Review: Bad Brains – Into The Future



Following up 2007’s star-assisted Build a Nation (late Beastie Boy Adam Yauch produced, System of a Down’s Shavo Odadjian directed its first music video), Bad Brains are back with another album’s worth of positive, Jah-approved hardcore and reggae. Although none of its 13 tracks hit as hard as the early ’80s, “mash”-pit ragers that made them famous, they still sound vital on the Rasta-praising punk pummeler “Popcorn” and the 88-second frenzy “Yes I.” But, as always, the reggae numbers are a mixed bag: The bouncy outro to “Youth of Today,” for instance, sadly sounds like something Sublime might have attempted. KORY GROW

  • Pete Richards

    This album is fucking awesome.

  • Matt

    Great Album! Always love their chill reggae vibes mixed with their punk. Don’t appreciate that jab at Sublime in the review though; not cool.

  • MaxWell Taylor

    This is an fantastic album. “Sadly sounds like something Sublime would have attempted” ?? Sublime was hugely influenced by Bad Brains, and H.R. worked with members of Sublime on multiple occasions. I hardly see how Bad Brains making any song resembling Sublimes approach is somehow an unusual or negative thing.

    • Grazzly

      It could be because Sublime sucks much ass.

      • MaxWell Taylor

        Wow. “Me Grazzly, Sublime, such much ass. Me no like”. You really changed my mind, man. And as a music reviewer and critic, I never thought of it like that.