Review: Winds of Plague – Against the World



Back at it , deathcore crew Winds of Plague–who are playing the Revolver Golden Gods Pre-Party in their hometown of Los Angeles tonight–have released their fourth album, Against the World, which is their most progressive and mature to date. As with their previous records, the band still uses its eerie symphonic elements, but  they have scaled them back here. Instead they’ve found other ways to build up to their heavy breakdowns. The first song, “‘Raise the Dead” begins with a haunting chant of little girl voices, as if coming from a  haunted house. In their ode to their home state, “California” they flirt with hip hop in a chant that will make the perfect soundtrack to a circle pit. “Built for War” has a medieval-inspired intro that sends chills up the spine before diving into crushing guitar and drums. But more traditional hardcore influences show up as well. The guest vocals by Hatebreed frontman Jamey Jasta  on “Built for War” provide it with a brutal ending that leaves the listener wanting more.  And the sludgy chug! chug! chug! of “Most Hated” sets the tone for this hardcore sing-along anthem. On the whole, Winds of Plague have grown as a unit in the time that they wrote Against the World, and now they sound ready to actually take on the world. VALERIE FOLEY

  • XKnickX

    Wow. I don’t know if Revolver is being baised because these guys are playing the golden gods pre party or what but this is a horrible review. Let me really give people an informed look at Winds of Plagues latest album. There is nothing new or fresh about this album. All against the World is WOP realizing they had something going with Decimate the Weak and after releasing The Great Stone War they realized they wouldnt survive unless they went back… But sadly it’s to little to late. They ride breakdowns like its the only thing they know how to do. There is almost no melody and the lyrics consist of the word f^&k and some other things thrown in for good measure. SImply put if you want to listen to bad lyrics and bland open chord breakdowns for a half an hour go and abuse yourself with this

    • Keith Smith

      you sound like a clueless retard your mouth sounds better when its shut

  • Keith Smith

    the album as as a whole is surprising brutal and creative . iv been playing drums since i was 12 , my neighbor that has a good ear and great taste in metal said this is the first wop album that he wants a copy of 

  • Walker

    This album blows. Breakdown after breakdown, how are people not tired of that yet?