is like a softer version of As I Lay Dying. Strongly resembles what happened to Trivium: they turned more melodic, focusing on anthem-like songs with more melodies and softer but complex guitar work.

  • suckityouposers

    Everyone keeps calling this new band “boring and generic” because it has just singing and no screaming. AILD is and was one of the most generic, mediocre metalcore bands around. I didn’t even start giving them a chance until An Ocean Between Us because everything they did before that sucked so much. I see this new band as a breath of fresh air in a stale and stagnant scene where all the bands look alike and sound the same. This is my opinion. I know you have yours.

  • sevenhill

    I love how so many people say “it’s not heavy”. If you need harsh vocals to call metal heavy you’re just some scene kid. listen to tesseracts altered state album: no screaming but super heavy. and exactly the clean vocals make wovenwar

  • kmdyf

    Sounds like scar the martyr to me

  • fedupwithfools

    I like this. Get so tired of bands that play great music and nothing but a screamer on vocals.

  • mike

    love the sound, just wish shanes vocals were more powerful.

  • John Cooney

    Too melodic for me. Hope the other songs are better. If not I will not buy this album.