Review: Attika 7 – Blood of My Enemies



Evan Seinfeld may have split with Biohazard, but the hardcore/metal (and hardcore porn) star is back with another ear-slamming band. Attika 7–who also feature celebrity motorcycle builder Rusty Coones, on guitar, along with former members of Kyuss, Nonpoint, and UPO–spew brawny riffs, Rob Zombie-ish electronic bits, and a snarling street vibe reminiscent of Seinfeld’s previous outfit. On “Serial Killer,” amid a dynamic din, the frontman roars as menacingly ever, while also showing increased range as vocalist. “Devil’s Daughter” is another scorcher, yet it comes a little too close to aping Pantera. And sometimes, Blood’s industrial metal is the kind that got overdone a decade ago. Still, it’s a mostly good set—and a cool comeback for Seinfeld. JEFF PERLAH