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Review: Cold - Superfiction

Review: Cold - Superfiction

Post-grunge staples Cold release their fifth album, and first in six years, after a three-year hiatus, between 2006 and 2009. And while Superfiction may not mark a totally triumphant return--it's not nearly as straight-ahead propulsive and catchy as 2003’s meteoric Year of the Spider--the record is a respectable offering from the Jacksonville quintet. Polished and radio-ready, the album shines with tight instruments and layered production. The silky-smooth crooning of frontman Scooter Ward bring to life vivid lyrics, evoking a rich narrative of somber stories, taking the form of 12 tracks. Unfortunately, sonically speaking, the tracks tend to blur together, and it isn’t until the third or fourth spin that casual listeners--if they make it that far--will begin to dissect and disentangle the tracks. Still, despite this same-ness throughout the album and the presence of the few throwaway tracks, Superfiction has plenty of highlights, including the fanciful “Welcome2MyWorld,” the tragic “So Long June,” majestic album opener “Wicked World,”  and the lyrically lush and melodic “American Dream.” Maybe not super, but definitely rock solid. JEREMY BORJON

Check out "Wicked World" from Superfiction below:

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