Review: Disturbed – The Lost Children



The Lost Children is a compilation of  B-sides and rarities from Chicago rock veterans Disturbed, and it’s particularly noteworthy since it could be the final release from the band, who are going on “indefinite hiatus.” Fortunately, the record does not disappoint: From start to finish, this is a fascinating glimpse at the parts left on the cutting-room floor. Opening with the torrential “Hell” and titanic “A Welcome Burden,” the album bursts out of the gates with the ferocity of a raging bull. At 16 tracks, there is something for every Disturbed fan, from the Dexter-inspired “Old Friend” and the pummeling “3” to the operatic “Sickened.” The album closes with two wildly enjoyable covers: Faith No More’s “Midlife Crisis” and Judas Priest’s “Living After Midnight,” on which the guys show off their diverse influences while still making each song their own. Tracing Disturbed’s path from their debut album all the way to their last record, Asylum, this album acts as an underground Greatest Hits, of sorts. Any hardcore fan will be immediately familiar with the sound on the majority of this album. Granted, it is a collection of B-sides, but any lack of overall cohesiveness or structure makes this album an enjoyably random pile of 16 good-to-great songs that force the listener to pick through and find their favorite. In a way, this is Disturbed at the top of their game. Each of these tracks deserves to see the light of day. Let’s hope they aren’t the final songs we hear from David Draiman & Co. JEREMY BORJON

  • Connor Brown

    I didn’t know they were going on hiatus. Awwe mann. If they are, then Atreyu Should freaking come back!!

  • People Suck

    glad they’re going on hiatus for a while. they haven’t been the same since fists imo. this album, however, is the album i’ve been waiting for since fists was released. def makes me long for them to go back to the sound that made them so bad ass to begin with. hopefully they’ll do just that when they come back. you can tell which songs were cut from which album too.

  • Anonymous

    Think it’s a great collection. Better than Asylum actually.

  • Buchan

    Hugh G Rection – OH YEH!!!!!

  • Stinkpinkerton

    For being “leftovers” this record has some great songs on it. I’m not that big of a disturbed fan and these kind of albums usually don’t turn out great. But this is trully an exception. These guys were sitting on some really good music and glad they decided to put ’em out there.

  • Lorine69

    I happen. 2 think this album ROCKS!

  • Jamesperez

    love the album and hate the fact i got used to it and yet there is not gonna be a tour in the next year.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, some of the tracks aren’t that great, but there are some pretty awesome ones on there, such as the cover songs, Hell, Parasite, and A Welcome Burden.

  • Clifford Dean Honeycutt

    I for one think this was a smart thing to do. It’s pretty cool to hear all their b-sides in one album!