Review: Asking Alexandria – Reckless & Relentless



On Reckless & Relentless, the second full-length by English screamo-inflected metalcore outfit Asking Alexandria—who are performing at the 2011 Revolver Golden Gods in L.A. on April 20—the group expands its sound by incorporating more bits of techno and industrial, from the booming drum intro on “Closure” to the orchestral closer “Morte e Dabo.” The album’s first real song, “Dear Insanity,” which comes after a piano-and-growls opener, serves sort of as a reminder of the band’s more straightforward sound on previous album Stand Up and Scream, full of vicious screamed vocals and crushing breakdowns, before diving fully into their musical experiments. It’s in the final third of the album, though, where the group’s genre commingling really shines and the electronic overtones add to some of the group’s heaviest songs. Beginning with “Breathless,” which veers between melodic singing and gurgly death-metal growls, Reckless & Relentless almost becomes a new album—and one that is definitely worth picking up. VALERIE FOLEY

  • COB fan

    album name sounds like a ripoff from relentless, reckless forever!

    • Kennyrodway

      Except Asking Alexandria announced their album name well before.

    • The Truth

      COB FAIL

    • Thecityofevil

      AA announced way before, so get good silly little children of bodom fan, go cry and bitch somewhere else… cool :)

  • Drummer8745601

    asking alexandria is the cats pajamas

  • TheyCallMeTrag

    I do say so myself it is a very good album and deffinitely worth buying, I rate it about 4.75 stars. The music videos should be very good for this album and I’m anxious for those more than anything.

  • Khailyn_falcon

    love it love it love it love ittttt!!!!! (: I LOVE ASKING ALEXANDRIA! (:

  • yumara


  • La_ur_en

    Their songs are amazing. I went to the concert and I have to say I am now a die-hard fan!

  • Xxxgirlxxx666

    omg i was so there ^_^ ahh it was so fucking ama-za-za-zing!!!

    • pshhhhhfuckyou

      did you travel into the future or something? stupid cunt

    • pshhhhhfuckyou

      did you travel into the future or something? stupid cunt

  • Jawns

    too bad this band sucks balls anyways.

    • craig

      fuck you dude, wasting your life trying to bring people down, have a negative remark? keep it to yourself and stfu dude, support or dont, but dont hate

      • w.w.w.we.we.f.wfd.


  • Disasterpiecex6

    This review is byist since AA is performing for Revolver. This cd sounds nothing like their debut an its not good at all. This band use to be brutal. Now they are a bumch of sellouts!

    • Panikkxattakk

      and you clearly know nothing about “sell outs”.

    • Mikejr96

      are you high? this album is way more hardcore

      • w.W..w.wd.qd.

        Asking Alexandria music sounds nothing close to hardcore. They’re just incredibly shitty scene music.

    • Matthew L.

      So basically, because they’re not as heavy as they used to be in your opinion, they’re sellouts?

      Go get some fucking brain cells dude, it’s a wonder you can breathe without a machine to do it for you.

  • Drummingdork2

    i wouldnt compare to their old stuff, theyve developed

  • Aldypunker

    bereh that nyan 😀

  • Aldy Ichwan T. A

    sheyyy !!

  • Xombiejoe

    I couldn’t agree more

  • BessieTheHellPig

    too much chugging for me, i think all American bands are beginning to sound the same

    • C1ae

      yeahhhh Asking Alexandria are from England… it said that in the review…

  • BessieTheHellPig

    too much chugging for me, i think all American bands are beginning to sound the same

  • DwightHoawrd

    this review tells me nothing of the quality of the album. fuck this guy

  • Rwelday

    I dont know what any one is talkin about. This album fuckin rocks. Bring back real rock n roll. The sex and drugs kind.