Zakk Wylde Pays Tribute to Dimebag Darrell

Tomorrow marks seven years since Pantera and Damageplan guitarist Dimebag Darrell was killed onstage. Over the next few days, we are posting remembrances of him by his friends. Today, Black Label Society frontman and former Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Zakk Wylde (pictured left) explains Dime’s legacy and what they had in common. The new, 100th issue of Revolver, which is available here and on newsstands on December 13, features a free pullout poster of Dimebag.

REVOLVER Why was Dimebag important to heavy music?
When people ask me, “What was Dime’s guitar playing like?” I say, “With Dime, it wasn’t just what he brought to the table, with the blues-y feel and the beyond-fucking-heavy riffs.” When you really think about it, he actually inspired a genre, like how [Black Sabbath guitarist] Tony Iommi inspired a genre of music. Not just Dime’s ripping solos and all that bullshit, I’m talking about like the actual style of the fucking music.

What is it about Pantera’s music that signaled something new in metal?
They were head and shoulders above anybody that did that style of music. The rhythms are super tight, the musicianship was fucking slamming. I’m talking production, the musicianship, you know, ’cause it wasn’t just like fucking Pantera was making loud, fucking stupid shit. It was just the combination of the four guys, like Zeppelin or whatever, where the chemistry is perfect together. As as far as Dime goes, aside from sounding influenced by Randy Rhoads and Eddie Van Halen, which you can hear in his solos, you can’t say his riffs were influenced by Black Sabbath or Metallica. Even though Dime would say, “Man, I love those early Metallica recordings,” I would tell him it doesn’t sound like it. He created his own sound.

Before they invented their own style, Pantera were playing glam metal on their early, out-of-print independent records. How did Dime feel about those albums?
When you listen to early Pantera, Dime used to say, “We all gotta start somewhere until you find your identity.” We’d always laugh about the early Pantera records and he goes, “Ah, fuck it, Zakk. I’m not ashamed of those fucking records.” He goes, “What the fuck? I was into that shit at the time.” You look at your high-school picture and you go, “Well, that’s what I was into, man.” [Laughs] I mean, if anything, I look back at that shit and I think it’s fucking awesome, because it’s like fucking hysterical, man. [Laughs]  Like me, when I first started with Ozzy, I had big, puffy hair. I know some dudes that are like, “I ain’t fucking signing a picture of me looking like that.” But I go, “Dude, this is fucking gold, man.” [Laughs] It’s just like what Dime was saying about not being ashamed. We’d always laugh about that shit.

Wylde photo by Clay Patrick McBride // Dimebag photo by Lorinda Sullivan


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  • DK

    Fucking miss Dime SO fuckin much!

    • Rambo41968

      Everyone has to make their mark in this world &I Dime wrote all over it!! He was an awesome guitarist & down to Earth! !! Sure miss him!!!

  • Marc Coderre666

    Gone but never forgotten! We miss you Dime. See you one day my friend. m/

  • Jeff Hailstone

    It was just another TRAGEDY in a world that simply needs or wants no more…

  • Shane Singleton

    I’m not ashamed to say I just wanna Fucking cry. R.I.P. Brother Dime .

  • Zombieweld

    damn i miss his music!

  • Malys81

    I was listening to ‘Reinvent’ and ‘NFP’ yesterday, and was overwhelmed with excitement thinking about what Dime’s album would sound like today if he was here to make one. Then I came back to reality, and my excitement was replaced by sadness.

    Missin’ u everyday Dime! Getcha pull! R.I.P. m/

  • Freakboy121781

    Dimes jammin out in heaven as lead guitarist peter steele on vocals, wif a little slipknot bass and avenged sevenfold drummin! Lol i wonder what tje heavenly band sounds like? Lol, rip all of u, your forever missed

  • pelox

    Zakk used more fucks than articles in his comment. I nearly missed the nouns.

  • Jonmaggard

    RIP man…tomorrow is a sad fckn day for the world of metal…love ya dime…from all of us in the band (FIST FIGHT) “we will be partyin together again soon…”


  • Rbrbbb


  • Rb

    Well said

  • Killhannah909

    Absolutely gorgeous photo! 😀 Dimebag is a Legend!!!!!!!

  • Ben Hartford

    I was out in the woods of Fort Bragg when I heard about Dimebag.  God, what an awesome talent.  One of the scariest pits I’ve ever been in was Pantera.


  • Bill Merlo

    greatest heavy metal guitar playin, lead screamin,riff blastin, all around outstanding musician in the history of rock and roll in my opinion. Like Jimi Hendrix did to change the way people played guitar, he took the aggression, heavyness, and overall sound of heavy metal to A NEW LEVELLLLLLLLL !!!!!!!!!!! R.I.P. Dime we miss you !!

  • Brianturrill

    Miss you Dime RIP I will smoke a joint when I get there smoke one with my dad thanx

  • Chris_andrews40

    dime your are a fucking hero to me fucking being in heaven brother not even god could contain that epicness you have your own heaven brother the heaven of the metal gods you are one of the reasons i picked up a guitar in iraq brother so that you knew if something happened i wanted to go to metal heaven 


    There will NEVER be another dimebag !!! Your missed everyday brotha !!!

  • Jasonmaisey

    7 yrs, i will never forget that day. you are trully missed by alot….musically and personally. legends don’t die they just get heavier than hell

  • Alexconti89

    He is god in metal. I wish i could of seen him in concert. Im a drummer myself. 15 years and im only 22 but besides the fact i wish i could of jammed with him. Pantera and damage plan is my shit. Vinnie paul and dime bag are my heros. Hands down. Tattoos soon of dime and vinnie will be tatted soon. Major love and respect for dime. Miss u man. We’ll meet in 50 years if i live that long.

  • Bryan_johnson

    dear GOD i will trade you Justin Bieber and lady Gaga for our beloved Dimebag back

  • Cbrewer111


  • Briancraighton

    he’s smiling down on us with a black tooth grin!~!!! r.i.p. dimebag greatest guitar player

  • Nickoborgir

    Gone way too soon. For me it wasn’t so much his playing, his feel, his energy, it was combining ALL of that, and just making it look so damn easy!

  • Mgs316

    The EVH of metal I think is the best descriptor for Dime.  Metal genius playing on a singular level that others imitate but cannot get quite right, just like Ed in the 80’s.

  • Dtanne7080

    A master artist. With a timeless sound that legends are made of.

  • Tapout420 Jl

    Dime was & still awesome RIP

  • Toadgitts75

    Rip Dimebag, FUCKING RIP IT!!!

  • James Urias

    I can’t believe it’s been 7 years. Well, Dime has a good friend and bassist joining him to jam. Last week we lost Pumpjack bassist, Lance “Willie Hicks” Patterson. They were good friends and a lot alike. Lance never met a person that he didn’t call friend. Two great people and bandmates in another world! Miss you, bro and RIP Darrell and Lance!

  • Yogithebeer5000

    Got to play golden tee golf with him. And jam with him in my hometown bar after a pantera show. Miss u bro…see u on the other side.

  • Big_chief_80

    Getcha pull!!! R.I.P.

  • Punkprincess261984

    Dime was and will forever be the best metal guitarist ever!!! I cry over the loss of him every day like a lost family member, cuz music is in my soul!! R.I.P. DIME!!! Getcha Pull, Jack w a splash a fuckin coke!!! Love ya dime!!! Music truly went to hell since u left us!!

  • Justinmesservy

    RIP brother DIME and much love brother Zakk S.D.M.F Getcha Pull

  • Chaakkaa998012003

    m/   D.D.

  • Jeff

    Dime was and always will be THE BEST !!

  • Cory Buxton

    Dimebag 4 ever…r.i.p. brother

  • Lee_striegler

    R.i.p dime your music and your memory will always live on and inspire

  • Shainrochester

    Dime was a true giant on guitar and had the heart to match. I’m told Dime would do anything for his friends a family. His absence has left a void in music not felt since Lennon and Rhoads were taken at such young ages. With Dime, I openly wept when I heard the news that rainy, cold December morning and I knew he would be mourned the world over. I still miss his music. He was my inspiration and I hope that he can now RIP. And from my heart much respect Brother Dime,

  • Rehv05

    Dimebag forever.

    • Cat Person

      HELL YEA!!!!!!

  • Mallard770

    I’ve never,. Ever been ashamed of my early Pantera albums.  Big Hair and all.  Check out “Killers” from Projects in the Jungle.  And Remember, they were in High School when they were ripping that shit.  One of My favorite riffs of all Time.  If You lived in Arlington Tx, You remember seeing those Crazy Cartoon ALbum covers at your local record store.  Good times!   R.I.P.

    • Cat Person

      Gotta start somewhere-had to keep the hairspray and gel companies in business.

  • Dcruson20

    I first met Dime at a small bar in Arlington,Tx called Rascals, I had the pleasure of shooting a shot of crown with him and the rest of Pantera. that was an awesome time and i miss him and the way he played.  Your music still kicks ASS!!!!!!! R.I.P. DIME

    • Cat Person

      lucky you

  • Sacredsparrow

    See You in the next life dimebag……your music still drives me ………….R.I.P. Zach…..I WILL give you a dimebag tattoo you oneday…….

    • Cat Person

      never forget

  • Cat Person

    R.I.P. Dime-keep shredding with Stevie Ray,Lane Staley,Dio-you will never be forgotten-and your pink beard-ha ha ha

  • Cat Person

    Look at the picture!!!!!! Rock On-Vinnie,you and Hell Yeah still rock!!!!!

  • Karalaynestayley

    R.I.P. Dime we’ll see ya again on the other side man

  • Dramsey818

    RIP brother Dime. Heavy Metal passed away with you bro!

    • jeff

      nahh bro, metal is still here! theres just a void without Dime that will NEVER!!!!! be filled!

  • Rohailgtr

    There aint gonna b another! m/

  • S Robinette67

    I cried that day, its a good thing I had my own office then I was a mess… Pantera-Dime, Phil, Vinnie and Rex were a very big part of my 20s decade and so on, hate the fact that some ruthless idiot chose his destiny! Heres to one of the best musicians of all time. We miss you dearly Dimebag!

  • Murdawg78

    This is about the time I wipe away my tears for a lost part of my life and than punch the wall over and over till blood starts to fly. I crank Fucken Hostile raise my 5th to the sky and cry some more but this time with a smile on my face cuz Dime knows what I mean …miss ya u bad motherfucker!!!

  • Hjkronic

    dimebag Darrell was my hero R.I.P.

  • Thrashgivens

    You made metal what it is today and you will never be forgotten I listen to pantera everyday of my life you will always influence all that have ever herd you play keep jammin man

  • Candicepowell18

    R.I.P Dimebag tragically taken but a legend never to be forgotten

  • Daniel Donahue

    Mr Darrell Abbot…AKA Dimebag….I know your chillin with the METAL GODS of days gone by…Probably sippin some Crown and mabie burnin  one….You are loved and Missed by all…And I am so sad about what could of been with you and that fucking Dean….You rocked the fucking world…..Thanks for all the Metal you created and influenced….RIP……….

  • Stha_paras011

    we “LL always remmber you ur shredding art will be last forever ur one of the best guitarist dat i have ever seen ur rewally metal magic the boon of god for metal music!!!!!!!!! rip diamond darrel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wjhoward07

    Keep his memory alive brother

  • Priscillajohnson52

    When I heard about what had happened….I was on my way to work I went back inside and put on my pantera shirt. I’m still sad about it. That guy took away the chance of them ever gettin back together…I truely believe they would have for the fans….R.I.P. Dime….very missed. I’m. So happy I got to see them just once in corpus chriti, tx..

  • Dafduk18

    Miss you Dime. Music truly lost a genius xo

  • Brody_skull08

    The 1st time I met Dime and Vinnie was at the Basement, around the “…driven” album due date. 
    My 1st shot of Jaegarmeister was with Dimebag Darrell and Dave Williams(Drowning Pool 1st singer) and it was at the Basement.  The first Time I saw Ace Frehley, the first time I had sex with my Math teacher…was at the Basement.  I shed a tear when they tore down the Basement and when Dimebag was assassinated.  Memories will never be replaced by anything less than legendary…God bless the fallen!m/

    • Rawlos

      He meant so much to me and still does all you guys do..R.I.P Vinnie prayers and blessings to you and the whole Abbott family..:)

  • Brody_skull08

    AND I shed a tear when Dave Williams passed away…..(Sorry Dave,r.i.p)

  • iDiano Bag Darrell

    DimemothefuckerBag 4ever in my fuck-ing heart

  • Brianhowe_36

    Dime lives here

  • Psdude22

    Right on Z…RIP D

  • Cea

    Rock in Peace, Dimebag Darrell ((*,)))!,,!

  • Alemaotone

    Dimebag is number one!!!!’no others

  • Unclejuggalo

    Dime is a GOD.

  • Wayne Darby

    There will never be another…… :-(

  • Rallen624

    Ok none of you people are saying the rite words!we all loved dime,the world of music lost one of the most amazing musicians it has ever known!but Connie paul Abbott lost so much more than that!he lost his brother,his best friend and the band that he and his brother worked so hard to perfect,and I say perfect because that’s exactly what panteras music was,surpassing slayer and metallica,megadeth and anthrax!panteras is metal!I would rather have a monster lthree quarters of metal than nothing at all!and I’m sure dime would agree with me!vinnie I’m sorry for your loss!the pain you felt!the missing piece of you life!and the hole in your heart!but the world needs pantera!we need you vinny you are the only person that can do what needs to be done!put panteras back together!dime would be proud to have a friend and a monster like let’s say zakk wyld walk walk a few miles in his shoes for his people!

    • Doane

      You are sooo right… There are plenty of fans like US that would love to see and hear Pantera music again with Zakk playin in his friends shoes!! The tour would be epic!!!  I know Vinnie cant stand Phil, but just do a final Pantera tour for the fans to have a chance to say goodbye to a true metal guitar hero!!!

  • Derbydriverxxx

    RIP Dime. I love and miss you.

  • Doane

    Each year that passes by without Dimebag is more painfull from a musical standpoint. What other blues laden metal riffs did we lose from his passing? GOD BLESS  DIMEBAG… We miss you heavily. Time for me to have a Black Tooth Brother…CHEERS  We will join you in good time!!

    • Nthib91

      This is true but the band was starting to fall apart studio-wise leading up to his death if you read about the notes surrounding their last two albums. If he was still alive, he should’ve just made a new badarse band! well, we can dream anyway. RIP Dime!!

      • Guest666

        Ever heard of Damageplan???

  • Shorty Pickins

    ty zakk for sharing your thoughts/memories of dimebag; he definitely DID help to change the way metal has been made ever since he was banned from entering the guitar contests before pantera was even really conceived, because it simply wasn’t fair for anyone else, for they couldn’t touch him with a 10′ pole, so he won EVERY time, haha. god bless his tender soul, for he died doing what he loved, and will be FOREVER missed. RIP, darrell…

  • Mhartdj88


  • Darryl

    R.I.P Dime , Black tooth grin poured to the ground ,fist pump upward ,

  • Rjdigger

    R.I.P Dime.had a blacktoothshot today

  • Jdbrennan80

    Far Beyond Legendary… RIP Dime! We all love you and miss you and will forever.

  • Jdbrennan80

    Far Beyond Legendary… RIP Dime! We all love you and miss you and will forever.

  • Gabriel_infinte2

    Thats Fucking Great…CFH Brother~!~

  • Jaygates78


  • mike

    R>I>P  bye far the greatest gutar player in my book miss ya dime

  • Derrick bryant

    well i love dime n his music, it gave me goose bumps when I listened to his playing!! mayb he’s playing with randy n cliff n john or keith !!

  • Woodfin

    Dime was inspirational for me ! He was by far the best guitarist of his era , and any other as far as i am concerned . DIME FUCKIN RULES 4 EVER !!!

  • Imivan1970

    Dime’s playing was fucking SICK.. He still lives every time i put on a pantera album.