Photos: Preview the 2012 Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock Calendar

The 2012 edition of Revolver‘s Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock calendar–featuring Halestorm’s Lzzy Hale on its cover and exclusive pinups of 12 of the loveliest ladies in music, including an alternate shot of Hale, inside–is available online for pre-order . The calendar also packs plenty of hard-rock and metal trivia, including landmark album release dates, historic concerts, musician birthdays, and much more! Get yours now.


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  • Werehold

    I only know 2 out of 12. Way to find some models and stick them in bands. Leave music to the ears please. This is why metal is in the shitter right now. MESHUGGAH.

    • EmilyGrace

      these are all very talented girls. i’ve heard of all of them. maybe you should broaden your range of music before trashing Revolver and the girls. No sarcasm, just genuine advice. :)

      • Robi

        Talented sure, but metal, no. Evanescence and In This Moment are pop crap.

        • AdamG

          Sorry but that was just the most stupid statement ever made by a long shot.

    • Drumaster5000

       dude! go look up the agonist right now!! she’s not only just hot as hell but an amazing singer both screaming and actual singing along with a bad ass band man!!

  • Duncan McDermott

    Why do people come on these things just to say this bands crap….nobody cares

  • Obuscate

    wwhaha? Alexis brown isn’t here?

  • Grace B France

    Now, “REVOLVER” MUST do the same about guys in metal!! Lol.
    Who are the hottest men in hard rock and metal 2011? For me? Ronnie from “Falling In Reverse”, héhé!
    You hear me “REVOLVER”? Don’t always think about your male readers ONLY! (although I’m aware of the fact they are the majority and that you must think about pleasing them first, with hot and sexy girls, lol)!!
    Us, female readers, we do exist too, you know… m/,(^.^)*

  • Mick

    Amy Lee is smoking hot.  Evanescence are back with a vengance,  all Amy needs to do now is collaborate with Metallica on some songs.  

    • Acasavec

      Why would they ever collaborate with Metallica? Metallica’s recent collaboration with Lou was enough to make everybody that ever liked Metallica want to kill themselves.. That would make Evanescence look worse haha

  • Jeffrey Edward Miller

    Where’s Cristina Scabbia? :-(

  • Tara

    It says “Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock,” which is a more accurate term for some of these people.  I think Halestorm is definitely more “hard rock” than “metal”.  People seem to use the two terms like they’re interchangeable, but they’re really not.

    Anyway, way to keep it classy Lzzy and Amy.  I’ll have to look up some of the others to judge how talented they are, but some of them look more like eye candy than genuine rockers.

  • Fatal_Error0

    😮 No Cristina Scabbia or Charlotte Wessels?! o.0

  • Korn

    Robyn Chabotski is that you?

  • Brad Frail

    Yea where the hell is Cristina Scabbia, hottest chick in metal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Guest

    Brooklyn = best looking, youngest, best singer, best screamer, best writer, hands DOWN good choice Revolver. 

  • Fallingoutskate

    No Cristina Scabbia?????
    Are the Revolver editors totally gay???????????

    SERIOUSLY, I think so.

  • Levinesam

    No Cristina Scabbia? You gotta be fuckin’ kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    anybody else wonder why no member of kittie is on this thing. not just one hot chick but 4. sad

  • pelagio

    i love my month!!!!!!!!

  • Me

    No Dilana? ? 

  • Wildcopper

    Putting in Amy Lee, but not Lacey Sturm from Flyleaf, is a bit nonsensical in my opinion…

  • Guest

    I’m shocked Cristina Scabbia isn’t in there … 

  • ilkay_AE

    Where is Cristina Scabbia ?!!! Where is Angela Gossow ???!!!!1

    • ☆☆☆ JaganaR ☆☆☆

       where the hell is Liv (leaves eyes)  Tarja (nuf said) Doro (warlock) Sharon den Adel (within temptation)

      and im disgusted by her beating out Christina (lacuna Coil) bottom NINTH ?? really Revolver ?????

      much love M/

  • Mara

     Butcher Babies huh? Going to check them out now 😀 Also Amy gorgeous as always, and without doubt Taylor ir smoking hot as well

  • Darkskull

    What a spectacular way to start out 2012! And leading the way is the talented and lovely Amy Lynn Lee Hutzler.

  • Chris Ancel

    Where is Cristina Scabbia? Hottest ever in Rock.

    • ☆☆☆ JaganaR ☆☆☆

       she got beaten out by an emo wannabe (amy)

  • Ana SaLvinii

    revolver fail…amy is the queen of the commercial … is the music business or musicians make it commercial?..sorry for my bad inglish…i´m disappointed

    • ☆☆☆ JaganaR ☆☆☆

      my sister , look what you are dealing with AMERICAN WRITERS.

      where the hell is Liv (leaves eyes)  Tarja (nuf said) Doro (warlock) Sharon den Adel (within temptation)

      and im disgusted by her beating out Christina (lacuna Coil)

      much love M/

  • Coiler For Life

    No Cristina Scabbia? Fail Revolver, fail fail fail.

  • Jessica Harmsworth

    Alright IDIOTS! Revolver has always but CRISTINA SCABBIA *no H* in the metal category. She is the Hottest Chick in METAL. Or did you all miss that issue!

    • ☆☆☆ JaganaR ☆☆☆

      Jessica , i no im repeating myself here but bear with me  >

      my sister , look what you are dealing with AMERICAN WRITERS.

      where the hell is Liv (leaves eyes)  Tarja (nuf said) Doro (warlock) Sharon den Adel (within temptation)

      and im disgusted by her beating out Christina (lacuna Coil) she was placed bottom ninth for FRAG’s Sake >___>

      much love M/

  • Jessica Harmsworth

    I would have put the Agonist and Epica in the metal categories too. 

  • Jessica Harmsworth

    And Maria Brink. Hmm so still a fail on revolvers end. Does anyone know the difference between Hard Rock and Metal. They should have had the front-woman from Sister Sin. That is another hard rock female. 

  • Ronnie G

    Are them things all real?  I think some of these gals have had a little silicone help. I guess that’s not just for movie stars, hard rock chicks got to get ’em enlarged now too.

  • DaroDiScabbia

    and Cristina Scabbia?! D:

  • Phantommenac


  • Vuk Stanovčić

    karin axelsson rules them all

  • Slug6

    great calender Cristina scabbia,Sharen den adel,Tarja ,should be in there to

  • Tonya Ortiz

    I would of liked to see Cristina Scabbia of Lacona Coil in this calender & Amy Lee is the sexest girl of them all…

    • Eric Barrett

      Personally, I think Christina Scabbia is THE Hottest Woman of Heavy Metal Right now. Yeah there are some hot women in Metal but for years. Since about mid-2002 to mid-2003, when I first heard the Good Lacuna Coil, when they’re were more metal then now. She still looked SEXY back then too.

      • hemlock s

        LC is true

  • Obsidian_Butterfly11

    I Love my Angelface, Maria Brink. <3!

  • BooBitch

    How could you leave out Angela Gossow and Tarja Turunen???!!! The women you mentioned, including Amy Lee, aren’t half as bad ass, talented, or beautiful as Angela and Tarja. Terrible choices

  • A P_alves

    i love maria brink, faltou sharon den adel e tarja turunen =/

  • Lucpminari

    Amy Lee … the best and sexiest of all

  • Jessica

    where is the hottest dudes calendar??

  • Jessica

    where is the hottest dudes calendar??

  • Jo_raso

    Lauren Harris ..

  • Jiwon Kim

    u left out Cassadee Pope :(

  • Jordan Brown

    Where the heck is Simone Simmons!?

  • Jordan Brown

    And Meytal Cohen!?

  • Raymond Kum

    YES!!! Alexia and Anissa Rodriguez of Eyes Set to Kill.<3 I love them!!

  • N8iv28

    Maria Brink looks amazing and Taylor Momsen on my month!! HellYeah!!

  • Paleo_kid

    dude lzzy hale is the christmas present thats epic!

  • Sheenah1

    Brooklyn is only 18 and she if amazingly hot and talented!

  • Sheenah1

    Brooklyn is only 18 and she if amazingly hot and talented!

  • Korgull

    Look at this.

    NONE of these girls are in a Metal band. OR good bands!
    What do ya know! A magazine doesn’t know a thing about Metal, totally not a surprise.

    • Jenny Penny

      Evanescence. Get the new CD. It’s brutal!

      • Guido

        2 br00tal 4 teh n00b

  • Edgler00999

    Who is the blonde girl in the silver dress to the left on this web page???

  • :(

    I definitely feel like they missed Angela Gossow.

  • Marah

    they missed angela gossow, sharon (within temptation) , tarja turunen, simone simons!!

    • AndyK

      Angela Gossow doesn’t do these shitty shoots any more because she feels it objectifies women in metal and pretty much makes a joke out of them. I’d have to agree to the fact that it makes a joke out of them, especially because they have to rely on their looks rather than talent.

      • Korgull

        You know what a joke is?

        Angela Gossow’s contribution to Metal.

        She’s a poser who turned a decent Melodic Death Metal band into a crappy mallcore band, and is worshipped by posers.

        She has no talent, so she should be right here relying on her looks. Dawn Crosby and Wendy O Williams would be rolling in their graves to see what women in Metal/Punk have become.

        • Jax

           much like yourself. you mallcore toughguy

          • Korgull

            If I was a mallcore tough guy, I’d like Angela Gossow/Arch Enemy and not know a damn thing about Metal.

            However, I do not like Angela Gossow/Arch Enemy, and I know quite a bit about Metal.. Which is one of the bigger reasons why I don’t like Angela Gossow/Arch Enemy. As such, I cannot possibly be a mallcore tough guy.

          • Korgull

             u use wikipedia…

          • Lol

             i think the second korgull is correct

          • Lol

             i think the second korgull is correct

    • Krybabyass

      Sharon def shoulda been in the calendar!

      • hemlock s

        pseudo dark

    • hemlock s

      simone one of many .just pop
      you know about this pseudo but dont know about many really good vocailists

  • Hottestoneevereatme

    i have to say call me crazy  if u like  cause i know u will but None of them can really sing Good it so bad why cant we have one good female rock singer that knows how to rock i guess they shoulkd leave it to the man it where is belongs any ways

    • Jenny Penny

      Amy Lee is the best singer in the world.

      • Lol


    • Angel

      Amy lee is one prime example she is called the metal and rock queen for a reason he music is beyond what most “Guys” can do 

    • Sweet

      You really should listen to some of Amy Lee and Alexia & Anissa Rodriguez music. They are amazing.

    • Jimmy Fox

      THE girl from hailstorm LIZZY HALE can sing her ass off you need to take a listen!!!

    • Massin Abdaoui

      Amy Lee is the best singer ever…ever…plus she’s super hott

  • diekilldie

    where’s kristen randall? she’s way hotter than those chicks. i do like taylor momsen though even if she’s not really metal.

  • Cheborneck

    Jesus you guys have low standards!

    • Jack Black

      bc it is sh#t calendar

  • Lzzy Scabbia

    Why arent Lzzy and Cristina in that shitty calender?

    • Jack Black

      bc that sh#tty calendar

  • Kyle Abraham

    Brooklyn Allman

  • NYD Fan

    Ash Costello, derp.

  • Ana Paula

    this is the official calendar?
    deserves new photos, exclusive photos actually came up amy lee this list because sharon den adel not? ¬ ¬

  • Papa Blu Dragon

    Emma(april?) and Syd(may?) are the best of the whole lot.

  • EPICA :D

    Simone Simons is a princess and had a beautiful voice!! but she isn’t hard rock……

    • EPICA :D

      “has”, sorry

    • hemlock s


  • TFug

    There are a large number of very hot and talented women in metal. I think Revolver has done a fairly good job with this calender.

  • Roquer07

    Izzy Hale(Halestorm) All The Way! U guys should listen to their song ‘Innocence’ live in philly! I have been in love with her voice ever since! 😀