Review: Red Fang – Murder the Mountains



Drunkenly stumbling from the cold, musically fertile shores of Portland, Red Fang practice the same stonery, uptempo rock that the Sword, Torche, and dozens of others have ridden to acclaim throughout the aughties. Their take on it is decidedly simple, with a focus on catchy riffs and concise grooves.

But unlike the aforementioned two bands or, say, Priestess, who have succeeded in this vein, Red Fang lack any sense of soul. Between Bryan Giles’ dreary vocal performance, occasionally sloppy guitar work, and a complete dearth of memorable riffs, Murder the Mountains, the band’s sophomore full-length, has none of the conviction or drive that makes for good rock. Nor does it have any of the distinctive character that the best bands bring to their sound (like Baroness’s hollow scratchiness or Torche’s strange harmonies). Every disappointingly barebones track plods forward on a straight path until the next song takes its place.

Nothing on Murder the Mountains is bad exactly. But there is also nothing on here that hasn’t been done better by somebody else. And that means it sure isn’t good, either. CLARKE READ

  • Jklr100

    Did this idiot reviewer even hear the album because he couldn’t even get the album title right.

  • CA

    Clarke- The album is called “MURDER the mountains”- and quite frankly, it is amazing!

  • Justinmfoxworth

    It’s fantastic. 4 stars.

  • kingbong

    Clarke, are you sure you got a copy of the right album? “Complete dearth of memorable riffs”?? “No soul???” WTF?

  • Hallowed Butchery

    He gave the album a quick, superficial listen and farted this review out of his tight, little asshole. In a fight, I’d pick RED FANG. CLARKE READ is obviously a pussy.

  • guest

    Exactlty why I’m proud to have cancelled my subscription to revolver. Foo Fighters gets a four out of five and Red Fang 2 out of 5. What a joke. That this magazine would even review a Foo Fighters album is a joke in itself.

  • Howl1982

    lmao This is why i don’t read Revolver! I hope somebody upstairs is reading these comments because the jokers that you have doing reviews need to have their heads examined and then shown the door! I can’t remember the last time I was so completely disgusted with a review for the simple fact that it makes no sense. He obviously didn’t listen to the same album that i’ve been listening to and enjoying every single second of. Pure garbage made into printed word.

  • Timichango

    Wow… I generally judge a rock or metal album by how strong my compunction to pick up my guitar and learn the riffs is—good music in both genres is more often than not goddamned fun to play. This album has a very strong possibility of causing me to generate blisters from which I’ll never fully recover.

    The reviewer is comparing Red Fang to Priestess? And saying that somehow Priestess comes out on top in the ‘soul’ category? Clearly some hipster’s been spending too much time lathering himself in scented boutique soaps and boutique wine coolers, and not enough time getting sweaty and rocking out to solid music.

    Clarke Read, you need to get your head examined, you poseur.

  • El Brento

    The CD is composed with the technicality of elementary musicians. From the monotonous drum beats to the sough of the bass, this album lacks all depth and moxie. It seems like it was slashed together without much forethought, and nothing seems to jive. Murder the Mountain itself epitomizes the nature of the CD, a slathering of bathos and other gratuitous simplicities. Anyone who thinks this album has merit does not know a thing about composition.

    • Anonymous

      This is why metal sucks so much right now, because of opinions like this. As a fan of all flavors of metal, especially progressive and stoner, I can say it’s not so much about how many riffs you hammer together so much as the feel and groove. Kinda like smashing the words gratuitous and simplicities into a sentence in an attempt  to look smart. 

      This isn’t a 5/5 album… but it refreshing to see a metal act not screaming, the fact that every single band is screaming has destroyed metal because that’s all it is now… this is refreshing.

      I’ve been playing “wires” on a loop in my car for like a week now! The fuzz tone is sick.

      Bands like this might someday be attributed to metal making a comeback. We only need 1 Meshuggah, not 300… I rather listen to music I can sing along too, like older metal… maybe it’s the fact that I’ve been listening to metal for over 25 years… I’m a little jaded on this subject.

    • Joe Schmo427

      You honestly don’t have a fucking clue what “music” is do you? Composition? Do you think bands like Nirvana knew what an arpeggio was, a diminished 5th was or anything of that nature? It is people like you who are ruining music. Please, just stop. You are a waste of space on this earth.

  • murder mountain rulz

    yea totally agreed about this clarke guy farting out this review and whatnot, he’s probably the worst – but i hear hes going to be living with some pretty sweet kids

  • Learn to write a review.

    Dude, Clarke Read, you’re fucking retarded. El Brento, you’re fucking retarded too.

  • Learn to write a review.

    Dude, Clarke Read, you’re fucking retarded. El Brento, you’re fucking retarded too.

  • Stevejobs

    This review is flat-out wrong. The album kicks ass. Clarke Read must be on the rag, or something.

  • Dkdeath

    Yeah I agree with everyone else, this album kicks Clarke Read’s ass !!! You got it all Wrong Clarke…..*shakes head*

  • Ispy77

    This album has been on constant rotation since I first picked it up last week. Reading this after I have been ROCKING OUT to it so much reminds me why critics are mostly douche bags and reviews are usually shit. Don’t pay attention to a word this guy says. This album is packed with feel good heavy riffs and its totally fun to listen too. If you have seen a Red Fang video you will know they obviously are HAVING FUN and don’t take themselves all seriously which I think is a breath of fresh air. Get a couple cases of cold brew with some friends, put this on and PLAY IT LOUD! I’ll be blasting this all summer long.

  • Guest

    All the reviews on here are shit.  There are basically a TON of 3s and 4s (every album is good, hurraaayyy!) and the ones that get 2s usually don’t deserve them.

    Revolver needs a new rating scale.  

  • Those who can’t

    I would say Clarke Read tucks his sack back but I’m not entirely sure he HAS a sack.
    I AM pretty sure he sits when he pees though.Good work proving everything we already knew
    about critics……..And El Brento is his boyfriend.

  • Merkle

    I love this album! This band is a breath of fresh air compared to the crap that has been jammed down our throats by the record industry for years. This reviewer obviously doesn’t have a clue and needs to find a new line of work.

  • Time to kiss your ass goodbye

    Awful review, I can only assume the reviewer doesn’t know good metal when he hears it.

  • Huh?

    Did you really listen to it or did someone just give you their opinion over martinis? Well done! Now go review some pop-metal.

  • ¡Oedipus SEX!

    I can’t stop listening to this filthy mix. Its been dropping dirty truth bombs onto my musical psyche forever now! This is a nonstop barrage; pounding and richer than Mitt Romney. LOLZ. I dunno what the hell this Clarke Read is smoking, but he must be a democrat.

  • Heinrich Himmelwasser

    Hilarious review. This guy is shitting us isn’t he?

  • Joe Schmo427

    Clarke, if you are seeing this comment in 2014 and still have a job posting reviews on this website, for Revolver, your life is a joke. Your “review” was a not a “review” at all. It was more of you just being a b**** and whining about what has been done before. It is people like you who ruin good music for others. Please, stop writing reviews. You are horrible in every sense of the term.