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Review: Animals as Leaders - Weightless


Animals as Leaders are essentially a brain-bending conduit for the next-level shredding of eight-string diabolist Tosin Abasi. Maniacally fingertapping with the unpredictable pulse of a sickly modem, Abasi is cybersurfing with the aliens, bringing future-shocked wheedle-wheedle to a generation weaned on Meshuggah and Aphex Twin. His 2009 debut suffered from the flat, lifeless hammering of programmed drums, but this follow-up debuts a superhuman, super-heavy full band, who magically keep time with his rubbery arrhythmia from the Ministry of Silly Mosh. Abasi’s nonstop flurrious freak-outs get monotonous after 47 minutes, but he’s never low on energy, surprises, or staggering chops. CHRISTOPHER R. WEINGARTEN

Check out "Odessa" off Weightless below:

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