Photos: Puscifer, Live in Philadelphia

Puscifer, the experimental rock group led by Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan, performed what looks like a root-tootin’ set in Philadelphia last week. Photographer Derek Brad was on hand to tangle with Keenan’s tumbleweeds. Let us know what you think of how the concert looks in the comments section.


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  • Ty

    One of the best shows i’ve ever been to!  Great photos!

  • Ben

    Sat front row center for the St. Louis show.  Best concert experience I’ve had in my 38 years.

    • Elizabethmooneyham

      Please tell me…HOW did you get front row tickets??!!  Were you just lucky or
      did you have to pay those outrageous scalper prices

  • Bll69

    Even my sister, who is not familiar at all withTool, APC or even MJK said it was one of the best shows she has ever seen. She did not know a single song, but she does now. She thanked me for turning her on to something different in the music scene something that she will never forget. Puscifer has a new fan.

  • Brittany

    Just curious why you called them an “experimental” rock group?

  • john ward

    the new york show at bam in brooklyn was amazing!

  • Vicky Kemp

    We’re going to the Dallas show.

  • Egeary05

    I was 10 rows from the stage at that show and it was spectacular! Bravo Maynard you have done it again!!! 

  • Ashley Kirk

    Fantastic show. Loved the white trash set, especially Maynard pulling out the trailer at the start of the show. Really loved how everyone just moved around the set pieces – it was much different than the usual ‘step on stage, perform, and leave.’ This was a much more personal experience.

  • Shelley Horner-coman

    Saw the show the 27th in Charlotte,NC- Maynard is an amazing artist- I love how he gives you his experience through the words-the sound and props and lights visually. He is amazing- his voice takes me wherever he wishes- the desert- his heart-his personal views and precious memories of his mother… Such a surreal experience– heres to you, Mr.Keenan!!!