Review: For the Fallen Dreams – Back Burner



Michigan trio For the Fallen Dreams’ third full-length album, Back Burner, doesn’t exactly bring anything new to the table in terms of the now well-worn metalcore formula. But the band does manage to create material that will, at times, engage even the most jaded heavy-music listener. Tracks like “Complicate the Situation” and “The Human Collective” blend original riffs and catchy choruses with blistering breakdowns, and they throb with genuine passion and energy. Even the somewhat cliché soft track “Bottom Feeders” sounds great, and is well-placed in the middle of the album, where it provides a replenishing respite from the overall assault.  Nevertheless, the band’s consistent use of clean-sung choruses comes across as uninspired and forced, and it only serves to break up their better heavy verses. The group also relies too much on by-the-numbers breakdowns throughout the album. Back Burner is hardly the year’s most memorable record, but it will please fans and should surprise listeners who think that nothing good can come from metalcore these days. DAVID McKENNA

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    the album is terrible. FTFD only has 2 albums. I’m not sure who the fuck wrote back burners

  • Bladerunner341

    Haha so in the review they admit that there are “cliche” songs? That right there should stop anyone from buying this piece of shit album. This new douchebag hardcore scene is failing. Rise Records needs to stop producing these shitty ass bands that all sound the same. Fuckin scene kids.

  • James Oleksiak

    This album is amazing, fuck all the haters, move on a go listen to something that will please you if this can’t. Its music appreciate it for what it is.

  • Wrecked Reviews

    Yeah, we weren’t as easy on the album as these guys were. Good review, but we definitely let these guys have it. Check out our review if you’d like.

  • ScoobyDoobies

    yeah as far as im concern they only have 2 albums.. dissapointed