Review: Storm Corrosion – Storm Corrosion



Storm Corrosion is the long-awaited collaborative project from Porcupine Tree’s Steven Wilson and Opeth’s Mikael Åkerfeldt—but you might not guess it from listening to this debut album. Rather than playing the progressive metal associated with those bands, the duo crafts dark, cinematic orchestral music closer to the experimentation of Univers Zero or Scott Walker. Perhaps the strongest track is “Lock Howl,” an odd folk song that sounds dreamy and dreary. Many Opeth and Porcupine Trees may be disappointed with the lack of heavy riffage, but those with open minds will find much to enjoy in this dense, atmospheric album. DAVID McKENNA

Check out “Drag Ropes” off Storm Corrosion below:

  • FuckOpeth

    What I’ve heard has been complete crap wankery. Opeth sucks now days anyways…

    • Despairfactor

      Hey fuck opeth…your mother should have drowned you at birth…its better than most bands that come out with the same repititious crap every album…you just want something to bang your head to cause your a mindless monkey!!!!

    • DevilDog

      do mean FUCK YOU??? how on the earth someone dislike New opeth.. what do you want?? to keep writing albums similar to Ghost Reveries or Still Life or Watershed?? Heritage is what new opeth is. The evolving sound. THe most unique sound this world had ever came across!!!! so if you’re tryin to say it sucks… you better keep your beak shut and fuck your own ass!!!!!!!

  • ABQmetal

    Hey, FuckOpeth, thanks for staying away from Opeth shows!

  • Bjones

    After my first listen, I have to admit to being a little disappointed.  Yes, there were plenty of warnings about lack of percussion and metallic elements, but – being a fan of Bass Communion – that didn’t bother me.  But the album didn’t grab me first time around.  Very gothic and folky, the middle section lost me a bit.  I like Drag Ropes and the last two tracks.  But I guess I just expected something more.  Very similar to the superb Track One of SW’s Grace for Drowning, but not as good so far.  I think I would have liked a little more variety in tone and style.

    That said, I will definitely give it plenty more chances to impress upon me.  The right album in the wrong mood can be just throw-out-the-window awful, so I might not have been listening to it in the right setting.

    I would agree that, technically and sonically, it is still streets ahead of 95% of the other music that passes my ears.