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Review: Alestorm - Back Through Time


The title track of the third full-length album by Scotland’s kings of swashbuckling folk metal poses the ridiculous premise that pirates trump Vikings (any metalhead knows otherwise). The rest of Back Through Time isn’t much less absurd. An entertaining, if repetitive, collection of power-shanties, it’s ready to please anyone with brine on the brain. The band continues to take the piss on the uproarious “Midget Saw” and “Scraping the Barrel,” a song about running out of pirate-themed material. Alestorm won’t be welcome in every headbanger’s port, but, refreshingly tongue-in-cheek, Back Through Time is a must-plunder for scurvy dogs all across the seven seas. CHRIS KROVATIN

Check out "Shipwrecked" off Back Through Time below:

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