Review: A Pale Horse Named Death – And Hell Will Follow Me



Brooklyn metal’s definitive drummer, Sal Abruscato pounded out the beats on classics like Type O Negative’s Bloody Kisses and Life of Agony’s River Runs Red. Now he’s pulled a Dave Grohl, singing, playing every instrument, and writing the songs in a new outfit—and doing it way better than any drummer has a right to. The band’s debut suggests Alice in Chains at their darkest with a dose of Type O’s gothic romanticism injected into their veins. It’s hooky, heavy, and blacker than black, taking on murder (“Serial Killer”), suicide (“To Die in Your Arms”), drugs (“Pill Head”), and even more drugs (“Heroin Train,” a brutally blunt depiction of the junkie life and death). Chalk up a new classic on Abruscato’s résumé. BRANDON GEIST

Check out “Pill Head” off And Hell Will Follow Me below:

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