Review: Cold – Superfiction



Post-grunge staples Cold release their fifth album, and first in six years, after a three-year hiatus, between 2006 and 2009. And while Superfiction may not mark a totally triumphant return–it’s not nearly as straight-ahead propulsive and catchy as 2003’s meteoric Year of the Spider–the record is a respectable offering from the Jacksonville quintet. Polished and radio-ready, the album shines with tight instruments and layered production. The silky-smooth crooning of frontman Scooter Ward bring to life vivid lyrics, evoking a rich narrative of somber stories, taking the form of 12 tracks. Unfortunately, sonically speaking, the tracks tend to blur together, and it isn’t until the third or fourth spin that casual listeners–if they make it that far–will begin to dissect and disentangle the tracks. Still, despite this same-ness throughout the album and the presence of the few throwaway tracks, Superfiction has plenty of highlights, including the fanciful “Welcome2MyWorld,” the tragic “So Long June,” majestic album opener “Wicked World,”  and the lyrically lush and melodic “American Dream.” Maybe not super, but definitely rock solid. JEREMY BORJON

Check out “Wicked World” from Superfiction below:

  • Boordr

    If you are not a deep soulful type person you won’t like cold. Their music is not brainless trash like the rest of the rock world.  -Cold Army


      Wow, You’re so deep.

  • dibbid

    i love cold and have for year. this album is much better than their last one. that said is it 13 ways to bleed, year of the spider, or their self titled album? no, not really. but still a great album that is catching on me quickly. and this is coming from a guy who just can’t seem to find a lot of good NEW music.

    • Anonymous

      feel exactly the same, about the album and about it being hard to find new music. if you haven’t already done so, check out Seether’s latest.  rock on.

  • wicked witch

    Superfiction is by far the best one! I love it! has so much meaning! if you haven’t gotten, GET IT!!

  • felixocen

    not as good as 13 ways & the self-titled one

  • Dark0doom

    just 13 ways .vocals in this album is so soft and surprised me.bad vocal indeed .remember those vocals on 13 ways.mournful and depressive.its a commercial release

  • Coldpain

    this album was horrbile 3-4 cold sounding songs, the rest sound like killer and the star crap. horrible. COLD is dead.

    • Krypto2020

      Dude no this is cold I like this album is it there best work no but cold is not dead some bands have to go in a different direction to survive in this music buissness

    • Krypto2020

      Dude no this is cold I like this album is it there best work no but cold is not dead some bands have to go in a different direction to survive in this music buissness

  • COLDguest9000000

    Sounds very good to me! Poetry lyrics at the highest level! This is hard to replicate. COLD is still ‘COLD’ for those who wonder!

  • Dark0doom

    I have to say Cold is dead.scooter wont scream Motherfuckers just got wicked…oh god

  • Wickedspider

    Their new album is totally amazing! I love all their songs, they’re just sooo F’in badass! -Bader

  • Kf4vux

    I was disappointed at first because it was not what I expected it would be. But, I’ve really grown to love it.

  • asharp01

    I just picked up this album today, and sadly I have to say I am not a fan of it. Sounds too commerial to me. This was just a big let down. I really do love Cold and hope that they can go back to they’re old sound. I have to say I do love the wicked world track tho. The rest is something to be desired. Just story telling, nothing really about emotions. But I guess thats why they called it superfiction. Still love the guys tho, always will.

  • asharp01

    Ok I have listened to this album a few more times, and I have to say it is starting to grow on me. But I still miss that old Cold sound.