Review: Across The Sun – Before the Night Takes Us



If 36 Crazyfists and early Avenged Sevenfold had a love child, Across The Sun would be the end result. And much like the best records by the former bands, this Portland outfit’s debut full-length is destined to become a classic. From the opening track, “Tipping The Scales,”  the listener is immediately transported by the captivating mix of heartfelt lyrics and heavy melodic guitars.

The follow-up to 2008’s Pestilence and Rapture, Before the Night Takes Us is weaved from dexterous sweep arpeggios, powerful vocals, and hints of vulnerability in singer Brandon Davis’ words. The perfectly arranged track list gets you to ponder, sympathize with, and sink into his emotions; by the time the album was over—having reached its climax early on with the passionate, aggressive “Decent and Discovery”—this writer was longing for more. In the end, this record from a relatively unknown band proved to be, as the title of track No. 8 goes, a “Blessing In Disguise.”

Unfortunately, as high caliber as the album is, its one and only downfall is the production quality. On the title track, for instance, the vocals are way too low, almost blended into the music, Shane Murrays’ keys specifically, forcing the listener to adjust the volume and EQ settings (and, in the case of this writer, eventually giving up). Even so, Across The Sun should take a bow for crafting an album that will keep listeners coming back to it and looking forward to its follow-up. SARAH B. KOENIG

  • Dustinzmd

    Except the last 3 EPs weren’t albums. Making this their debut album.

    • Only Time

      Debut full length, to get more technical.

  • Crypticmajesty

    Personally I think the band would be almost perfect if they got rid of the keyboards and brought in a master lead guitarist. I mean odd one out right?

    • Epicepidemic

      Such a fail, they already do have a master lead guitarist, did you even listen to the album? The keys are what makes the full symphonic sound! I should virtual slap you right now… *virtual slap!*

  • Dion

    The downside is the mix? Your telling me the audio engineer who has done as i lay dying, winds of plague, sworn enemy and destroy the runner doesn’t know how to put together a good mix? Those are just a few of the bands that he’s worked with and he mix is amazing. The vocals are supposed to blend in with the mix. That’s the hard part about getting a mix to sit correctly, which he did just fine.

  • Weaponofchoice16

    36 Crazyfists and early Avenged Sevenfold??? No. Sounds like Killswitch Engage with on steroids with much more depth and musicianship. Not to mention amazing guitar chops. And Production quality of the album? It was produced by Daniel Castleman! One of the best. This review is garbage.

  • DK

    The album kicks all kinds of ass. That’s really all you need to know.